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Skyrim: Dragon Mask Locations

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sky27.jpg Skyrim is home to many ancient monsters, but some of the fiercest are the Dragon Priests. Eight of these undead priests stalk the underground halls and dungeons of the world, protecting Word Walls and carrying unique Dragon Masks. These masks come with powerful enchantments, and finding all eight unlocks a secret in Labryinthian a final, ninth mask. Scroll down to learn the locations of all nine masks. If youre in need of a guide or two in your travels through Skyrim, join our text and video walkthrough. For more codes, glitches, exploits, and location guides, browse to our Skyrim cheats page.

Dragon Priest Mask Locations

Note: All stats listed at their base values. Volsung: Location: Volskygge, Haafingar Description: To find the dungeon, search southwest of Fort Hraggstead and just north of Deepwood Redoubt in the Haafingar Hold. The dungeon has three parts the Dragon Priest Volsung is in Volskygge Peak, the third part. Mask Stats: Light Armor, 23 Armor, 9 Weight, Value 4611, 20% better prices, water-breathing, and +20 to carry weight. Vokun: Location: High Gate Ruins, The Pale Description: West of Dawnstar, east of Solitude, and north of Ustengrav. This dungeon features three parts, with the third part containing the Dragon Priest Vokun. At the beginning of the dungeon, a companion named Anska can join you. If youre alone, bring her. Behind the Dragon Priest is another chamber containing a Word of Power.

Mask Stats: Heavy Armor, 23 Armor, 9 Weight, Value 2182, and spells of Alteration, Conjuration, and Illusion are improved by %20. Otar: Location: Ragnvald, The Reach Description: Search north of Markarth, down a deep path between two mountains. Youll find Otar in the Temple. Mask Stats: Heavy Armor, 23 Armor, 9 Weight, Value 1521, provides a 30% bonus to resistance against fire, shock and ice magic. Rahgot: Location: Forelhost, The Rift Description: This location is southeast of Riften and west of Broken Helm Hollow, in The Rift Hold. Youll be sent here during the Siege on the Dragon Cult Quest, given by Captain Valmir. Mask Stats: Heavy Armor, Armor 23, Weight 9, Value 962, with a bonus of +70 to your stamina stat. Nahkriin: Location: Skuldafn, Other Realm (Only Attainable in the Other Realm, During The WorldEaters Eyrie) Description: This mask, so far, can only be accessed during the World-Eaters Eyrie main quest, late in the main quest string. There is also a Word of Power that can only be found during this quest, in the same area as the Dragon Priest. Mask Stats: Heavy Armor, Armor 23, Weight 9, Value 2173, Destruct and Regeneration Spells cost 20% less to cast, and the player is given a +50 bonus to Magicka. Hevnoraak: Location: Valthume, The Reach Description: Search between Markarth and Falkreath, or southeast of Markarth. Mask Stats: Heavy Armor, Armor 23, Weight 9, Value 891, provides immunity to poison and disease. Krosis:

Location: Shearpoint, The Pale Description: Located on the Pales southern mountains, north of High Hrothfar. What some say is the most difficult of the Dragon Priest dungeons, stay away from the dragon guarding the Word of Power when engaging the Dragon Priest Krosis. To location can be discovered by listening to guards in The Pale. The Word Wall here will teach all three words at once, for the Throw Voice shout. Mask Stats: Light Armor, Armor 21, Weight 5, Value 1615, gives you a 20% bonus to Lockpicking, Archery, and Alchemy. Morokei: Location: Labrynthian, Hjaalmarch Description: Find this location southeast of Morthal, and northeast of Drelas Cottage in the Hjaalmarch Hold. You can find two Words of Power here, for Dismaying Shout and Slow Time. Inside, youll find a circular pedestal with a Wooden Mask, equipping this mask sends you back in time, and allows you to place the eight Dragon Priest masks onto the pedestal. To find Morokei, you must acquire the quest from the College of Winterhold sending you out to find the Staff of Magnus. Mask Stats: Light Armor, Armor 5, Weight 4, Value 637, and your Magicka regenerates 100% faster. Konahrik: Location: Labyrinthian, Hjaalmarch Description: While picking up the Mask of Morokei, youll enter Labyrinthian and see the circular pedestal with the Wooden Mask. Wearing the mask will send you back in time, and allow you to place all eight Dragon Masks on the eight statuettes. Placing all eight masks will reveal the Konahrik mask. Mask Stats: Heavy Armor, Armor 24, Value 3200, Weight 7, and a special enchantment called Konahriks Privilege. When low on health, theres a chance to knock down enemies, grant a firecloak, or heal the weaer and anyone nearby. The enchantment will also rarely summon a spectral Dragon Priest ally.