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THE NEW BABYLON Seven Deadly Sins

The new creation is here and certified by the government, as Currency, money, materialism has been codified into the law with the permission of the High Court, as corporations are now being equal to Man as it relates to having a vote. What else will they attempt to subject everything. However, this new philosophy establishes mankind as being subject to this newly created person, if you love it. The root of all evil, the love of capitalism that is. The end is at hand. Along with this is Magic, or Hollywood, Disneyland or world. Whatever one wishes to call it. It is accompanied by lawlessness as we see the laws imposed on other nations according to the standards established by the United States are not the same standards the United States judges itself, referred to as imperialism. This is suppose to have been the cause for Independence, now they adopted that which they vowed to escape at all cost. We can also see this within the destruction of fruitfulness, by which the Homosexual community shuns. They choose to be half of humans and do not accept the whole of The Creator. I cant understand the adopting of a child without the making of a child. Where we all not created and came through the womb. Humanity consists of both female and male, and logically that which created humanity is both female and male, one cannot ignore or accept only half of who one is. Love is accepting and embracing the entirety of our being, not ignoring what we dont like or choose not to accept. Please, just dont call this ignorance love. They need to get this part correct, to see that is. War, pestilence and disease will be the offspring of these deviations from creation as the world is in its last days. This, while religion is being bought by the government, as that which destroyed Rome and Babylon will eventually destroy this new Babylonian Rome, the last frontier. As the court system is now totally polluted and the nation is now truly blind, led by this financial, materialistic drummer, the peoples will suffer from the weather and the wars. The only certain thing being, that when it is all over and the presidents, governors, mayors, justices and alike attempt to escape into their underground fortresses, they will actually be running into their own graves willingly. As The Almighty will cover them, and seal them until their judgment. To end, let us not forget the weather. The weather is the most powerful force that mankind has to deal with of which it has no control except through by the prayers offered up into the heavens. The sacrifices of man as an offering to The Creator is only the cause of the catastrophic conditions the world is going to soon come to experience. This for certain as no man can honestly say he has encountered bad weather. This is the spoilage of man within this society he is blinded by. The wars to come will bring unheard of destruction and it will present itself through the weather, the wars will be nothing in comparison. The fire of war will cause more fire, and what was controllable, will be no more. It will be at that time, a time, when time has all but stopped. The light will be separated from the darkness, as the joy from the tears and that which mankind thought was of comfort will be the thorn which pierces the soul. The angels will rejoices and the demons will combat an eternity with the those warring, material souls of which are no more. Then, The Balance of Justice will be in procession, stretched forth with