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July 2012

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~ Fas Gas, Nipawin ~ Gypsy Moon Herbal Shoppe, Nipawin ~ Sunrise Caf, Nipawin ~ Bennys Bistro, Nipawin ~ Anns Second Hand , Nipawin ~ Salvation Army Thrift Store, Nipawin ~ A&W , Nipawin, Melfort & Tisdale
~ Splash & Lube Car Care Centre, Nipawin

~ The Pineland Co-op Bistro, Nipawin ~ Nipawin Bus Depot ~ A Kute Kut Hair Design, Nipawin

~ Trends Hair Studio, Nipawin ~ Davis Rexal Drugs Pharmacy, Nipawin ~ Northern Greens Resort , Nipawin ~ Tobin Lake Motel, Nipawin ~ Northern Transmission, Nipawin ~ Harpers Medical Clinic, Nipawin ~ Harpers Dental Clinic, Nipawin ~ The Vision Centre, Nipawin ~ Tim Hortons, Nipawin ~ The Co-operators, Nipawin ~ Oxford Dental Clinic, Nipawin ~ Town of Nipawin Office ~ Murray Dunn, Nipawin

~ H & R Block, Nipawin ~ Discovery Playhouse & Cool Beans Caf, Nipawin ~ Subway, Nipawin, Tisdale & Melfort ~ CJVR Office, Melfort ~ KFC, Melfort ~ TJs Pizza, Melfort ~ Choice Nutrition, Melfort ~ Chicken Delight, Tisdale ~ Gabriellas Massage, Nipawin ~ Also available in workplace coffee Rooms & Senior Citizen's Homes

Books Never Written Jokes To the Outhouse by Willie Maket, Illustrated by Betty Wont How to Survive a Bear Attack by Ben Eaton The Yellow River by I.P. Daily Over the Mountaintop by Hugo First Falling Off a Cliff by Eileen Dover I Was Prepared by Justin Case Smelly Stuff by Anita Bath A Safe Hitchikers Guide by Ren Tacar A Sailors Adventure by Ron A. Ground Raise Your Arms by Harry Pitt Sitting on the Beach by Sandy Cheeks Something Smells by I. Ben Pharting You Might be a Fisherman if You have a photo of your 10 lb. bass on your desk at work instead of your family. You have a power worm dangling from your rear view mirror because you think it makes a goodair freshener. Your wedding party had to tie tin cans to the back of your bass boat. Your local tackle shop has your credit card number on file. You keep a flippin stick by your favorite chair to change the TV channels with. You name your black lab Mercury and your cat Evinrude. Bass Pro Shop has a private line just for you.

You have your name painted on a parking space at the launch ramp. You consider viennies and crackers a complete meal. You think MEGABYTES means a great day fishing. You call your boat sweetheart and your wife skeeter. You send your kid off to the first day of school with his shoes tied in a palomar knot. You think there are four seasonsPrespawn, Spawn, Post Spawn and Hunting. Your $30,000 bass boats trailer needs new tires so you just borrow the ones off your house. You trade your wifes van for a smaller vehicle so your bass boat will fit in the garage. Your kids know its Saturday Because the boats gone. Game Warden: Fishing?Man without a license: No. Drowning worms. Two Eskimos sitting in a kayak were chilly, but when they lit a fire in the craft it sank proving once and for all that you cant have your kayak and heat it, too. If they are dumb enough to eat off a hook, how can fish be considered brain food?


The catfish has over 27,000 taste buds.(What can be so tasty on the bottom of the pond?) whats the difference between a hunter and a fisherman? A hunter lies in wait. A fisherman waits and lies. Why is going to a meeting of the Bar Association like going into a bait shop? Because of the abundance of suckers, leeches, maggots and nightcrawlers. Write for Mail Order An elderly fisherman wrote to a mail order house the following: Please send me one of those gasoline en-

Your Local police and Saskatchewan Crime Stoppers are asking your help in solving the following crimes: During the night of Sunday, March 25 and early morning hours of Monday, March 26, 2012 a number of vehicles in Tisdale were entered by unknown individual(s). Several of the vehicles also suffered damage. Almost all of the vehicles had been left unlocked, Items stolen included sunglasses, GPS units and cash. The incidents are currently under investigation.

