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Products and Usage Balsam Pear 1. Lower BP 2. Improves pancreatic function 3. Relieve diabetic complications effectively 4.

Regulates blood fat level 5. Relieves excessive thirst. B-Carotene and Lycopene 1. Retard aging 2. Prevent tumors 3. Promote immunity 4. Reduce the risk of postrate problem Lecithin Softgel 1. Increase metabolism 2. Promote immunity 3. Strenthens the nervous system 4. Nourishes the brain 5. Lower blood fat level 6. Protect liver 7. Gives a beautiful complexion 8. Retard the process of aging Cordyceps 1. Nourishes the Lung and Kidney 2. Promote immunity 3. Relieves aanxiety

4. Removes toxin 5. Restore normal breathing 6. Reduces Phlegm 7. Prevent cancer and tumor 8. Strentens blood vessel and improves blood circulation Soy 1. Good alternative for female hormones 2. Age retardation 3. Keep the skin soft, moist and radiant 4. Prevents female osteoporosis and alleviates menopausal symptom Spirulina 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Promote Immunity Maintain healthy blood fat and blood sugar levels Improves sleepiness Regulate gastrointestinal function Prevent and treat ulcer

Pine Pollen Tea 1. For comfort and relaxation 2. Adjust the overall human body system 3. Promotes Immunity 4. Improves gastrointestinal function 5. Protects the liver, help maintain CVD system 6. Prevents anemia, pimples and the whiteness of hair 7. Prevents postrate problem, influenza and allegies 8. Regulates internal secretion 9. Neutralises the effect of alchoholic drinks 10. Relieve fatique 11. Increase the body s anti-oxidation ability and retard the process of aging 12. Facial beauty 13. For vigor and health

Ginkgo Bilobia

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Increases the dilation of arteries Helps maintain healthy blood flow to the brain Lower blood fat and cholesterol level Prevent thrombosis Helps maintain normal mental alertness, concentration and memory Prevent senile dementia and the decline of memory

Aloe Vera 1.Anti-canker and renewal of cell. Cures gastric ulcer 2.Nourishes stomach, minimizes diarrhea, strengthens energy and maintain health 3.Strengthens bowel functions, stabilize and accelerate the incretion system 4.Strengthen resistibility, anti-inflammation and sterilization 5.Ease pains and cool off 6. Regulate the heart, accelerate blood circulation, softhen blood vessels, reduces chol;sterol and expand capillary vessel. Cure abnormal BP, stroke etc. 7.Detoxification, anti-hyper-susceptibility and anti-histamine 8.It makes the body fluid alkaline, improve collage: immunity and arthritis 9.Anti-cancer and damage abnormal cells growth Garlic 1. Support immune system 2. Eliminates free damaging radicals 3. Destroys intestinal pathogenic bacteria 4. Prevents encephalitis, arteriosclerosis, thrombosis and dysentery 5. Normalize BP and blood sugar level 6. Retard the process of aging 7. Eliminates the intestinal toxin and parasites. Deep Fish Oil 1. Prevents blood clotting, thrombosis and arteriosclerosis 2. Lower BP 3. Keeps healthy blood flow and promotes blood circulation Vit E 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Vit C

Age retardation Enhance immunity Increase oxygen utilization, prevent Enhances coronary arteries and blood circulation Preventing and curing of Cardio-cerebral-vascular diseases, tumor, diabetes, central nervous system and dermatosis.

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Promotes immunity Enhance the bodys resistance to viruses Prevent cold Improve memory Healthy skin 6. Reduce cholesterol level 7. Prevent Gum bleeding 8. Healing process Calcium 1. It neutralize hydrochloric acid and cause no irritation to the stomach 2. Prevents irritability enteritis (intestine inflammation) usually characterize by diarrhrea 3. Prevent bone disease (rickets and osteoporosis) 4. Relieve back pain, lumbago, muscle spasm and night sweat 5. Reduces radiation harm 6. Debase cholesterol, reduce heart disease Ginseng 1. Moistens and nourishes the lung 2. Lower BP 3. Promotes the secretion of body liquid 4. Support immune system 5. Relieve fatique 6. Nourishes the brain Zinc 1. Wounds healing 2. Improves digestion, immunity and sexual performance Chitosan 1. Relieves back pain 2. Lose weight 3. Maintain healthy blood fat and blood sugar level 4. Strengthens liver function 5. Improve somnolence 6. Promotes normal bowel movement 7. Reduces the fat absorption 8. Binds heavy metal ions and eliminates metabolism wastes Propolis 1.