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SAP IM ( Investment Management - IM ) Transaction Codes Capital Investments OITW Lower value limit for scale OITB Inv.

Profile - AuC per Source Assgn. IMAP Change plan for appropriation req. IM52 Process budget distribution IMAM Mass maintenance of approp.requests CJIC Maintain Project Settlement LIs IMDB App.req: Execute report in backgrnd OITA Investment profile KOB5 Orders: Maint. Line Item Settlement IMA11 Individual Processing IM32 Change Budget of Inv. Prog. Position ORDO Download of an Investment Program IM27 IM: Open new approval year CJID Display Project Settlement Line Itms IM27_REPEAT IM: Open New Approv. Yr- Repeat Run

SAP CO ( Controlling - CO ) Transaction Codes SE16N General Table Display V Quickstart RKCOWUSL KB11N Enter Manual Repostings of Costs KSII Actual Price Determination: CCtrs KB21N Enter Direct Activity Allocation QISRSCENARIO Customizing Szenario KB15N Enter Manual Allocations KB31N Enter Statistical Key Figures

KB61 Enter Reposting of CO Line Items QISR1 Internal Service Request - Forms BATCHMAN Transfer of External CO Data COCPCPR Cockpit for Controlling Integration KB11 Enter Reposting of Primary Costs KB21 Enter Activity Allocation WUSL Where-Used List ...... ................ More CO Transaction Codes Overhead Cost Controlling OKB9 Change Automatic Account Assignment KP26 Change Plan Data for Activity Types KO88 Actual Settlement: Order CJ88 Settle Projects and Networks CJ30 Change Project Original Budget CPMB ABC: Plan Reconciliation CJ40 Change Project Plan TRACE Program Trace OKKP Maintain Controlling Area KP06 Change CElem/Activity Input Planning KSB1 Cost Centers: Actual Line Items KO02 Change Order OKEY Display Time-Dependent Field/Process CJBN Reconstruct Availability Control KS01 Create cost center ...... ................ More CO Overhead Cost Controlling Transaction Codes Profitability Analysis KE30 Execute profitability report VALU Valuation Analysis KE21N CO-PA Line Item Entry

KE24 Line Item Display - Actual Data KEDR Maintain Derivation Strategy KEPM CO-PA Planning KEB0 Create CO-PA DataSource KE4I View maintenance VV2_T258I_V KEU5 Perform act. cost-ctr cost transfer KEA0 CO-PA: Maintain Operating Concern KE4U Maintain view cluster V_TKEVAx KEPH Segment-Specific Events KEA5 Maintain Characteristics KE4S Post billing documents to CO-PA KEPC Flexible Callup of Cost Estimates ...... ................ More CO Profitability Analysis Transaction Codes Product Cost Controlling CK11N Create Material Cost Estimate CK40N Edit Costing Run MR11 GR/IR account maintenance CK24 Price Update with Cost Estimate KKA2 Project Results Anal. and WIP Calc. CKMLCP Cockpit Actual Costing KKF6N Maintain Product Cost Collector CKM3 Material Price Analysis CKR1 Reorganization in Product Costing KKS1 Variances - Product Cost by Lot (C) CK13N Display Material Cost Estimate OKTZ Cost Comp. Str (View Cluster Maint.) KKS2 Variances - Product Cost by Lot (I) OKKN Costing Variants for Product Costing KKAX WIP Calculation for Order

SAP PS ( Project Systems - PS ) Transaction Codes OPS Customizing for Project System OPTS Maintain project version profile OPTT Maint. acct.assgnm.types for orders OPSV Cost object ind. OPSB Cost Planning Profile OPS9 Budget Management Profile OPST Network Confirmation Parameters OPTA Command file for PS -> FI area OPSN Edit PS substitution rules OPTE Command file for PS info system OIPSMDMAT Field Selection for PS Components OPS1 Maintain User Fields OPUT Maintain overview variants OPTO Change costing variants OPUN Capacity overviews ...... ................ More PS Transaction Codes Payments FIPOS Create Commitment Items CJFN CBM Payment Converter CJ48 Change Payment Planning: Init.Screen OPH1 CO Cash Bgt Mgmt: Delete Actual Data OPI6

