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40K Arena of Death

One on One Combat in the 41st Millennium These rules outline a multi player elimination tournament. Each Player may take one HQ character, equipped with any legally allowed upgrades and with no points limit. This character will then be pitted against another, randomly determined players character. The winner progresses through to the next round, whilst the loser is out of the contest. As mentioned earlier, there are no points limits to this contest, however there are certain rules that must be adhered to: No Special characters may be used Only one model is permitted (ie, no command squads, retinues, units, etc). Models bought as upgrades for a character, and who die if the character dies are allowed though (warhounds, Drones, etc). The model must be equipped LEGALLY. This means that all equipment, wargear, weapons, gifts, blessings, etc must be allowed to be bought by the character. No Vehicles No Gargantuan Creatures The characters MAY be mounted (on a bike, horse, mount, etc) as long as they cannot be picked out separately from the character (ie, if the character dies, the mount dies). Wherever possible, the rule of WYSIWYG will apply unless specifically noted before the fights (This will apply if, for example, a model is armed with a power weapon and not a power fist. It will NOT apply if you try and pass off a Grot as a Great Unclean One.) The codex used, character type, equipment and costs need to be written down clearly and legibly, and this character will go through all the fights with no alterations The Fights will be fought on a 2 by 2 table with moderate amounts of terrain (a few ruins, a small patch of trees, a small hill maybe.) All characters will start 3 in from a table edge (roll off to determine who sets up where) with the other player deploying on the opposite table edge. This can be anywhere along the table edge. Players roll off to determine who starts. There is no turn limit, although if one player is not dead after 15 minutes then sudden death will be implemented (whoever takes the first wound off of their opponent wins). If for whatever reason both characters should die (Through simultaneous striking, sudden death or a piece of wargear) then the fight will be re fought again (and again, and again.) until one wins. NOTE: no skills like infiltration, scout, deep strike etc can be used for these fights. This includes models that must always deploy like this (Daemons, for example) After each fight any effects (positive or negative) are removed. This means that a models wounds are returned to their starting value and any other effects are removed. And the most important rule, HAVE FUN!! ALTERNATIVE ARENA OF DEATH These alternative rules are exactly as per those above, with several slight alterations: Instead of an elimination tournament, everyones character will play everyone elses character in a one on one fight. Points will be awarded for each character after each fight as follows; 3 for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss The character with the most points after fighting everyone else is the winner In the event of a tie the 2 (or more winners) will fight each other, with the last one standing being the overall winner

Obviously, if both characters kill each other then it will be considered a draw, and the match will not be played out again and again and again.