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Amity Institute of Technology CAF Assignment Topic: Conversational English & Communication Through Entertainment

English is a language that is used by almost everybody around the world. Although the term English is the same but the types of English and the versions of English have changed from time to time. This is pretty evident from the fact that the ancient English language which had words like thou etc. has found its way in the historical books and is no where a part of todays English that is being spoken. Conversational English can be termed as the English that is being spoken today. In other words it can be said that the words, phrases, diction, dialect which is used in simple day-to-day conversations which can be both formal and informal, constitute Conversational English. The conversational English is not bound by the rules of grammar such as tenses, rules of sentence formations etc. Although the sentences used should be grammatically correct but there is no hard and fast rule which should be followed to the core. It can be also added that the conversational English evolves everyday with the introduction of new words, abbreviations etc. The following situations/areas have the concept of Conversational English: 1. Communication 2. Eating 3. Emotions 4. Fashion 5. Friendship 6. Health 7. Housing 8. Life 9. Memory 10.Money 11.Romance 12.Shopping 13.Time 14.Traffic 15.Travelling 16.Vacation 17.Whether 18.Work etc.

Conversational English in communication is primarily considered in talking over the phone, chatting on the internet etc. Conversations on the phone.... o o o o o o o o o You're so difficult to get through to! I kept getting a busy signal. Is your phone out of order? My telephone was disconnected. We seem to have a bad connection on this phone. Would you care to leave a message? He's out to lunch? Would you like to leave a message? Let me get back to you in a few minutes. I've put him on hold.

The above written lines along with many other expressions are primarily used in telephonic conversations.

Expressions about eating and food o It tastes stale! o I couldn't help it. They were so good! o How do you want your beef? o Make it small, please. o I want it to be very, very lean. o How often do you eat out? o I'd like to reserve a table for dinner. o It's on me. o It's my treat. o A drink to you and your future wife!

Anger o I can stand him any longer. o Don't take it out on me! o No wonder you're livid. o He flared up at me. Even the mention of his name starts me o fuming.
Anxiety o You look concerned. What's on your mind?

Fear o Going to the dentist really unnerves me.

Expressions about skin care, clothing, and cosmetics... o o o o o o o o Her skin looks so newborn baby smooth! The razor burn is really irritating. It knocks out bacteria and fungi. Why! Age has set in! I'm ready for a lift. I'd suggest you get a facial for deep cleaning. She's behind the times. This parka has gone out this year.

Expressions in Friendship o Don't forget to drop me a line! o It's hard to keep up contact! Why don't you have a heart-to-heart talk with o her? o Honesty is the best policy.

Expressions about Health Diet o I'm on a diet! Insomnia o I didn't sleep a wink last night. o I was all over the bed! Cold o I feel like a new person. o You look run down. o I think I'm running a temperature. Other o The cavity is killing me. o She poked me in the eye. o My head is spinning. o You have an iron stomach. o It wasn't just any snore. o His snoring is getting worse and worse. o I was burnt to a crisp. o I think school is giving me hives. o I feel like I've been run over by a freight train. o My head is stuffed up. o I slathered her in sunscreen.

Expressions about housing Don't you have air-conditioning in your apartment? My kitchen sink is clogged! What's wrong with the drain? My water faucet is dripping badly now. I wonder why no one is on top of this! He moved out last weekend. Do you have an apartment available? Even my goose bumps have goose bumps. Can I open a window and get some ventilation in o here?
o o o o o o o o

Busy life o o o o o o o I've got a pretty tight schedule today! I'm up to my neck in work. Let's call it a day, shall we? We could do it first thing tomorrow morning. Why is life always rushie-rushie? I'll just grab something to eat. I'm tied up for the moment.

Expressions about memory o o o o o o o I can't think of it off hand. I've got to brush up on it. It slipped my mind. I left the keys in the car. I was locked out of my apartment last night. Let's back up. Where was I? I can't think of it off the top of my head.

