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Subtracting Mixed Number

Subtracting Mixed Number

Numbers are the basic need for the mathematical process. We are going to learn
about how to perform mathematical operations on the mixed numbers. Here we
start with Subtracting Mixed Numbers.
When we talk about subtracting mixed numbers, we will first convert the mixed
numbers in the form of improper fraction numbers. Once the mixed numbers are
converted in the form of improper fraction numbers, we say that the denominators
of the two numbers need to be same.
It means to do the addition or subtraction on the improper fraction numbers is
only possible when we have two fraction numbers as like fractions. So we check if
the subtrahend and the minuend are like fractions or not.
If they are unlike fraction numbers, then we come to the conclusion that the
fraction numbers must be converted into their equivalent form such that the
denominators of the two fractions become same.

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For this we will first find the LCM of the two denominators and then the fraction
will be converted in the form of equivalent fraction such that the denominator
becomes equal to the LCM.
Now if becomes the simple problem of subtraction and can be solved by simply
subtracting the numerator of the subtrahend from the numerator of the minuend.
Now we will see how will we perform the operation of Subtracting Mixed Numbers.
Let us take the two numbers as follows :
Subtract 3 from 5 2/3
This expression can be written as 5 2/3 3
First we will convert both the mixed fraction numbers in the form of improper
fraction numbers. So we proceed as follows : ( 5 * 3 + 2 ) / 3 - ( 4 * 3 + 1 ) / 4
= 17 / 3 - 13 / 4
Now both the fraction numbers are in the form of improper fractions. More over
the two fractions are unlike fraction numbers.
So we will first find the LCM of the two denominators 3 and 4. So we will get 12 as
the LCM.
Now we write 17 / 3 as an equivalent fraction with the denominator 12 , for this
the numerator and the denominator will be multiplied by 4 and we get : ( 17 * 4 )
/ 12 and another fraction will be written as ( 13 * 3 ) / 12
= ( 68 / 12) ( 39 / 12 )

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= ( 68 39 ) / 12
= 29 / 12
Now we observe that the HCF of the numerator and the denominator is 1, so we
say that the result is in its lowest form. But the resultant fraction is improper
fraction, so it can be converted into the mixed form as follows:
Divide 29 by 12 , we get 2 as the quotient and 5 as the remainder. So we write
the fraction 29 / 12 as 2 whole 5 /12 Ans.
In this way we can find the difference between the two fraction numbers and get
the result.
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