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2 Problems and challenges Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents, which in prosperous circumst ances would have lain dormant. (Horace, 65-68 B.C) With the grasp of this quote, au thor manages to overcome and manipulates the problems to discover the benefits. Problems faced by author throughout the training period are not as serious as au thor thought it could be. Nevertheless, the following are the explanation for so me of the difficulties emerged during the internship period. 1. Alienated and left out This problem occurs at the beginning of the internship. Being in a totally new e nvironment with majority of the officemates are Chinese, author found it quite h ard to interact with the people around. As Mandarin and Cantonese are the second main language used in the community, author sometimes feel left out of their ci rcles. Somehow, author managed to deal with the problem by trying to communicate with the people around to make them aware of author s existence. Benefit from the s ituation is that author learned few basic Mandarin and Cantonese words, especial ly the numbering and greetings that will be an advantage for future career. 2. Inconsistent work schedule Perhaps this is the reality of working life where we can never expect the amount of work load. Author received assignments mainly from the supervisor, as well a s the manager and other engineers. Sometimes the assignments came at the same ti me which made the work load to increase unexpectedly. On the other hand, there a re times where no tasks assigned that the author found it mind-numbing. Though, as time pass by, author learned to prioritize and planned which task need to be done beforehand and which one to be worked on later. 3. Availability of assistance Due to the rapid progress of the project which makes everyone in the department to be fully occupied, author has to complete the given tasks with less assistanc e. At first, author found it so tedious to perform the assignments independentl y, with lack of knowledge and experiences. Thus, author tried to overcome the pr oblem by spotting suitable time to ask for aide. With the limited yet efficient assistance, author managed to gain enough understanding and completed the jobs g iven with satisfaction. 4. Work schedule As the company working hour is from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 a.m. on Monday to Saturday , author found it quite tiresome and exhausted. Sunday is the only day to rest a nd struggling to write weekly logbook. As time pass by, author learned to adapt and plan the time wisely to avoid fatigue and managed to undergo working hours w ith enthusiasm.