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The Report Marking Scheme

A list of Inputs, Outputs, Relays, Timers, Counters, and registers (if any) used in your programs. It must contain a Flowchart and Pseudo Code and describe the functions and workings of the Dual Conveyor Cell Highlight problems or difficult programming sequences and describe in detail how to solve these A copy of the final Ladder or SFC program with appropriate comments and head lines Describe any improvements on programming or mechanics that could make the machine faster, more efficient and reliable to optimise the process and throughput.

Report elements List of IO Flowchart Problems/Solutions Programming Final Ladder program/Pseudo code Improvements Total marks

Total Marking % 10 15 30 15 30 100%

Points scored

Assessment Criteria for Introduction to PLC's Assessment criteria Highlighting the issues related to the problems being investigated. Methodology Fail (<30%) Weak and poor highlighting of the issues Not provided or very weak Significantly incomplete set of results with little discussions Very weak or not no conclusion. Marginal fail (3039%) Evidence of an Understanding but not to a sufficient level Pass (40 - 49%) A limited understanding clearly demonstrated but weak in some areas. 2:2 (50 - 59%) A fair understanding of the problems and issues but incomplete places. 2:1 (60 - 69%) A good understanding of issues is clearly demonstrated. First (70 89%) An excellent demonstration of understanding of the problem issues is very clearly demonstrated. An excellent indication of how the results were obtained. Complete set of results and analysis with excellent discussions and evaluations. An excellent conclusion covering all issues. A good use of language and style. Clear evidence of professional practice First (90% or more) An outstanding demonstration of all issues fully is demonstrated.

Analysis, Results and discussion

Partially provided but not adequate to indicate clearly how results were obtained. Some results & analysis but significantly inadequate and insufficient discussions. Brief conclusion included but it is inadequate.

Some aspects of methodology are provided but this is not complete. Results & analysis covering many of the expected issues with some appropriate discussions. A conclusion is included that covers some of the essential issues Report understandable but lacking in clarity or accuracy, or of poor structure. Some evidence of professional practice and referencing of sources

A good indication of how results were obtained in some areas. Fairly complete set of results and analysis with informative discussions and evaluations. A fairly good conclusion covering many of the expected issues Understandable; well structured; mostly accurate. Some professional practice shown, sources are cited and referenced

A good indication of how results were obtained n most areas Almost complete set of results and analysis with detailed and critical discussions and evaluations. A good conclusion is included clearly highlighting the main issues investigated Clear; well structured; concise; accurate. Appropriate professional practice shown, sources are cited and referenced

An outstanding and complete methodology very clearly indicating how all results were obtained. Complete set of results and analysis with outstanding critical discussions, evaluations and reflection. An outstanding conclusion is included covering all issues and clearly demonstrating the extra insight and knowledge. A publishable style of presentation and communication


The clarity, conciseness, professionalism and accuracy of communication

Little apparent structure; unclear or inaccurate

Significantly unstructured report, materials not explained well, some inaccuracies, referencing/citation is poor