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That Which May be Known of God

And this is eternal life, that they may know You,

the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.
John 17:3…… (Jesus Christ)

When we learn enough about a person and feel that we can reasonably predict
what they will or won’t do, we say we know them.

Ever run into anyone who knows little or nothing about you, yet that person is
willing to say all manner of things against you that seems to come up into their
emotions. There may be reasons for this, but often, we cannot tell why people
say such things.

Sometimes we will hear ourselves or someone else say, “He, she or they don’t
know me! I would never do that.”

One thing that most of us are sure of is that we would not allow someone that we
do not know to care for our children nor do anything important for us without
some way of vouching for their character. The best evidence of what a person
will do is to ascertain what they have done.

This of course is why Employers not only want your resume but references and
sometimes a background check.

The quotation above made by Jesus was emphasized by the statement, “this is
eternal life.”

We have seen many who ask, “Do you believe in God?” Many will say yes,
others will say no or not sure.

There are people who will cut your throat for no reason that you can discern
immediately, only later to find out that what Jesus said to his disciples apply.
“That a time was coming that people will kill you and think they are doing God a

When was the last time any professing Christian that you know, crawled for miles
on their knees, till they were bleeding, beat themselves bloody or blew
themselves into bits in the name of God. Did those people really believe? Jesus
said they would. Are those that do such things dedicated? They kill themselves
for it. So should they be held guilty, since they truly believed God wanted them
to do this?
It is written, “That which may be known of God is CLEARLY seen being
understood by that which is made, even his eternal power and God head, so that
they are without excuse.”

So let’s look at what was made and can clearly be seen.

1. A universe made to order, complete with a set of laws that governs all. There is
no law without a law maker. Neither can any man even formulate a theory of how
these laws come about because the minute you begin to show a process, you
are implicitly saying there are rules and logic in place already. So, all theories of
man begin with something already existing, they cannot bring themselves to
contemplate a God. Like it was written long ago, they would be “ever learning but
never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.” But its there, they simply
refuse for their own reasons.

We will stop with that ultimate question, because it alone, proves the point that
God exists.

2. Secondly, let’s look at man. He created them male and Female. He said, “let
us make man in our own image, in our own likeness.” And readers, that is what
salvation is all about. That’s what the whole story of man is all about.

3. Later, God made the man and woman to produce children in their own image
and their own likeness and we have been imitating God ever since. This subject
deserves its own blog.

4. Anyway, God could have made man so that man never did anything different
from what he wanted him to do. Kind of like we do robots. Ever notice how we
just cannot wait to make a robot that can think for it self? We romanticize robots
in movies, some how the robot goes beyond that for which it was made and
becomes more human. Oh, how we swallow that stuff up in movies. I’ll admit it, I
love that stuff!

God wants someone to commune with that can love and adore him because they
want to. He wants other beings, like himself, with some comprehension of what
He is about. We have that same longing in us. Remember God could do
everything he wants by himself, but then he would remain alone. He has desired
to have a larger family. Can you see this from what he’s done?

5. We also love the struggle to overcome in movies. Remember the Titans, to Sir
with love, or any number of others with that theme.
6. Then there is marriage and love, the act of two people becoming one flesh.

All of these are types or shadows of God’s plan for humans. We act them out just
as surely as the 11 tribes and the Jews acted out Jesus’ crucifixion for 1500
years, until he died on the cross and was resurrected. All was depicted in a type
cast format. There is yet, more to be fulfilled.

7. God has chosen that like as we teach our children and hope a day comes that
we can let them perform as adults, so we should also get the point.

Because God has Chosen to make children of his own and do the same. These
children will be of his very own household as it were.

As it’s written, “I have said that ye are gods and all of you children of the most
high.” That is said to all that the word of God partakes with. Another scripture
says “I will live in them and walk in them.”

God has chosen to take two and make one by bringing both God and man
together in Christ., as says his name, Emmanuel, or GOD WITH US.

8. God could come down with loads of angels and convince the world. He has
appointed a day that he will do this, at the end of a certain process, namely the
first of harvest. This was another depiction by ancient Israel.

God could get rid of Satan, whenever he wants to, yet he doesn’t do it that way.

9. God has at times, sent Human armies against evil men and God does not

10. God has said that I set Death and life before you, Good and evil, so choose
the good that you may live.

11. God has said, “The soul that sins it shall die.”

12. The scriptures say, “The living knows that they shall die, but the dead know
not anything. Their love, their hatred and their envy has all perished. Neither
have they a portion forever in anything done under the sun.”