Activate CO Cash Budget Management CJ49 Display Payment Planning: Init.Scrn OPH5 CO CBM: Successive FI Data Transfer OPH6 CO CBM: Take Over FI Completely CJFA Analysis of Data Trans. into PS Cash OPH7 CO-CBM: Take Over All Data FM48 Change Financial Budget: Initial Scn FM49 Display Financial Budget: Init.Scrn FM48_1 PS-CM: Create Planning Layout FM48_2 PS-CM: Change Planning Layout FM48_3 PS-CM: Display Planning Layout ...... ................ More PS Payments Transaction Codes Claim Management CLM2 Change Claim CLM1 Create Claim CLM3 Display Claim CLM11 Claim Hierarchy CLM10 Claim Overview Confirmation CN25 Confirm Completions in Network CN27 Collective Confirmation CN29 Cancel Network Confirmation CN28 Display Network Confirmations CNW1 WWW: Confirmation CN2X Confirm Completions in Network CNW4 Project Documents Costs OPOD View Maintenance V_T399X_N1 CJB2 Generate Settmt Rule: Indiv.Proc. CJB1 Generate Settmt Rule: Coll.Proc. CJ9L Forecast Costs: Individual Projects

CJ46 "Plnd ovrhd: Projects OPIC Intrst Relevance: Cost Els/Cmmt Itms CJZ2 Actual Int.Calc.: Project Indiv.Prc. CJ44 "Act. overhd: Projects CJ9ECP Project System: Easy Cost Planning CJ9D Copy Plan Versions CJ9M Forecast Costs: Coll.Project Proc. CJ9K Network Costing OPIB Maintain Interest Profile CJC1 Maintenance Dialog for Per. OPIE Interest Indicator ...... ................ More PS Costs Transaction Codes Resources CMP2 Workforce Planning: Project View CMP3 Workforce Planning: Work Center View CMP9 Workforce Planning - Reporting CMPC Workforce Planning Profile Dates CJ21 Change Basic Dates CJ25 Change Actual Dates CJ22 Display Basic Dates CJ24 Display Forecast Dates CJ23 Change Forecast Dates CJ29 Update WBS (Forecast) CJ26 Display Actual Dates OPUO Project schedule overviews OPTQ Maintain WBS scheduling parameters Information System CJI3 Project Actual Cost Line Items CJEN Reconstruct: Summarized Proj.Data CN41

Structure Overview S_ALR_87013558 Budget/Actual/Commitmt/Rem.Plan/Assg CN41N Project structure overview OPTU Maint. PS Info System field settings CJI5 Project Commitment Line Items CNS41 Structure Overview CJE0 Run Hierarchy Report OPTI Maintain Progrss Analysis Overview S_ALR_87013542 Actual/Comm/Total/Plan in COAr crcy S_ALR_87013532 Plan/Actual/Variance CN42N Overview: Project Definitions CN60 Change Documents for Projects/Netw. S_ALR_87013533 Plan/Actual/Cmmt/Rem.Plan/Assigned ...... ................ More PS Information System Transaction Codes Material CNS0 Create deleivry from project CN33 PDM-PS interface OPT1 Maintain PS Transaction Types CNMM Project-Oriented Procurement GRM4 Change Grouping Element Assignments CNL1 Create delivery information CNL2 Change delivery information CNL3 Display delivery information GRM5 Maintain MRP group assignments CN38 Maintain Flexible Reference Point CN35 Control stock / account assignment OPMF Field Selection - BOM Transfer CN36 BOM Transfer Profile CN37 BOM Allocation Field Selection CN34 Maintain release table TCNRL

...... ................ More PS Material Transaction Codes Progress CNE5 Progress Analysis CNE1 Project Progress (Individual Proc.) EXPD Expediting CNE2 Project Progress (Collective Proc.) COMPXPD Progress Tracking for Components CNPAWB Progress Analysis Workbench Revenues and Earnings DP90 CS: Resource-Related Billing Doc. ODP1 DIP Profile DP91 SD: Resource-Related Billing Doc. DP93 Res.-Rel. Billing Btwn Comp. Codes DP80 SM: Resource-Related Quotation DP81 PS: Sales Pricing DP95 "Resource-Rel. Billing ODP4 Determine Cost Condition DP82 PS: Sales Pricing Project CJA2 Proj.Rel. Order Receipts: Ind.Proc. DP97 Res-Rel. Billing Collect. Proc.-Srvc ODP2 DIP Profile: Consistency Check CJA1 Proj.Rel.Order Receipts: Coll.Proc. CJG3 Display Transfer Price Allocation CJF4 Transfer Price Agreement List ...... ................ More PS Revenues and Earnings Transaction Codes Simulation CJV4 Transfer project CJV2 Change project version (simulation) CJV1 Create project version (simulation) CJV3