Expressions about money o Can you break a twenty dollar bill? o Do you have change for a dollar? o I have some coins I need to change. o I need five dollars in quarters. o It just costs me another 50 cents. o I am out of quarters. o I thought you were well-off. o I'm kind of broke.

Expressions about romance o Someone has a crush on Jenny. o I think he's my Mr. Right! o I heard you're going out with Jane. o He's head over heels in love with you. o There's plenty of fish in the sea. o I'm breaking up with her. o I just can't get it off my mind. o We're not seeing each other any more.

Expressions about shopping o Do you have these shoes in size seven? o That's a rip-off! o Are you being helped? o I'm just browsing. o Keep the receipt in a safe place. Do you want to take a ride to the mall with o me? We can still do some window shopping, can't o we? o Do you need every color in the rainbow?

Expressions about time o My alarm clock didn't go off this morning. I always forget to put the clock back one o hour. o My watch always gains ten minutes a day. o I always set my clock ahead ten minutes.

Expressions about cars and general road situations o My car broke down. o The battery is dead. My car turned out to be a piece o of junk. She wasn't badly hurt, but she o was shaken up. o You ran through the stop sign. I thought I could make a right o turn here. If you could approve you are o not at fault. Do you have the problem with o road rage? Traffic was brought to a o standstill. o Traffic was bumper to bumper. o The traffic is crawling.

Expressions about travelling o Can you keep an eye on my bag? o You should've kept an eye on it. o Can you save my place, please? o Is this seat taken? o I really miss the comforts of home! o East or west, home is the best. o I'm low on gas. o We're only staying overnight.

Expressions about vacation o We've got three holidays in a row! o I guess I can put it off until next month. o I'm through for the summer. o I wish I could get away for a while.

Expressions about weather o Oh, my! The whole world is broiling! o You've got to drink a lot of fluids. o Oh, the heat is unbearable! o The water just goes off without a warning. o It's raining cats and dogs today. o It hasn't rained a drop for months! o The drought conditions are severe!

Communication through Entertainment

Entertainment is a great medium for communication. This is because through entertainment a single thing can be communicated to a widespread group of people through one single medium which can be anything from internet or the newspaper. Communication through entertainment involves the following communication media or channels. 1. Newspaper 2. Radio 3. Television 4. Internet 5. Films 6. Mobile Phones Communication through Newspaper Newspaper is a great form of a communication medium where information can be widely spread to a large number of people. Here the communication barrier of language can also be taken care of because same news can be translated in various languages catering to the different dialects of different people. Communication through Radio Communication through radio has been going on since decades. Radios were the sole media of communication in every part of the world because there were no TVs and newspaper couldnt reach everybody. So people relied to radios for all the news and the latest updates in the world. And today radio not only provides with Communication through Television The word television is itself sufficient to signify what great levels it holds for carrying out effective large scale communication. Now a days TV has become a necessity for everybody. Be it a 5 yr old kid or a 50 yr old person. TV shows be it education or reality provide a great amount of communication skills to each and everyone.

Communication through internet Ever since internet has come into existence it has revolutionized the way communication is done. Internet provides us with various tools such as email, chatting, video conferencing etc. Through internet the information relayed to the masses is very interactive and easily accessible. Communication through Films Films are a great source of providing communication skills and information to the people. The films are made in different genres which are meant to cater different regions of the society. There are films which are made especially for children so that they learn many things by just watching a 2 hour movie. Then there are films which are made to create awareness in the masses regarding social prejudices or taboos. The boon and bane with films is that many people easily connect to the characters that are being portrayed on- screen and try to reflect that character in there normal lives. Sometimes it has a positive effect on them and sometimes negative. Communication through mobile phones Mobile phones have bought a revolution in the way entertainment and communication is dealt with. Mobile Phones have now become a basic amenity for everybody. It is because a cell phone now a day offers everything that is offered by radio, newspaper or any other form of communication just at the press or much better a touch of the finger. It is soon becoming an addiction for many as you can be constantly in touch with anybody through a simple thing called an SMS without empting your pockets. So, the bottom line is that entertainment further enhances the level and quality of communication and makes it more interesting and interactive.