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1] Modified 27-NOV-2010 Type FAQ Status PUBLISHED In this Document Purpose Questions and Answers References

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Oracle Order Management - Version: to - Release: 11.5 to 11.5 Information in this document applies to any platform. OEXOEORD.fmb, OEXDEFWK.fmb

Order Management Suite Scheduling Library This document lists notes used for Scheduling within OM.

Questions and Answers

1. Note 396960.1: Scheduling Across Orders in Order Management-Release 11.5.10 This White paper addresses the functionality of Scheduling organizer in detail in various scenarios. Scheduling Across Orders functionality is available within the Order Organizer Find window, where there is a new tab for Scheduling. The Scheduling tab is used for finding lines to schedule across orders, and the Scheduling organizer window is used for performing scheduling actions on queried lines. 2. Note 132394.1: Scheduling in Oracle Order Management Oracle Order Management (OM) works closely with Oracle Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) and Oracle Inventory to provide scheduling functionality. The features are provided in a variety of ways allowing OM users to tailor their processes to meet the needs of their business. The features that are provided under the umbrella term of scheduling are: * Calculating Available-to-Promise (ATP) * Scheduling * Reserving Unscheduling and unreserving functionality is also provided. This paper covers how scheduling works in Order Management and how to set up OM, APS and Inventory to achieve your scheduling goals. 3. Note 414348.1: When Decreasing Quantity, The Schedule Ship Date is Not Updated This note describes when decreasing the order quantity, the schedule date does not get updated 4. Note 395679.1: Campaign And Campaign Schedule Migration Release 11i To Release12

This paper provides an overview on the Oracle Marketing Campaign Workbench Campaign Hierarchy migration from Release 11i to Release 12. 5. Note 382967.1: Reserve Order Program with Reservation Mode = Fair Yields Wrong Results This note describes the issue where one of the Order Lines that customer was trying to Reserve already had a Reservation. 6. Note 414715.1: 'Quantity On Hand Fails To Satisfy Reservation' Message Is Not Displayed This note describes a setup issue where the Order Management System Parameter 'Allow Partial Reservation' was set to 'Yes'. 7. Note 414348.1: When Decreasing Quantity, The Schedule Ship Date Is Not Updated In this note, Development explains the reason why the Schedule Ship Date is not updated when deceasing quantity on the line. 8. Note 291866.1: Does Auto Schedule Work for Models or Kits? In this note, Development explains the functionality for the profile option OM: Auto Schedule. 9. Note 473072.1: Order Management: Trouble Shooting Scheduling and ATP Issues This is a note for trouble shooting Scheduling/ATP issues. 10. Note 296230.1: Scheduling Flexibility in 11.5.10 This note explains the New Feature of Scheduling Flexibility in release 11.5.10 using Scheduling System Parameters. 11. Note 428310.1 - R12 Order Management Suite - Scheduling Enhancements Library This note has links to R112 Scheduling enhancement notes.