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Cost advantage Outstanding Quality Focus on R&D & Energy efficient equipments TURKEY : Full range of price points Extensive market penetration UK : Selling Point penetration is 65% Warehousing Facility FRANCE : 2 brands catering to2 market segments GERMANY : Major retail network High sales value EMERGING MARKETS Geographic advantage to supply these market TURKEY : Multibrand retail outlets opening in Istanbul (eg- Carrefour) UK : Capacity to be market leaders in tabletop refrigerators Use brand value to penetrate other appliance segments FRANCE : No dominant national brands GERMANY : Price sensitivity leading to market for low priced products OEM earnings can be used to raise capital EMERGING MARKETS High brand value Decline of communism and opening of markets

TURKEY : Negative image in the minds of older population UK : High capacity utilisation for refrigerators FRANCE : Not able to break into Departmental stores Low Advertising Budget GERMANY Low resources for consumer advertising OEM sales EMERGING MARKETS Cost advantage lost No distribution network


Brand not well established in International market TURKEY : Entry of foreign players Macroeconomic factors favoring foreign players Low economic growth in future FRANCE : Recession Highly competitive market GERMANY : German brands have 60% market share Demand is expected EMERGING MARKETS Volatile market High entry barriers