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Quayle, Lisa


Howell, Art


Saturday, April 09, 2011 8:19 AM


Collins, Elmo


Fw: I received

your letter ! Thanks!


From my TEPCO friend. Perhaps, you or the team has interfaced with Akira?


---- Original Message From-.)IllK A <> To: Howell, Art Sent: Sat'Apr 09 07:07:08 2011 Subjecti I received your letter IThanks!

Dear Art,

I received your letter probably more than a week ago but I could not find a time to reply to you. Sorry to be late and I appreciate for your letter which encouraged me a lot.

Before the earthquake I had been working for Yokohama Thermal Power Station in the

exchange established after our 2002 scandal. 10 days after the earthquake I was called up to the Headquarters and have been supporting their work. I am now responsible for the fresh water supply project ,using your navy barges, that is successfully going. And I am a contact person of all the activities related to NRC, DOE, INPO and IAEA.

framework of personnel

Last week I visited. the 1F and 2F site with IAEA people for the first time after the earthquake and saw the

reality of what happened

and what is actually going


the sites. I was so much shocked with plant status and

•ithe atmosphere in which people are working. Our plants are totally damaged and I could not find any possibility of rebovery. Iwas also impressed that people at the sites were working so hard even under terrible infrastructure. So sad!

Our current'prioritized issues are as follows:

1. How to, discharge and treat high radioactive dose water accumulated in the turbine building probably

from the reactor side

2. How to secure the long term core cooling function

The followings are also important issues

- how to recover the electric power sources

- how to recover I&C functions

- how to reduce and/or shield the radioactive materials still coming out from the plants

- how to get rid of damaged fuels

Well, fortunately

was not damaged. I am now continuing to work for 3 weeks without any holiday and with short sleeping time. I

status, and our house

my wife and I are fine though we are somehow in psychologically tough

have to control my'own health by myself.

',Though I cannot see any goal, I will do my best to save the nuclear power businessand to help people around the stations come back to their own houses.

"Again, thank you for your lettef.

Warmest regards,

Akira Kawano Nuclear Power&Plant Siting Administrative Department Tokyo Electric Power Company

Phone:+81-3-6373-6830 (DIRECT)

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