drove to the back yard of a business along Highway 6 South of Melfort and caused damage to the hitch of one flat bed trailer and stole another flat bed trailer. The trailer is a 2008, dual axle, 20 foot long with a wooden deck, Saskatchewan license 379-GRF

If you have any information about these or any other crimes, please contact the Nipawin RCMP at 8626270 or you may call Saskatchewan Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) through Sask-Tel Mobility Network at *8477, text TIP206 plus your message to CRIMES (274637) In the early morning of May 26th or submit a tip online at 2012 a truck, trailer and skid-steer where you was stolen from the 600 blk of can also view information on other Hamilton Avenue in Melfort. The unsolved crimes. Saskatchewan truck was a white Ford F350 with a Crime Stoppers will pay up to Saskatchewan license plate of 831 $2000.00 for information which HXV. The skid-steer was a yellow leads to the arrest of person (s) reASV 100. sponsible for this offence or any other serious crime. SCS does not Some time during the hours of 9:30 subscribe to call display nor are P.M., Sunday, July 11 and 8:30 your calls traced or recorded. A.M., July 12th, 2010, someone

Nipawin: 862-0400 Melfort: 752-4524 218 Railway Ave East, Nipawin 818 Main Street, Melfort

The Coffee Corner ~ Jokes

gines for my boat you show on page 438, and if its any good, Ill send you a check. In a short time he received the following reply: Please send check. If its any good, well send the engine. Smart Pills One morning, a father and his young son were in the forest hunting rabbits. After about an hour, they finally came across some rabbit tracks. In between the tracks, there were these little round brown pellets, and the son said to his father, Dad, what are those? The father replied, Those are smart pills. Try a couple. So the kid grabbed a couple of them and put them in his mouth. The boy made a funny face and said to his dad, Ewww! Yuk! They taste like crap. The father replied, See, youre getting smarter already. Smoke Signals Larry: Hey, look way off over there. Whats that? George: Wow, smoke signals! Larry: What do they say? George: Help my blankets on fire! Bears Breakfast Two guys were hunting in the forest when they unexpectedly came across a very large brown bear. Immediately, they both took off running. After a few minutes, one guy abruptly stopped running, took off his backpack, and pulled out a pair of running shoes. The other guy saw this and was wondering what was going on. So he stopped, ran back to the first guy and asked, Why are you putting on your running shoes? Do you really think you are going to be able to out run that bear with those? The other guy replied, I dont have to out run the bear, I just have to out run YOU! are just under a buck! Steps to Build a Campfire Joke 1. Split dead limb into fragments and shave one fragment into slivers. 2. Bandage left thumb. 3. Chop other fragments into smaller fragments. 4. Bandage left foot. 5. Make a structure of slivers (including those embedded in the hand). 6. Light match. 7. Light match. 8. Repeat Im a Happy Camper and light match. 9. Apply match to slivers, add wood fragments, and blow gently into base of flames. 10. Apply burn ointment to Two Cannibals Joke nose. Two cannibals are eating a clown. One says to the other: 11. When fire is burning, collect more wood. Does this taste funny to you? 12. When fire is burning well, add all remaining fireWhats the Difference Bewood. tween Beer Nuts and Deer 13. After thunderstorm has Nuts? Beer Nuts are around a dollar passed, repeat the above seventy-nine, and deer nuts steps.

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kilometer run).

Mind & Body ~ Home & Finances ~ Spirit & Relationships

plan laid out for me thats quick and easy to follow, it makes my life so much easier. Soon USANA products became the backbone to her weight-loss planChocolate Whey Nutrimeal, Strawberry Nutrimeal, MyHealthPak, Fibergy Plus, Peanut Butter Crunch Nutrition Bars, and other USANA products were a fundamental part of her daily eating plan. I believe in this program so much because of the quality of products, but also because its the first time that I havent been stressed or worried about what to eat, said Hattie. I have been following the USANA Transform program now for two years, along with the daily MyHealthPak vitamins, and would never go back to any other plan.