God, no matter how much he says he loves, refuses to stop all the destruction
and death, even of the little ones, on our schedule.
13. Yet, Jesus died for us, showing the greatest love a person can show
someone else.

14. it’s written, that God HOLDS our soul in life, and none can keep alive his own

15. it’s written, that in 6 days God created the heavens and earth and the 7th day
he rested. And that he set apart the 7th day and sanctified it. Jesus said that the
Sabbath was Made for man.

16. It’s written, that God will make all things NEW, even new heavens (universe)
and earth, wherein will dwell righteousness.

17. It is written that God has made us Kings and priests, in Christ.

18. it’s written, that “he that overcomes, will inherit all things.” (The universe, ruler
ship and stuff we cannot imagine)

We could go on, but let’s see, we’ll look at what God has done and see how
much or little we professing Christian show the rest of the world about him.

Remember, this is salvation. This is it. Not being devout or necessarily being
willing to die or proselytizing. God is pleased only when you know him. Maybe
it’s time to read one more time what Jesus said.

1. Most Christian that I know believe in God, but some lean toward a creation
evolution mix
2. Very few times, if any, have I heard most main stream churches mention
that this is what it’s all about. Does the majority even know?
3. Only now and then have I personally met professing Christians who new
that their whole love- marriage- family experience is an imitation of God’s
plan for man. That even the worse of people play this out and somehow
think they are evading Gods hand. That’s why God says at times, that man
had corrupted his way. (God’s way)
4. 5, and 6. Few it seems have been fascinated enough or understood, why
God allows us to act like girls gone wild and suffer for it. Even gruesome
deaths, are not a big thing to God, he knows that he has set a time to
bring people back and make things right.

SO FAR SO GOOD? Maybe. Everybody is ignorant about something.

7. Most Christians get this from my experience, to one degree or another.

8. Is it just me or do most Christians seem to come across as though there is
some sort of monumental battle between God and Satan? If anyone believes
this, they have in their mind a God that does not have all power. Evidence of a
god they have created in their own minds.

9. Many people will tell you that all war is against God and therefore anyone
participating in it, must be doing evil. This is another creation of the human mind.
Just remember, Jesus let us know that if his Kingdom was in Jeopardy, “then
would my servants fight.” In fact, when he comes back to earth, he will take over
by force.

10. A lot of the professing church, don’t believe this. They think that the options
set before us are, Going to heaven OR everlasting torment in Hell fire. An
abominable doctrine that at its essence says that God is the type of person that
set 2 things before you and at the last changes this and tortures people forever…
This doctrine alone denies that people are saved.

Because if the punishment (wages you earn for sin) is everlasting life in hell fire,
then not even Christ paid the penalty for us. Only if the choice has not changed
did death pay it for us. Many other things, some of them will be commented on

11. Most professing Christians that I know do not believe this. They believe that
the Soul that sins will burn forever, feeling the pain, again mischaracterizing
God’s personality or the type of person he is.

Some have gone farther, in order to justify God in their minds, by saying a Soul is
immortal, and therefore God has to do something with them. It’s not his fault.

It appears that those who buy into this, thinks somehow that God can put a soul
together, but cannot take it apart. He can make one but cannot destroy one. This
by itself creates a God with very limited in power. So when God asks, “is there
anything too hard for God, they can say yes. There’s more to this Babylonian

Anyway, scripture says, “God only has immortality.”

12. In order to be in pain, you have to know something. This belief denies the
truth of this scripture. Those truths that Solomon spoke, shows the reason why
there needs to be resurrections.

You have seen all the life after life books. These beliefs make it unnecessary to
have a resurrection. If you are living Spirits already, why do you need to go get a
body to make it a spirit also? Neither would it be true that the dead know not

This doctrine denies unknowingly that Christ even died for you. Don’t believe
me? Start asking ministers this question (Be careful, most of these are people
doing the best they can to help others attain life. They don’t need to be ridiculed)

But at a proper opportunity, ask several ministers, if Christ really died or did he
somehow wrap flesh around himself and just his body died? You may here more
times than not, that Jesus couldn’t really die, he was God. This could be
confusing to younger Christians who have not been thoroughly indoctrinated,
when they read in the book of Revelations, the Spirit Jesus, whose brightness is
shinning above the brightness of the sun, say, “I am he that is living and was

So this very doctrine denies that Jesus really died for us. It seems that he as the
Son of God kind of faked his death and he never changed a bit. What ever
happened to the scripture that says,” and the word was made flesh and dwelt
among us?”, either that is true or it is not. Death is a cessation of life. Forget the
people that described death. Because the dead know not anything, says the
scriptures. They weren’t dead according to scripture.

