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TEACHER TEACHER: SCHOOL: Date: GRADE: V VII TEXT BOOK: English Scrapbook, Pathway to English NO. OF STUDENTS: 13 Unit 2 : A Birthday Party Topic: Thanksgiving and the Pilgrim Fathers TYPE OF THE LESSON: SKILLS: reading, speaking LEVEL: intermediate LESSON AIMS: - there should be a warm, - pleasant relationship between the teacher and the class. - the new information will help the pupils understand the main history events about pilgrims, puritans and also some cultural facts about Thanksgiving day. OBJECTIVES: By the end of the lesson the Ss will be able to: 1) read the main text of the lesson in a proper way 2) translate the paragraphs 3) understand the main history and cultural facts 4) identify some of the grammar problems put by the teacher TEACHING TECHNIQUES:- conversation, explanation, translation, the close observation, a few exercises; AIDS: textbook, blackboard TIME: 50 min Stages of the lesson Mixed , writing

Activity 1: Warm- up Procedure: The teacher checks if Ss. had any problems resolving the homework assignment. Introductory conversation Interaction: T-Ss, S-T Time: 3 min Activity 2: Lead in Procedure: T asks questions related to the the text in the previous lesson Birthdays in the United States. Interaction: T-Ss, S-S Time: 10 min Activity 3: Reading Procedure: Students read aloud the text entitled Thanksgiving and the Pilgrim Fathers students answer individually. T corrects pronunciation mistakes and explains the new vocabulary. Students take notes. Students have trouble understanding new texts due to their poor vocabulary. T will encourage them to read carefully. Interaction: T-Ss, S-S, IW Time: 14 min Activity 4: Practice Procedure: The teacher ask to complete exercise 2 page 21 a grid about the main points of the lesson. The teacher asks the pupils to solve some grammar problems in the text: for example, to identify the verbs in Past Tense Simple, what kind or verbs are they, if theyre irregular or not, whats their second and third form; what sentence is in the Active Voice, which is in the Passive Voice; the teacher may also ask them to turn sentences from Active voice into Passive voice and a lot of other requests. Interaction: T-Ss, S-S Time: 10 min Activity 5: Production Procedure: The teacher also uses a grammar book and writes on the table a few exercises for the pupils. They must fill in the blanks, transform the verbs in brackets, turn from Active into Passive Voice a few sentences. Interaction: T-Ss, S-S Time: 10 min Activity 6: Homework Procedure: The teacher asks the pupils to read more about Thanksgiving and make a short written research about this holiday. Interaction: T-Ss Time: 3 min