Choosing to be Happy Choosing to be Healthy

Losing 180 pounds can change someones life. But it was only the start of a long journey for Hattie Montgomery. Although Hattie wasnt ignorant to the fact that she was morbidly obese at 530 pounds, it took the dying plea of her grandfather for her to wake up and start living her life. After one year on an extreme calorie -restricted diet, she could walk to the bathroom without losing her breath, and even let the athlete she knew was hidden inside come out with yoga, riding her bike, and playing tennis. Despite her great progress, Hatties weight loss began to plateau. To meet her goal, Hattie knew she needed a catalystsomething to take her weight loss to the next level.

Whether you want to lose five or 50 pounds, or simply keep off the weight youve already lost, there is a RESET phase for you**. To learn more about the RESET phases, including Jumpstart, Transform, and Maintain, Go to our website, www. There you will also see the limited Time Summer Sale on RESET Packages designed to help you achieve happiness in your health.

From now until August 15, you can save big on the RESET Transform Kit as well as the RESET Gluten-Free Transform Kit. Thats right, for an incredible price youll get 28 days worth of healthy meals and snacks PLUS when you purchase your package through us, we are throwing in some of our top Its been three years and 320 pounds coaching & support goodies like our since Hattie chose to be happy by choos- Quick Start Guide to RESETTING your ing to be healthy, and she has quite a lot Body & Releasing Fat, Educational Auto be proud about. Shes lost 140 pounds dios with Doctor Deb Kern & Dr. Karen on RESET and comWolf, Recipe's your whole family will pleted an indoor love, menu plans, progress tracking Suptriathlon at her port & much more! Visit our website for And thats when she was introduced to gym. But she still all the details. the RESET program. Although Hattie had has more goals to *Results not typical. The average weight loss with REgreat success with the Jumpstart phase, accomplish. In adSET is 4.55 lb. in five days. losing eight pounds in one week,* it was dition to continuing **It is suggested that you take these products to your the Transform phase paired with into shed pounds, physician and secure his or her advice if you intend to change your diet, begin an exercise program, are pregcreased exercise that helped Hattie reHattie is training to nant or lactating, have allergies, are taking medications, turn to steady weight loss. compete in the or are under the care of a physician. The components of One thing that I found myself struggling Danskin Womens the USANA RESET 5-Day Kit are FOODS, not DRUGS. with was planning my days and meals, As with any health or fitness program, a sensible eating Triathlon (805 meplan and regular exercise are required in order to said Hattie. There is such an emotional ter swim, 19.3 kiloachieve long-term weight loss results. Results will vary. connection to food, so when I have a metre bike, and five

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Highway 35 South

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862-9745 211 Centre St.


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Canada Crossword Puzzle
Find and circle all of the words that are hidden in the grid. The remaining 47 letters spell a secret message.

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Auction Catalogue People Movers Auction Tent (in case of bad weather) BEST OF ALL FRIENDLY COURTIOUS SERVICE



Fill in the blanks so that each row, each column, and each of the nine 3x3 grids contain one instance of each of the numbers 1 through 9 .


The time to be happy is now. The place to be happy is here. The way to be happy is to make others so. Robert G. Ingersoll

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Locally & privately owned and operated. Traditional, Memorial, Graveside & Direct Services. Pre-arrangements & pre-planning services available. Competitive & fair pricing with no hidden fees. Hassle free transfer of pre-arrangements Monument & Memorial Sales Niches available for purchase in the

Coventry Columbarium located in Mabel Hill Cemetery.