Display Project Version (Simulation) CN72 Create Project Version CJV7 Display transfer log CJV5 Delete simulation version CJV6 Maintenance: Version administration Structures CJ20N Project Builder CJ02 Change Work Breakdown Structure CN22 Change Network OPENPS Download Activities to Palm Pilot OPSA Maintain Project Profile CJ01 Create Work Breakdown Structure OPUV Network Type Parameters CN08 Allocate material -> stand. network CJ2B Change project planning board CNMASS Mass Changes in Project System CJ13 Display WBS Element CJ12 Change WBS Element CN01 Create Standard Network CJ11 Create WBS Element OPUK Field selection: WBS element

SAP FI ( Financial Accounting - FI ) Transaction Codes F110 Parameters for Automatic Payment FB60 Enter Incoming Invoices FB01 Post Document FERT Flow of cost trace FB03 Display Document F-02 Enter G/L Account Posting FBZP Maintain Pmnt Program Configuration FB50

G/L Acct Pstg: Single Screen Trans. F-28 Post Incoming Payments FB70 Enter Outgoing Invoices F-53 Post Outgoing Payments FS10N Balance Display FB02 Change Document F-43 Enter Vendor Invoice F-32 Clear Customer ...... ................ More FI Transaction Codes Asset Accounting AFAB Post depreciation AS02 Change Asset Master Record AS91 Create Old Asset AW01N Asset Explorer AS01 Create Asset Master Record AJAB Year-End Closing AO90 Account assignmt Acquisitions AJRW Fiscal Year Change AFAR Recalculate Depreciation ABUMN Transfer within Company Code F-90 Acquisition from purchase w. vendor AS03 Display Asset Master Record OAAQ Take back FI-AA year-end closing ABAVN Asset Retirement by Scrapping AFAMA View Maint. for Deprec. Key Method ...... ................ More FI Asset Accounting Transaction Codes Accounts Payable OCRD Number Range Maintenance: FCRP XK01 Create Vendor (Centrally) XK02

Change vendor (centrally) CRTD Payment Card: Create Example File XK03 Display vendor (centrally) MK01 Create vendor (Purchasing) XK05 Block Vendor (Centrally) MK02 Change vendor (Purchasing) MK05 Block Vendor (Purchasing) MK03 Display vendor (Purchasing) CRAM Archive Card Master Records FCHU Create Reference for Check XK06 Mark vendor for deletion (centrally) XKN1 Display Number Ranges (Vendor) OBWW C FI Withholding Tax ...... ................ More FI Accounts Payable Transaction Codes Accounts Receivable OBYC C FI Table T030 XD02 Change Customer (Centrally) XD01 Create Customer (Centrally) FTXP Maintain Tax Code OB52 C FI Maintain Table T001B FD32 Change Customer Credit Management XD03 Display Customer (Centrally) OB28 C FI Maintain Table T001D OBA7 C FI maintain table T003 OBY6 C FI Maintain Table T001 OB40 C FI Maintain Table T030 OBC4 C FI Maintain Table T004V OB41 Maintain Accounting Keys FBKP Maintain Accounting Configuration OBXU C FI Table T030

...... ................ More FI Accounts Receivable Transaction Codes Bank Accounting FI12 Change House Banks/Bank Accounts FF_5 Import Electronic Bank Statement F111 Parameters for Payment of PRequest FEBAN Bank statement postprocessing OBPM4 Payment Medium Selection Variants FBPM1 Cross-Payment Run Payment Medium FIBPU Maintain bank chains for partner OBPM3 Payment Medium Formats (Customer) FBPM Payment medium program of PMW F8BT Display Payment Requests FCC1 Payment Cards: Settlement OBPM1 Maintenance of Pymt Medium Formats FCHV C FI Maintain Table TVOID FF_6 Display Electronic Bank Statement F8BW Reset Cleared Items: Payt Requests ...... ................ More FI Bank Accounting Transaction Codes Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable CASE CA Control: Role Type Grouping EMMA Log Analysis and Case Creation FQEVENTS Events FPL9 Display Account Balance FPY1 Payment Run / Debit Memo Run FPE1 Post Document EBPP EBPP - Demo CASA BP Control: Match Codes CASI BP Control: Activities CACH BP Cust: Field Grouping Activity

