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As a Technical Diving International Instructor you become a member of the International Training family of agencies. The International Training group permits you to oer your divers a series of programs they will never out grow. Scuba Diving International is a divers entry point, Technical Diving International addresses that divers more advanced needs and Emergency Response Diving International lets you contribute to your community while strengthening your most important brand.YOU.

One-Stop Training Solution

With Technical Diving International you are part of an organization that is making advanced diving more accessible and more fun. For example, our Intro to Tech program puts technical divings adventure within reach of a whole new community of divers. What technical program would you like to launch to help grow our industry?

International Training is the simple business solution for you, your dive center and your fellow instructors. You will enjoy the benets of: One single annual renewal fee for instructors, yes for ALL three agencies FREE facility renewals, never a facility membership charge Competitive low-priced comprehensive insurance policy that covers you to teach ALL programs and even the programs you may choose to teach from other agencies In addition International Training oers an easy-to-follow educational system for personal development.

One-Stop Business Solution

We are constantly improving our customer service performance. During business hours our phones are answered by real customer service representatives and we oer 48-hour turn-around on C-cards and Diplomas.

Personal Service

International Training has a fast, ecient and ever growing online members area, which streamlines student registration and product ordering. And its available when you are, 24/7/365! Through our sister agency Scuba Diving International we oer a variety of online courses. When you teach entry-level divers through Scuba Diving International today, you will ll your Technical Diving International classes tomorrow.

e-Fluent People

Technical Diving International is the largest technical diving agency in the world. Its courses and certications are recognized everywhere as the gold standard by which others are measured. International Training has more than 28 international oces and is associated with many leading industry groups and organizations such as the World Recreational Scuba Training Council, Recreational Scuba Training Council USA, Canada and Europe, and the European Underwater Federation.

Global Recognition

Technical Diving International connects you to new customers by embracing new technologies and media. We increase the impact of your courses with divers by driving recognition of the Technical Diving International advantage through electronic newsletters, online presence in diver forums, an optimized website, public appearances and Diving Adventure Magazine.

Promoting You

As a professional-member level of Technical Diving International you are plugged into the most innovative educational system in the diving industry worldwide! Technical Diving International was: First to present nitrox training in a simple format that required no dives to complete First to present an advanced wreck program teaching overhead diving techniques outside the cave diving format First to lower entry prerequisites for trimix training to make helium diving accessible to recreational divers First to have a technical divemaster certification
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Innovative Education

Increase prots through increased margins on teaching materials for all of your courses. Training consolidation decreases your cost of doing business; work with a business partner who cares about your bottom line. Maximize your experience by adding Scuba Diving International and Emergency Response Diving International programs to your course oerings today.

Business Sense

You know your market and its needs; our local representatives will listen to you and work with you to grow your name, your brand. We have the tools and the experience to help you to maximize your branding in your community. Join the International Training family of agencies and choose the ones that are just right for you. SDI, TDI, ERDI: Join us today.

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Technical Diving International

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