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Meditation Read a lot about meditation?

Confused whether to follow religious way or the way the personality development trainers teach you. Not confirmed whether u doing meditation the right way? Want to know which stage the concentration level of yours? Here you are at the right spot for all your answers. The article referred here is a conclution of both the types of meditation one the religious way b chanting mantras or the personality development trainers teach. What is meditation? If you are reading this article you must have already tried some meditation techniques . Meditation I would best explain as the state of idle mind. Whenever try to meditate you might have experienced the thoughts keep flowing through your mind, the thoughts in your mind keeps changing while meditating the gap between the change of thoughts the mind remains idle this state of mind is called meditation. A proper meditation is when the gap between the thoughts increases that is when the mind stays idle. The Hindu religious way? The meditation is often referred to as dhyana. It emphasises on chanting mantras this is one of the proved way to do meditation. This is because while doing meditation when we chant mantras the unwanted thoughts are replaced by the mantras. When doing prolonged meditation the mind accustomes to these mantras thereby avoiding unwanted thoughts and thereby increasing the idle mind state and thus causing the effective meditation:

The way defined by the personality development trainers? The personality development trainers advice on taking the deep breath hold it for a while then release it slowly. Here let me explain you the reason behind it. Whenever you are thrown a question to think have u ever wondered what's your state of breathing, you always get involved in thinking forgetting that you have stopped breathing yes you read it right you stop breathing whenever you are thinking, here is one more instance whenever you are asked to lift a heavy object you hold your breath and lift the object this one you might have experienced, so these instancesclearly show that the breath has the capacity of both physical and mental power. As we all know that we need oxygen for digestion, the energy released during digestion is wat the source for all our activities similarly the brain also needs energy the sole source of energy for brain is oxygen . That's y when you take a deep breath lot of oxygen gets into brain keeping us active. That's how the people you do meditation are never absent minded.

How to know we are doing meditation the right way?

We always think closing the eyes and doing any of the methods above mentioned is quite enough to get the fruit of meditation but it's always necessary to know if we are doing meditation the right way. So here I am giving some tips to check on the quality of meditation 1) whenever you are done with meditation check your mouth if it's dried up and your lips are sticky if so you have passed the first stage of meditation 2) while doing meditation if you are feeling light, feeling like you in rain, feeling you are in a pleasant atmosphere for example you in forest or so, such stage indicates your improvement in meditation