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July 2012
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looking for 2 ps2 good condition Wanted: free removal of old only txt862-7746 unwanted cars,truck,vans etc in the nipawin tisdale area call The 1973-15ft travel trailer is (306)862-4701306-862-4701 sold. thanks Storm Shopper. Your doing a great job!276-8086 Parting out 1998 ford escort gtz all parts available call for prices table and 5 chairs 50.00862(306) 862-4701306-862-4701 9761 Parting out a 1996 ford contour Recent renos completed, have all parts available including aluwhite X90 siding wood frame minum rims with newer tires call windows for sale, perfect for for prices (306) 862-4701306renos or lake cabins,$500.00 862-4701 takes everything. 306-862-3099 For Sale: 5 aluminum rims with looking for 3 bedroom house to tires 17inch from a 2003 gmc rent or rent to own ,with a gaenvoy $500.00 o.b.o call (306) rage.862-2501 862-4701306-862-4701 I am looking for a 30 gallon fish For sale a 2010 ski-doo summit tank with fish for reasonable everest 800R has 1300 miles, price 812-7332 stock machine great condition asking $7900 306-276-9101 For Sale: LG Rumour cell phone with car & wall charger. $50 306 For sale a chrome tool box for -862-5628 the back of a pick up truck good condition asking $200 obo 306For Sale 2 man dingy. Complete 276-9101 with paddles. Great fun at the beach or lake shore. $50.00.862- 2 TV's for sale 19 inch and a 27 5209 inch. 20.00$ (19) and 25.00$ (27). Great for a kids room. No Dwarf Bunny Rabbit. Name is remotes. Work great.862-9824 Cinnamon. Very tame & 1928 chev car original condition friendly, likes to be held. Cage, last drove in year 2000 asking bedding, and food to go with. $ $6500.00862-7933 50768-2733 For Sale Blackberry playbook 64 Yamaha UTV (side by side ) g comes with usb cord charger cover. Put on UTV once and and a case which I paid a 100 never used since. This is new. bucks for. paid 500 for the playPaid 300 dollars selling for $200 book asking 350.00 hardly O.B.862-7155 used.812-7332 For sale Kenwood speakers 2 6in door speakers 2 - bassworx 180 watt 6in door speakers 2 2in tweeters 2 10 in JL sub speakers in sub box and amp862 -1379 2007 Ultra Electra Glide Harley Davidson. 110 cubic in 6 speed tran heated grips tons of extras and lots of chrome. Super clean, under 9300 kms $28000. obo 306-862-8568 K2 Zed SP 6000 series Hardtail Mountain Bike. Hardly used in mint condition, asking $250.00 but will consider all reasonable offers.768-2456 Dewalt 10" Wet Tile Saw with Stand. Asking $650.00 but will consider all reasonable offers.768-2456 1982 Firebird. 305-4spd. 140,000kms. Newer tires. Asking $3500.862-8837 For Sale - Unlocked Blackberry Torch 9860. In excellent condition, used only 2 months! $350 862-9454 For Sale: Quiet Red Boar 250300 lbs $125.00 306-768-3580 2000 Toyota Tundra 4x4, 4.7L V8, dual exhaust, spray-in box liner, new tires, great cond. must see, 7,450 OBO768-3545 For Sale kitchen table with 4 chairs862-3757 Pd Ad For rent. Fully furnished basement suite. Accepting only working or retired men. Non smokers no pets allowed. Need 2 good references Available June 1862-9624 Pd Ad Bark and Bath Dog Grooming. Clip hair and nails and bath your dog Call for appointments862-9624 For sale 2 year old 5th wheel hitch 15,000 lbs capacity Offers862-6590 Looking for a used hot tub8624630 blackberry playbook for sale. Custom-built 64g hardly used. asking 350812Residential Cabinetry 7332 Nipawin Oasis Taxis is seeking a taxis driver and not extending hours until new driver is found, Sorry for any inconvenience8625514

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7 14 21 28

Nipawin Great Northern Pike Festival July 1 Sept 30, $50,000 in cash and prizes are up for grabs including a $30,000 boat and motor, a $5,000 Motor Bike and cash prizes. Contact: Doug Hidlebaugh @ 862.7559 C or 862.5302 Hm