CAA2 Change Contract Account MKK Mass Contract Invoicing FPCJ Cash Journal CAA1 Create Contract Account FPVA Dunning Proposal ...... ................ More FI Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable Transaction Codes Funds Management DECK Cash Holding Years FMZ1 Create Funds Commitment FMX1 Create Funds Reservation FMCIA Edit Commitment Item FMZ3 Display Funds Commitment CJCO Carry Forward Project Budget FMX2 Change Funds Reservation FMX3 Display Funds Reservation FMWA Create Funds Transfer FMSU Change Status Assignment KOCO Budget Carryforward for Orders FMY3 Display Funds Precommitment FMZ6 Reduce Funds Commitment Manually OF16 Activate/Deactivate Funds Management FMWC Display Funds Transfer ...... ................ More FI Funds Management Transaction Codes General Ledger Accounting FS00 G/L acct master record maintenance FBL3N G/L Account Line Items FBL1N Vendor Line Items FBL5N Customer Line Items FBCJ Cash Journal

FAGLL03 G/L Account Line Items (New) FAGLB03 Display Balances FAGL_FC_VAL Foreign Currency Valuation F.27 Periodic Account Statements FSP0 G/L acct master record in chrt/accts FSE2 Change Financial Statement Version FSS0 G/L account master record in co code FBB1 Post Foreign Currency Valn FBCJC0 C FI Maintain Tables TCJ_C_JOURNALS FS01 Create Master Record ...... ................ More FI General Ledger Accounting Transaction Codes Lease Accounting FILATEST Process Processing Initial Screen FILAEXPL Display Lease Consolidation OCDE Maintain Cons. Activity Groups OX15 Define internal trading partner FC10 Financial Statements Comparison OCZ2 FI-SS: Change Cons Staging Ledger OCDZ Cons stag. ledger: delete trans data OCZ1 FI-SS: Create add. ledger OX16 Assignment co.code->Internl.trad.ptr OCCI Cons. Integration Settings FC11 Data Extract for FI Transfer FCMN FI Initial Consolidation Menu OCAL FI-LC: Print IC Eliminations FCMM C FI Preparations for consolidation GCEM Post extract in carryforward period OC08 C FI-LC : Table T856 OCAD C FI-LC: Display V_T862K

...... ................ More FI Consolidation Transaction Codes Localization J1IEX Incoming Excise Invoices J1ID Rate maint & amend open po's/so's J1BNFE Monitor for Electronic Nota Fiscal J1IIN Outgoing Excise Invoice DMEE DMEE: Format Tree Maintenance Tool J1IS Excise invoice for other movements J1IH Create Excise JV J1I5 Register creation for RG23 and RG1 J1INCHLN Challan Number Updation J1IJ Excise invoice selec. at depot sale J2IUN Monthly utilization J1BTAX Tax Manager's Workplace J1IG RG23D register receipt at depot J1B3N Display Nota Fiscal - Enjoy J2I5 Extract ...... ................ More FI Localization Transaction Codes Special Purpose Ledger SLIS FI-SL Spec.Purpose Ledg. Info.System GGB1 Substitution Maintenance GGB0 Validation Maintenance GRP1 Report Writer: Display Extracts GS01 Create set GR55 Execute Report Group GRR2 RW: Change formula GB01 Document Entry for Local Ledgers GRCT Report Writer: Control Tables GRR1 RW: Create Row/Column Structure

GRR3 RW: Display formula GGB4 Analysis tool for valid./subst. GR22 Change Library GS02 Change Set GCX2 FI-SL: Client-dependent user exits ...... ................ More FI Special Purpose Ledger Transaction Codes Travel Management PR00 Travel expenses PR05 Travel Expense Manager HUGO Settings for Travel Planning PREP Import Program for Per Diems TRIP Travel Manager PRTS Overview of Trips PRRW Post Accounting Data GALILEO Galileo Bypass PRFI Posting to Financial Accounting PREC Travel Expenses Accounting Program FITVFELD Tree PR01 Maintain (Old) Trip Data AMADEUS Amadeus Direct APOLLO Apollo Bypass PRD1 Create DME