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Strategic Analysis and Research by the
Volume 2 - Number 29 - July 23-29, 2012
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3 Philippines on the Rise
Major investment houses are touting the country to become one of the worlds top
economies in the coming decades. A major asset in their calculations: the young
Philippine population
Goldman Sachss growth environment score: Measuring the nations
macroeconomic, technological, demographic, and political indicators
13 How to Get the Vote Count Right
To muke sure LIe PCOS uuLomuLed eIecLIon sysLem LruIy reecLs LIe peopIe's wIII,
the Comelec must fully and properly implement the Random Manual Audit
Checking on the counter: The report by the Technical Working Group on the
Random Manual Audit discusses the different types of variance it encountered
23 The Quest for Gold
The London Olympics start on July 27, and the major sporting powers of the
world are expected to dominate. Heres how the winners are made
Southeast Asias prospects: While big countries join most, if not all major
events, Southeast Asian countries pick their spots for the best chances of success
29 Painting the Town Green
Cities should be a big part of solutions to climate change, if
only because most of humankind will be living in them by 2050
Metropolitan emissions: The powerful impact of cities on
global warming
35 Heroes of the Masses
Dolphy, FPJ and Erap did more than just make Filipinos
laugh, cry and cheer. They shaped the way the masses see and
live their lives
Whatever may be the hardships today - and there are many more not
mentioned - we should help him because he's the skipper. e weather is still a
bit rough, and we have far to travel
~ Former President Fidel Ramos on President Benigno Aquino III's third State
of the Nation Address
I appreciated his pronouncements on the economy, education, health, security,
and employment
~ Former President Joseph Estrada on the SONA