Tobin Lake Walleye Classic, July 13 15 Contact: Dennis Botterill @ 862.5813 H. or 862.7441C. or Darren Taste of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon Opp 862.2406 H. or 862-8081 C. at Kiwanis Park begins Tuesday July Nipawin Exhibition Parade, July 16, 10th and continues all week until Sun- Line up on 9th Ave. East (on the east/ day July 15th. A presentation of the west side of the street) then flow down on 2nd Street East; Call 862-5252 to July 2 July 31, TD Summer Read- Conexus Credit Union. Featuring 55 ing Program EVERY DAY! The bands with all genres - one of SasRegister your float before July 12th. TD Summer Reading Program runs katchewan's largest music festival. Nipawin Exhibition, July 16 18, from July 2nd to August 21st. Come "Nobody's Perfect" - a 6 week Par- Contact: Exhibition Office @ in, pick up a log book and get reading! enting Program will begin on Thurs- 862.3411 for all related exhibition inThere are fun activities for those aged day July 12th from 1 to 3 pm at the formation 6 - 10 each Tuesday, and lots of great Marguerite Riel Centre in Melfort. Legion BBQ, July 16, @ empty lot prizes for reading books. Please call Deneen or April to register next to Family Bakery; Parade Day Storytime at the Melfort Public Li- - child care will be provided. BBQ with hamburgers/hotdogs/ brary Toddler Time: Tuesdays at The Waskesiu Golf Course presents smokies, etc.; Nevada tickets will also 10:30 - 11:15 a.m. Preschool Story"The Save Our Spruce" Tournabe sold. time: Wednesdays at 1:30 - 2:15 p.m. ment, Thursday July 12th - a fun 11th Annual Pelletier Guitar and Registration not required. Drop-ins scramble to raise money for the spray- Music Camp, 8 km East of Birch are welcome! Call 752-2022. ing ofbudworm in the Waskesiu area. Hills - beginner to advanced classes Please contact Herb Pinder, or Jim Melfort Farmers' Market 2012 Guitar, bass, fiddle, mandolin, piano Melfort Mall Parking Lot: Every Kerby. (664-8881) and voice / harmony. July 16-19, July Thursday from June 28 to September 23 to 26, July 30 to Aug 2 - you may

27; 2:00 - 5:00 pm inside Melfort Mall: Thursdays 11:00 am - 5:00 pm Oct 4 & 18, Nov 1 & 22, Dec 6 & 20.

Play Date & a Movie!

2nd & 4th Fridays of the month

Doors Open @6pm Movie @7pm Admission $5.00

211 1st St. West (located behind RBC) Phone: 862-3833

Paramount Wall Mount Infrared Heater. I have 2 new in box and I will sell them for $175.00 each freespirit elliptical trainer that is or $300.00 for both.768-2456 a skier and stepper asking $150.00 like new862-3580 Mastercraft 7-in. Slide Tile Saw. Asking $100.00768-2456 Monday, June 25Dvd movies for sale. no scratches. asking 5.00

Kitchens, Bath Vanities, Hutches, Office Cabinetry, Laminate, Quartz or Granite Counters & more.

507 Alfred St. Nipawin 862 - 9240

The Coffee Corner Classifieds

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The North East Community Event Calendar

