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System Review
1. Health Perception health Management Mr. MQJ is a 54-year old Seaman who believes that if you are not sick, then you are healthy. He had a cold and cough a month ago but did not take any medication for relief. He thinks that to keep someone healthy one must eat healthy foods and exercise everyday but dont do it because he thinks that hes working that he only cares about eating delicious foods. Hes a previous alcohol drinker and smoker. Mr. MQJ has been feeling weak and he easily gets tired. Yung pagkain ng mga matatamis na pagkain at siguro dahil na rin sa sobrang pagtratrabaho. As verbalized by Mr. MQJ when asked what could have caused his illness. When the patient felt weakness, vomiting, abdominal pain a the family decided to admit him in the hospital for diagnosis.

2. Nutritional Metabolic Pattern

Biscuits Tea

Bread or rice with any homemade dish such as tinolang manok, fried fish or menudo Water, Juices

Bread or rice with any homemade dish such as fish, beef stew or pork sinigang Water, Juices Coffee after dinner

Bread, biscuits, fruits tea

Mr. A.G.N. eats a lot of food that he finds delicious and doesnt care about what hes eating. He takes Centrum as his vitamin supplement. He drinks a cup of tea every morning, and mostly water and juices during lunch and dinner. He thinks he drinks eight glasses a day of fluids. Mr. A.G.N. has loss his appetite prior to confinement. He has been feeling weak and eats only bread during lunch and dinner. Wala naman akong diabetes kaya gumagaling kaagad yung sugat ko. As verbalized by the patient when asked if the wound heal well. The client has a low fat and low sodium diet for prevention of further renal and heart disease. 3. Elimination pattern Mr. A.G.N. voids five times a day, has yellow aromatic urine. He also takes a bowel movement once a day. He doesnt take any laxatives and doesnt have any discomfort prior to confinement. Mr. A.G.N. doesnt monitor the frequency of his urinary and elimination pattern anymore.

4. Activity & Exercise Pattern

Before the client had his illness, Mr. MQJ was previously playing basketball but stopped when work had become hectic. He doesnt exercise anymore. During his spare time when he wasnt still weak, he goes for a drive with his son and daughter, play with computer games and watch TV with them. Mr. MQJ was still weak during his confinement but gradually became better as the days go by. He doesnt have any sufficient energy for his desired activity but can ambulate on his own. He watches TV and talks to his family and friends whenever hes awake. He exercises every morning by trying to walk around the hospital floors. III II III III Feeding III Dressing Bathing II Grooming Toileting III General Mobility Home Maintenance II II III Cooking Shopping Bed Mobility

The client has a firm hand grip. The client has a pulse rate of 84, rhythm is regular, Respiration is 20, rhythm is regular, normal breath sounds, and blood pressure is 150/100.

5. Sleep-Rest Pattern Prior to illness, Mr. MQJ wakes up at 4 AM for work. He has five hours of sleep everyday and more than seven hours of sleep on the weekends. He doesnt have any sleeping disturbances and feels energetic after sleeping. Nakakatulog naman, pero hindi gaanong buo palagi. As verbalized by the client when asked about any difficulty in sleeping. He sees sleeping as a relaxation.

6. Cognitive-Perceptual Pattern Mr. MQJ has no hearing difficulties, he does wear his eyeglasses and they had them checked last November 16, 2011. There is no change in his memory. He thinks that it is easy to make decisions but when there are difficult situations he confided with his wife. Pabigla-bigla ako magdesisyon lalo na kapag naprepresssure ako. As verbalized by the patient when asked about making decisions. He doesnt have any difficulties in learning things and finds listening and observing as easiest way of learning things. During the interview, Mr. MQJ looks calm and peaceful. He doesnt feel any pain and manage pain discomfort by just resting. He can speak Filipino and understand English. His attention span is somewhat okay.

7. SelfPerception-Self Concept Pattern

Mr. MQJ describes himself as a happy person and loves his family very much. He works hard to provide the needs of his family. He feels good most of the time especially when there are no worries. He said the previously that he plays basketball but stopped due to advancing age and work. He feels good about himself. Mr. MQJ feels angry when some things gets in his way, he feel annoyed when he argues with his wife, he fears death and he feels anxious when he thinks that he cant work in his condition and be a burden to his family. The client has a short attention span mostly talking to his wife about his situation. The client was on a semi-fowlers position during the interview. Rating of the clients relaxation is 4, nervousness is 2, passive is 1 and assertive is 3 in a scale of 5 being the highest and 0 the lowest.

8. Role Relationship





Legend: FatherMr. MQJ Mother Mrs. CJ Son -- KJ

Daughter-- MTJ Mr. MQJ has a nuclear family. He has a son and a daughter, both already finished college and are now working. They also had a housekeeper. Tuwing may problema sa bahay kinakaya

naman naming mag-asawa. Lagi kaming nagtutulungan. As verbalized by Mr. MQJ when asked about having difficulty in handling problems. The family depends on him since he is the head of the household and gives them the needs first before giving them their wants. The family feels sad and worried about their fathers illness and their current situation. Mr. MQJ has close friends to keep him company and family who love him so much. He does well in his work. As I have observed, the client is close to his family and loves his wife very much. He finds strength within his family and relatives.

9. Sexuality Reproductive Pattern Wala naming pagbabago sa aming dalawa at satisfied ako sa aming sexual relationship. As verbalized by the wife of the client when asked about any changes in their sexual relationship and if it is satisfying. They dont use any contraceptives or have any problems regarding their sexual relationship at all.

10. Coping/Stress Tolerance Pattern Mr. MQJ has stated that there are no changes in his life and that he has no ongoing crises within the family and circle of friends. There is always his wife and kids to support him whenever he feels down. He talks to his wife when there is a problem. He feels relaxed and tense depending on the situation. When asked about how to overcome their situation, Gumagawa ako ng paraan, humhingi din ako ng tulong sa asawa at mga kapatid ko. Mr. MQJ is worried about his hospital bills and blames his illness about his situation. He was teary-eyed when he talks about why this is happening to them of all people then tells himself that God will not give them difficult situations they cant overcome.

11. Values/Belief Oo, nakukuha naming yung aming mga gusto pero siyempre minsan hindi dahil mahirap ang panahon ngayon. As verbalized by the client when asked if they get the things they want in life. He also stated that he wants his children to have a wonderful life. Importante and relihiyon sa amin at naniniwala kami na hindi kami pababayaan ni Lord. As verbalized by KJ, the son of the client. Although, Mr. MQJs wife is the only one who goes to church every Wednesday, they believe that they will overcome any obstacles because the Lord is with them.