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The Fabulists

Morgana & Bill Friday


Pamela Olson
To understand Fabulists Bill Friday and Morgana you have to place them in their proper place and time.

Copyright 2001 - 2012 by Pamela Olson

All rights reserved. All wrongs revenged. Its a story. Semblance to anyone is not intended --nor should be inferred. Savvy, mate?
Doc Severinsen's There Is A Girl

A graduate of College of Marin then Sonoma State University, in the middle of The American Wine Country, California USA, Pamela Olson is A Marin County Volunteer of the Year, founding board member North Bay Multimedia Association, Home Designer, Raconteur, Gardener, Time Traveler, Swimmer, Veteran, Mama, Friend, Real Estate Authority, Ballroom Dancer, Wife, Color Junkie, Bon vivant, Professor, Author and, Landlord Extraordinaire aka opinionated.

May all your storms be weathered, and all that is good get better. The Fabulists Morgana and Bill Friday
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
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To understand Fabulists Bill Friday and Morgana you have to place them in their proper place and time, the internet and the once mighty website BrooWaha. That Man and That Lady were one of the first to grow up on the internet. Bill Fridays usual hangout was the Mindsmith Jazz Bar in The Restaurant at The End of the BrooWaha. Morganas was a couple clicks away at the Starship Brass Bar at Star Fleet Academy in San Francisco. Over the hum, through the dense foliage, they could just see each others avatars activities. "You talkin' to me?" They played games. The thing is, they were really good at it. Bill Friday was fascinated. Mindsmith! Right next door. That Man Bill Friday and That Lady Morgana would text Mendacity Jousts. They would Pull Rank. Bill Friday it turned out was truly talented at Dry Spinning. Morgana at Minding. That Ladys mash-up of words, images and music would ghost That Man for months. Once Morgana figured that out she was startled she hadnt figured it out sooner. Bill Fridays been hit by a pang of love for Morgana. That explains a lotone that means the love hate roller coaster had already escaped its tracks. Now Bill Friday braces himself with a single malt scotch, muttering, what is the point of being drunk, as still she has to be the most confounding woman on Earth. Truly. But if I could gather her up in my arms to keep her safe from anything that may damage her, I would. A feeling only understood by whom unless youve been on that roller coaster? Sir Fridays hung-up, Ill give him that. He does fall into that unsheltered zone of audacity. But dont think hes unfaithful. I mean when you think about it, Sir Fridays the most faithful node I know. My conflicted writer do you think well be like this forever? ... poppin in and out are you? Does that make you a Morgana Poppins figure? ... are you telling me Im being giddy? Ya got a problem with me being giddy? A fabulist is a POVer speaking or writing a fiction narration intended to enforce or spotlight some truth or precept or the appearance of true or real that causes a listener or reader to either believe that the story is true or could be true because it has the semblance of reality. Like fantastic versus fantasy. A fabulist is stretcher of suspension of disbelief
The Fabulists Morgana and Bill Friday
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
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using characters; an apologue so celebrated as to having taken on the nature of a legend; "the fabled Paul Bunyan and his blue ox"; "legendary exploits of Jesse James." Fabulists write allegorical stories with a moral to appease and persuade the rude and ignorant through comparisons made in form of extended metaphor, in which objects, persons and behavior in a narrative are equated with the meanings that lie outside the narrative for understanding something in terms of another. A fabulist weaves narrative with actions that are perceived both by teller and listeners, readers to take place within history and to possess certain qualities that give the tale verisimilitudefeels like truth, realityor a fact's probability in the story. Robert A. Heinlein is a fabulist. His character Lazarus Long is awesome, along with his characters Jubal Harshaw, appropriately a writer among others with his sardonic vices and vanities, and sensuous-to-the-core Mama Maureen. El G regularly plundered much from Robert Heinleins material and flavor. The Fabled Morgana and Reno BrooWaha. The Legendary Bill That Man Friday and LA BrooWaha. e.g. The Renowned Expeditions of The Remarkable That Man Bill Friday: El G, Mael, D'Ann Redondo, Lord Monkey, Narcissi, Batman, Lumiere, AmyO. etc., etc., etc. The Mystery of Bill Friday & Morgana. Well, first, Morgana has not given Sir Friday the privilege to pay to spend time with Morgana. Frank Sinatra began singing The Lady is a Tramp. Second, Morgana, as she does with all her life, for the reasons she stated in June Contributor Of The Month -- Morgana made sincere attempts at BrooWaha. From the dark recesses of your mind you remember she did tell you that
sometimes shes frightened.

Several times a day you, me, everyone decide to or not risk life, fortune and sacred privacy (the biggy of those three). Those who fail the challenge to these risks are merely very tall children, can never be anything else until they face these risks. And be wary of strong drink when doing so. It can make you shoot at thieves, fraudsters, terrorists, antiFree Speechers, Wrecking Crews, etc etc etc ... and miss.

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The Fabulists Morgana and Bill Friday
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
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