camp free of charge. Informaltion PAID, FIRST IN. Each team is guaranteed 2 games. Contact Jordann (7467977) with any questions, or to register a Canadian Tire presents "An Evening with Creedence Clearwater Revisited" team. at the EA Rawlinson Center - Sunday "Tri Unity Challenge - Walk, Jog or July 22nd - at 730 pm. Tickets are avail- Run on Sat Aug 11th at Pasquia Park. You may register on line at able at the Box office. (3, 5, 10 or 21 km walk or run) Melfort's Mile Long Parade - Friday July 20th - this years theme "The Kid in All Of Us" - 830 am line up - categories icnlude commercial, community, Horses, Travelling Circuit and Novelty. Deadline for entries is Monday July 16th. Contact the Chamber for entry forms. The Melfort Exhibition is JULY 20, 21 & 22, 2012 The Panhandler Charity Golf Classic will be Thursday July 26th at the Evergreen golf course. Games of skill for teams, Major prizes - all in support of the Nipawin Health Foundation. Information at 862 2541. Bruno 7th annual Show and Shine Sunday July 29th - registration 9 to noon, stunt motorcycles, and remote control helicopter demos - pancake breakfast 9 to noon. Beer gardens and entertainment for the family AUGUST & SEPTEMBER EVENTS: Mid-Summer Splash Bash in Melfort Wed, August 1, Northern Lights Palace 11:00 am - 4:00 pm Free Swimming: 12:00 noon - 4:00 pm Carnival games, face painting, nail painting, BBQ at Memorial Gardens by Marguerite Riel Centre, and much, much more. TROOPER Concert in Raymore, Sk on August 4th. Tickets are $60 at the gate or contact Aaron ( 746-7244), Derek ( 746-4494), or Albert ( 746-8026) Also, Beef Pit BBQ Supper Saturday night, tickets $10 each. Slo Pitch tournament all weekend (Fri- Sun). The entry fee is $500 (for 10 players + $50 for each additional player) and it includes a weekend of ball, as well as 10 tickets (+extras if paid for) to TROOPER on Saturday. IT IS FIRST Nipawin Mud Drags, August 4 & 5, $50 Entry fee Per Class Any safe 4x4 can enter; Rules available at; Quad Event and Guess When it will Blow contest at intermission; Beer Gardens & Food Booth; plenty of space for overnight camping for racers also regional park camping is a short walk away. Contact: Mark @ 862.8693; Trevor @ 862.7642 or Conrad 862.2545 Saskatchewan Premiere's Walleye Cup, August 10 & 11 Contact: Kelly Peterson @ 862.5229 Ladies Fish for Freedom, August 17 & 18, Contact: Kevin Miller @ 862.2152 The Prairie Sour Cherry Summer event will be held on Sunday Aug 19th at the Orchard in Bruno. Pancake breakfast at 7 am, U-Pick Cherries at 7 am, Orchard tours, speakers, trade show, and entertainment. Wounded Warriors Weekend Aug 23 27, 2012. August 23 Warriors arrive August 24 Welcome breakfast at Nipawin Royal Canadian Legion Hall & Fishing August 25 Fishing tournament and formal dinner at Nipawin Evergreen Centre August 26 Fishing tournament and big game BBQ at the Regional Park with country music concert August 27 Disembark The Melfort Multi-K run this year is Saturday, September 22nd - mark it down on your calendar and listen for details. Aug 31st deadline for registration Semi-annual Flea Market in Melfort Held in the Four Seasons Arena. Phone 306-752-2240 .

FREE Submissions at FEATURED CLASSIFIEDS w/picture starting at only $5

1978 Tandem Axle Camper for Black and white kitten that wanSale. Call 812-7022 or 862-2349 dered into your yard....he must have gone home....Please take Yamaha Golf Cart & Shed for ad off of Storm Shopper. Thank sale. Call 862-5424 you862-3405 CASH REWARD offered to anyone who finds/returns this bike. Call 862-1630 or 2767914 No questions asked. Bike is Black, White & Lime Green, Antique Gas or Wood Cook For sale: Small White Danby white Seat, Duel Suspension, Stove Asking $1200. Make me High Efficiency Fridge $50, Front Disc Brakes, RALEIGH an offer.862-7022 Excellent condition, like new. Brand name printed on Frame, 17 1/2" wide x 20" high x 18 1/2 Silver combination Bike Chain Baby Car Seat used 7 months " deep.862-2404 Lock was wrapped around Cenbought new -$100, Pink exersaucer for toddler$40, crib For sale: Samsung 28" TV. Ex- ter Bar, , Mens Size Bike. that converts into a youth bed cellent working condition and $25, Samsung cell phone comes picture. 25 1/2 " wide x 23 1/2 " with charger plus car charger tall x 18" deep. $$25 306-862$25, white 3 drawer dresser 2404 $20, kitchen table plus one leaf$40, 2 car seats for under Looking for a Queen size mat40lbs for free. Call 862-3618or tress, And a double bed.276862-8372 0911 1998 Pontiac Montana 4 sale new tires,breaks,stabelizer arms replaced, needs new engine otherwise its a great van. Come take a look at it call 862 3910 or txt 276 9379 asking 600$8623910 For Sale: Utility Trailer. 4 ft. 2 inches wide by 11 feet long. New tires. 2 inch ball. A sturdy Trailer. Asking $250.862-4407

Ph: 862-2349

Cell: 812-7022

* Assorted Tires * Furniture * Glassware * Major Appliances * Household Appliances *Puzzles, Tools etc.

