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Ms. Maria dela Cruz Zone Administrator ABC Mall Dear Ms.

dela Cruz, XYZ Foods would like to present this Letter of Intent to signify our interest in leasing a commercial space inside ABC Mall. We are the business behind the food cart, W Burgers, which has been selling gourmet hamburgers since 2004. Our products include a variety of hamburger sandwiches and burger rice meals. We also sell ice cold beverages. Currently, our burger sandwiches and rice meals sell for P80 each. Our clients are usually young professionals who order our food as packed meals for lunch or dinner. The W Burger food cart that we plan to put up would require at least 6 square meters and a power outlet for a cash register, a small freezer, a rice cooker, a soda vendo machine and a gas operated frying griddle. The food cart would be manned by two employees. We already have 5 branches located in various commercial areas in the city but this is our first venture in putting up a branch inside a mall. Attached are the photos of our existing branches. We believe that our food cart compliments the business concept of ABC Mall because we cater to the same target market. Thus, we would appreciate it if you could contact us at 555-0921 during office hours from Mondays to Thursdays, so we can set up a meeting to discuss this further and possibly come up with a formal business agreement. Thank you very much. Respectfully, Mr. Pedro Reyes Sole Proprietor XYZ Foods W Burgers