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World Nature Conservation Day is observed on 28th July all over the world with increasing awareness about the precious natural resources the Earth is bestowed with. Nature provides us with various indispensable services which has made possible human existence on the planet. Right from the air we breathe to the raw material required for the development process, everything is provided by nature. The rapid development process is putting pressure on the natural resources like air, water, forests, wildlife, fossil fuels & minerals. Excessive and unsustainable use of these resources is causing degradation of nature. Hence the need for Nature Conservation is felt all over the world, which is the wise management & utilisation of natural resources. Conservation of nature is very crucial and scientists have already given a clarion call to prevent Mass Extinction in the near future. Various international, national steps have been taken for conservation of nature. Many environmental collaborative agencies, non-governmental organisations & some government organisations too have been working in Pakistan for the conservation of nature such as: Government of Pakistan Department of Forests, World Wide Fund for nature (WWF-Pakistan), Mountain & Glacier Protection Organization (MGPO), Alpine Club of Pakistan, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN-Pakistan) and International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD). Following are a few examples of environmental work that has been carried out in Pakistan in order to conserve species and the associated habitat. The projects cover a range of topics and issues that contribute towards the early development of Pakistans environment. Himalayan Jungle Project (HJP) Palas Conservation and Development Project (PCDP) Indus Dolphin Project (IDP) Marine Turtle Conservation Project Kirthar National Park etc. You can also be a part of this nature conservation movement. Understanding the true meaning of the word sustainable and inculcating environment-friendly habits to live a Green Lifestyle is the need of the hour. Some simple practices to be followed in daily life are Help in conservation activities in your area / surrounding natural areas. Participate in the environment awareness activities. Wise use of resources like paper, fuel etc. Efficient use of water & energy at home.

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