For Sale: 1991 Plymouth Acclaim $650.00 obo862-2290 15 Ft Fiberglass boat deep v and trailer. New seats, 1988 40 HP Evinrude motor, needs new gears in leg. 400.00 obo8629379 16 FT aluminum boat. New seats, bilge pump, power trim ,power tilt. 50 HP Merc 1650.00 obo 862-9379 after six862-9379 Kenmore heavy duty / large capacity washer and dryer in great condition. 325.00 pair .obo862-9379 FOR SALE A.T.V helmet CKX Jr.large NEW half price $558626429 looking for a square baler in working condition.862-8489

MOVING OUT SALE 2-6 drawer dressers 1- chest of drawers 1-36" Neo-angle glass WANTED Bumba chair with or shower doors (new) 3- doors without tray.276-5739 oak look (new) 1- futon 1- 3pc dark oak china cabinet 1- sm Fish tank,heater,pump and tropi- antique china cabinet 862-3590 cal fish for sale $50 306-8622003 Selling an iPod touch its got 32gb it really great condition stolen- jeep key on a Sirius lan- asking 200 reason selling don't yard with a Roxy keychain on it use anymore862-4552 with a couple other various keys on it REWARD if found or reFOR SALE 1997 FORD 150 turned call or text please812EXTRA CAB $3000.00 ALSO 8577 1996 PLYMOUTH VAN $1000. 862-3022 1994 Larson 17' boat with trailer. 3.0L inboard. Works Complete set of growing up great comes with fish finder and dolls with original boxes. Also a new spare tire. For more infor- the grad doll 125.00 takes all. mation please call. $6,800 obo excellent condition.862OBO276-2198 4406 BRAND NEW Stainless Steel Under-mount Sink. Does not work with our countertop. Retails for $750. I want $375 OBO. Want to be rid of it.8128688

4 crank cable style camper jacks 50.00 862-9379 after six pm862 small window air conditioner -9379 $20 862-6429 1968 Chevy one ton truck ,with box and hoist. 1850.00 obo Phone after six. 862-93798629379 Free GE stove, working condition 862-9379

Town of Nipawin Community Update

2nd Annual Nuu Rain Bike-A-Thon ~ August 18, 2012

In August 2011, Nuu Rain Inc. held their first bike-a-thon and it turned out to be huge success, raising just over $4000! Ray & Bonnie Emery, Founders of the Non-profit organization that cares for abandoned women with HIV/Aids and their children in Thailand, were very surprised with the response! The funds were used to help pay off land in Thailand where they were then able to construct the first home of the dream plan to build Baan Nuu Rain Village. The plan is to build more homes like this one and one common building to properly care for there women & children but more funds are needed. The 2nd Annual Nipawin-Tisdale Return Bike-a-thon will focus on raising enough funds to build one small two bedroom home. Any additional funds will be directed towards the construction of the common building.


(Saskatoon, SK) The Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations held their Spring Legislative Assembly in the Town of Nipawin, June 26 and 27, 2012. The Shoal Lake Cree Nation, the Red Earth First Nation and the Cumberland House Cree Nation are the hosts for this years Spring Legislative Assembly. This is the first time the FSIN Assembly has been held this far north east, says Chief Marcel Head, Shoal Lake Cree Nation. The three First Nations in this area , the Shoal Lake Cree Nation, the Red Earth First Nation and the Cumberland House Cree Nation are currently developing an economic, social, environmental, health partnership with the Town of Nipawin. By having the FSIN Legislative Assembly in Nipawin further strengthens the relationship. The FSIN likes to hold their spring assemblies in different parts of the province. This allows for our First Nation communities to build partnerships with surrounding communities, says FSIN Interim Chief, Vice Chief Morley Watson. This is the second time Nipawin played host to a major FSIN event. In 2004, the First Nation Winter Games were a success, we are confident the Legislative Assembly will be as successful and looks to return for future events. We are very honoured to host the FSIN Spring Assembly. Our appreciation reaches out to Chief Marcel Head of the Shoal Lake Cree Nation, Chief Ian McKay of the Red Earth Cree Nation and Chief Lorne Stewart of the Cumberland House Cree Nation to recommend Nipawin, the Heart of the North East and one of Saskatchewans most cherished vacation destinations, says Nipawin Mayor, Lawrence Rospad.

Ways you Can Get Involved!

