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THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK The Revenge of the Sith

AGIF members and Board of Directors, if you believed you were in a “galaxy far away”; you will not believe what Alberto Gonzales (the Lord Sith) and Antonio Morales, Gil Rodriguez and Paul Herrera (the Empire) have just conspired to engage in. If ever a time, that the possibility of the AGIF will soon split, the reason is not those of us who have tried to expose Gonzales and his political allies, but the damage lies on Gonzales.

Attached is a copy of a pleading READ IT-NOW GET THIS that Gonzales’ attorney and Morales’, Rodriguez’ and Herrera’s attorney JOINTLY are challenging National Board of Directors actions to defend the reinstatement of Morales, Rodriguez and Herrera. It gets worse-Gonzales certifies that everything stated in this Pleading is true and correct, additionally, this Pleading states that Gonzales’ actions to enter into an agreement with Morales, Herrera and Rodriguez were RATIFIED at the National Convention.

What it means: (1). Gonzales is saying that YOU the National Board of Directors do not care whether Morales, who could not account for more than $100,000.00, funds that came through the AGIF Vet-Hire Program, can be reinstated into the AGIF; (2) Gonzales’ “Joint Response” and you, the National Board of Directors/Executive Board; who ratified his actions related to the Final Judgment Gonzales signed between Morales, Herrera and Rodriguez ARE challenging the rest of the National Board of Directors in this lawsuit; and (3) Gonzales has opened up “Pandora’s box” for other lawsuits to be filed!!! If this move by “the Sith” and the “Empire” does not prove the political “collusion” what is it going to take for ALL OF YOU to wake up!

Gonzales’ actions are extremely bold, and this matter could end up in lengthy litigation-I have never seen any action whereby the National Board of Directors challenge National Board of Directors who are protecting decisions to permanently expel Morales, Rodriguez and Herrera. The potential harm to the AGIF is now inevitable, both publicly and funding. Gonzales and his “cronies” and political allies have DRAWN the LINE in the SAND. Wow!! IF Gonzales’ conduct, and those who supported this action, are not held accountable-as I previously stated-National Board of Directors are NOW free and obligated to contact federal agencies and Congress to investigate the fiscal and administrative responsibilities of the Board of Directors.

May the Force be with You-Jedi warriors!! You will need it.

Peter Vallecillo Director/Founder Southwest Institute on Poverty and Civil Rights P.O. Box 17264 San Antonio, Texas 78217