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Address: Telephone Number: Mobile Number: Email: 47 Amapola St., Pembo, Makati City (02) 974-4083 +63922-834-2271

Information Technology, Systems Analysis and Design, Software Engineering, Project Management and Programming

College: 2007 2010 Mapua Institute of Technology (Graduating on November 2010) Makati, Philippines Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Specializing in Solaris Network Administration and Java Programming St. Paul College of Makati Makati, Philippines

Secondary: 2003 2007

Programming Languages: Database Technologies: Operating Systems: Business Intelligence Tools: Multimedia Technologies: Java, Visual C++, C#, Visual Basic, Assembly Language, PERL (basics) MySQL, MS Access Microsoft Windows XP/ Vista / 7, Ubuntu, Solaris SAP Adobe Photoshop CS4, Adobe Flash CS4, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Macromedia Flash MX


College: (MIT, Makati) Don Tomas Mapua Scholarship (For Valedictorians and Salutatorians) 1st Term SY 2007-2008, 2nd Term SY 2007-2008 Full Academic Scholarship (accumulated at least a General Weighted Average of 1.50) 2nd Term SY 2007-2008, 3rd Term SY 2007-2008, 2nd Term SY 2008-2009, 2nd Term SY 2009-2010 Half Academic Scholarship (accumulated at least a General Weighted Average of 1.75) 4th Term SY 2007-2008, 1st Term SY 2008-2009, 3rd Term SY 2008-2009, 4th Term SY 2009-2010 Presidents List Award Rank 7 - 2nd Term SY 2008-2009 (General Weighted Average of 1.23) Rank 4 - 2nd Term SY 2009-2010 (General Weighted Average of 1.25) Secondary: (St. Paul College of Makati) Valedictorian Bronze Medalist Journalism Received an award in Performing Arts Singing

Executive Secretary Secretary Member Member Mapua School of Information Technology Student Council Association of Computing Machinery - Mapua Association of Computing Machinery - Mapua Webmasters Guild Mapua July 2009 present July 2008 2009 July 2007 present July 2007 present


Quality Control of Green Mango by Color and Size Analysis through Image Processing (Ongoing Thesis) A Thesis about grading the quality of Green Carabao Mango by processing a still image of the object. Image processing theories and algorithms such as Image Segmentation, RGB Extraction and Normalization were used to grade the color and size of the mango. Millionaires Go Mobile: A Mobile Game Application Millionaires Go Mobile is a mobile game that focuses on educating users while entertaining by giving questions of different categories. This game is highly based to the classic game called Who Wants to be A Millionaire. The team improved graphics, sounds and animation of this game. This program was created using J2ME. CRYSTALLINE: An Operating System An Operating System project that emulates the graphical shell of Crystallines graphical shell. This Operating System combined the concept of design of the stylish look of MAC OS and easiness of Windows. This simulation was created using Adobe Flash CS4 and Adobe Photoshop CS4. Research Paper: Computational Prediction Models for Early Detection of Risk of Cardiovasular Events using Mass Spectometry Data A research paper about finfing predictivemethods of cure for Cardiovascular Diseases. This paper is a research about 2D NMR since the spectra produced by this technique are used for the structural analysis of small molecules which can be connected the study of the lipoproteins in the blood which contains biological fluids or components that are better predictors for the aforementioned diseases. Student Number Integration System for Canteen and Bookstore of Mapua This system is a transaction processing system which allows the students to purchase from the Mapua Canteen and Bookstore through their student numbers. All payments will be integrated to one account later on through a database. This Stand-Alone application was written in JAVA and MySQL Database. Change Management Process in Implementing Millionaires Go Mobile A Software Quality project which focuses on managing a mobile game application on its maintenance and upgrading processes. This project gives emphasis on version control, software configuration management and release management. Movie Seat Reservation: A C# Window Application An Object Oriented Programming project designed for Cinemas ticketing and seat reservation processes. This application allows a customer to purchase and reserve seat/s in a particular movie, cinema and time. This was created in C# and MS Access Database. Video Rental System: A C# Window Application A Database Management System project which aims the customers to rent a movie effortlessly with a user-friendly graphical user interface and effective database system. This was created in C# and MS Access. Mini Quiz Game: A Java Application This is a Console Stand-Alone simple game application which allows a player to answer set of questions. This game then displays the results of the quiz including wrong and correct answers with the percentage of accuracy. This application was written in Java. Flower Shop Mania: A Flash Game This is a simulation game that allows a player to arrange flowers by clicking combinations of different flowers. This game is highly based to the classic game called Cake Mania and is created using Flash Develop. Animated Robot: An Assembly Language Program An animation of a moving and transmuting robot written in Assembly Language. Library System: A C++ program A user friendly searching tool that can quest books through title, author and category in the library stored in a text file. This program was created using Microsoft Visual C++.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lecture: IT in 2020: Building a Collective Intelligence IBM Innovation Workshop DevCon sa Mapua Leadership Training 2009 PITSTOP : Philippine IT: Social Transformation on Progress Career Opportunities and New Innovations KinEITics: Ateneo MISA IT Conference JUPITER: IT Convention Leadership Training and Teambuilding Activity July 21, 2010 Ateneo De Manila University February 15 ,2010 ACM, Mapua Institute of Technology February 9 ,2010 ACM, Mapua Institute of Technology October 25, 2009 School of IT Student Council 2009 September 20, 2009 MISA, Ateneo De Manila University August 2008 ACM, Mapua Institute of Technology October 2008 Robinsons Cybergate Tower March 2008 Technological Institute of the Philippines March 2008 ACM, Earthaven, Rizal

Born on December 17, 1991 in Calamba, Laguna, Philippines. Fluent in both English and Filipino. Interests: programming, surfing the internet, social networking, traveling, playing logic and trivial games. Hardworking, likes challenges and learning new things, goal-oriented, loyal and family-oriented.