~Register as a Biker (Call the number bellow to receive your biker Packet & get started colleting pledges) ~Sponsor a Rider (You can pledge any amount per km, total return trip is 122 km or a specific amount) ~Volunteer to help the Day of the Bike-a-thon: Serving burgers & drinks at one of the BBQs to be held in Nipawin & Tisdale, the day of the Bik-a-thon.(10am-5pm for a full or partial shift) OR As a safety driver in front of or behind a group of bikers. (This can be by car, truck or even motorcycle!) Contact Ray/Bonnie 862-3585 or Karen Warkentin at 862-3232 email: for more information or to register as a biker! ***Also visit their website for more information:

WOW! Thank you!

The Nipawin LP Miller Chem Free graduates of 2012 would like to sincerely thank the following Nipawin and area businesses for their generous support of our no-alcohol grad celebration. We are overwhelmed by your generosity! We are also pleased to say that all prizes, food and supplies for this event were purchased in Nipawin and area or donated by local businesses. Thank you!
-Abrahams Grocery -Aim Supply Nipawin Ltd -Andres Cleaners -Bennys Bistro -Bruce Grandfield & Co. (Chartered Acct.) -Cains Auto Body -Coventry Funeral Services -Dairy Queen Brazier -Davis-Rexall Drugs -Diamond North Credit Union (White Fox) -DNDs Diner -Duplex Furniture & Appliances -Evergreen Golf Course -Extra Foods -F.V Pierlot & Son -Fairburn Tire & Battery -Family Bakery -Fas Gas Oil Ltd -Fields (Nipawin) -Gar Williams Agencies Ltd -Gienis Fine Family Restaurant -Green Groves Motel -Greens Graveling -Harolds Sports & Shoes -Heritage Funeral Home -Husky Food/A & W -IGA (Nipawin) -Joelles Hair Design -JT Plumbing & Heating -Kevins Custom Ag -Koles Botanicals (Deep Tissue Oil) -Lighthouse 104.5 radio -Mollberg Agencies -Murray Dunn Motors -NAPA Auto Parts -Nipawin Chrysler Dodge -Nipawin Computer Solutions -Nipawin Denture Clinic -Nipawin Emporium -Nipawin Florists -Nipawin Journal -Nipawin Vet Clinic -Northeast EMS -Nowlin-Hoda Enterprises -OK Tire & Auto Service -Phil & Sons Flooring -Pineland Co-op Grocery -Richardsons Store (Home Hardware) -Rick McCauley Auctions -Ricsan Computers -Rivers Custom Glass -Rods Custom Auto Care -Rolling Pines Golf & Country Club -RONA Building Centre -Seasons Edge Recreation -Shacklocks (White Fox) -Splash & Lube -Subway (Nipawin) -Sunrise Caf -The Bargain Store (Nipawin) ~The Coffee Corner Paper -Thomas Motors -Tim Hortons -Venice House -Viterra -Welcome Caf -Wild Bills Pizza -Wilderness Ministries (camp) -Your Dollar Store with More (Nipawin) Also "Proudly supporting a safe & happy graduation for LP Miller students!" ~Nadine Wilson MLA Saskatchewan Rivers Ph: (888) 763-0615 ~Fred Bradshaw MLA Carrot River Valley Ph: (306)768-3977 ~Randy Hoback, MP Prince Albert/Nipawin Ph: (306) 862-2203

Wounded Warriors Weekend will be happening on August 24th, 25th, and 26th in Nipawin. The weekend presents an opportunity for our soldiers to participate in some of the worlds finest sport fishing along the Saskatchewan River and Tobin Lake. The organizers are looking at hosting 60 veterans from Canada and the U.S. for the weekend events. This gives the community an excellent opportunity to show our appreciation for the sacrifice that these men and women have made for our country and abroad. Contact Blake Emmans for more information @ 306-862-3880

Elections coming up this Fall for the Town of Nipawin

With elections coming up this fall the Town of Nipawin has been looking at is a way to increase the number of voters participating in the election process. Council recently approved an addition to the voting process that will allow voters to cast their ballot by mail. This gives an opportunity for those limited by mobility and other circumstances to be able to take part in this important process. Persons that wish to cast their vote by mail will need to contact the Town office.

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