These doctrines deny us salvation, if God would hold us to it, but most do it out of
ignorance. God will decide about this. I have no right to judge another mans

Some times I hear people who have comforted themselves by thinking that their
love one was up there on Jesus’ lap watching them. Of course those are not the
times to confuse anyone. There are others who are comforted knowing that their
love one who suffered is in no pain while waiting for resurrection and that the
time will be like a blink of an eye. They will know of no time separation, even if it
were a thousand years in the past when they died.

13. We just talked about what the Bible says death is. Jesus said that God is not
the God of the dead. He knew what psalm 88: 5 meant. Death is the only way
man was completely cut of from God’s hand. Complete separation. That is one of
the reasons he came and died, so that he would become lord of both the dead
and the living, without violating God’s chosen principles.

Many have misunderstood Jesus’ discussion with the Sadducees, who was a
priestly religious group in Jesus earthly lifetime, who did not believe in a
resurrection. To make a long story short, Jesus’ statement to them about
Abraham, was not saying that Abraham was alive somewhere, he would have
been arguing the Sadducees point (Matt. 12:22- 32). His point was that Abraham
would have to be raised because God still spoke of him as living, after he was
dead. They knowing the Scripture that God is not the God of the dead, shut up.
Many professing Christians would make the Sadducees argument without
understanding what they have done.

14. If God holds our soul in life and none can keep alive his own soul as scripture
says, Then again there is a lot of error here and a like of understanding about
God and what he is doing. It also means that God would never be free of the evil
ones, holding them in life as they burn forever.

One scripture says “what do you imagine against the LORD, he will make an
utter end, affliction will not arise a second time.” Another scripture says, “Yet, in a
little while and the wicked shall not be, yea you shall diligently consider his place
and it shall not be.”

15. A few questions I would have for some Christians are if God Sanctified the 7th
day, who unsanctified it? Also, if Jesus said that the Sabbath was made for man
(not for Jews only as some claim) who decided that it was no longer for man?
Why does Jesus speak about the Sabbath day during the tribulation of the last
days? And last but not least, why does scripture show that Jesus will literally
force the nations, after he takes over the planet, to keep the Sabbaths?

A related statement: Scripture in Daniel showed that he would put an end to

sacrifices in the midst of the week. Wednesday, as can be demonstrated by the
New Testament and History, that Passover when he was put to death came on a
Wednesday. He was resurrected on what we call a Saturday evening before
dark. He did not need the stones rolled away; he was now a spirit and could walk
through solid rock.

Listen everyone who cares to know the truth, you cannot, bury anyone at
sundown and he be in the graves 3 days and 3 nights and be raised any
morning. He was not raised on a Sunday. He was not put to death on Good
Friday. That Sabbath day was a high day that drew near. Of course, it was to be
the beginning of the Passover at sundown, not the Saturday Sabbath those who
instituted erroneously Good Friday.

The type in the Old Testament was that the lamb without blemish (which
represented Christ) would be killed in the afternoon –evening period on the 14th
day of the 1st month of the calendar God gave to his people in Egypt.

Sunday keeping was forced over the centuries upon pain of death. A good source
would be a book by Samuele Bachioche (sic) Called from “Sabbath to Sunday.”

16. If the doctrine believed by so many professing Christians be true, then, in the
new creation, wicked people will exist somewhere. So the scripture that says.
“Behold I create all things new, would not be true. Also wickedness will also dwell
in it as long as the wicked lived, FOREVER!

17. How many Christians do you know that are carrying out the works of a priest,
as he should, in Christ?

18. I think a large share of professing Christian know something about this. I am
not sure how much.


I have no organization to try to benefit as opposed to another.

If Catholic means universal: I am part of God’s universal church. If Baptist mean

ones who believes in Baptism I am also a part of God’s people that believes in
Baptism. If Jehovah, which is altered from (YHWH) wants witnesses and he
does. Then if I am telling the truth, it is of a certainty that I am a witness.

What I am is a servant to the body of Christ and those seeking the truth, for who
is held in higher regard, the person that served the table or the ones that‘s sitting
at the table being served? And I will gladly serve those to whom God sent Christ
and for whom he suffered death.


We are not as different from people of the past as we would like to think. Like the
Pharisees, we will compass sea and land to make one proselyte. Like them
whom Jesus said thought to themselves, “If we had lived during the time of our
fathers, we would not be partakers with them in killing the prophets.” They
probably believed that. We are saying the same things today.

Yet we have changed the true doctrine so much that if a strange unknowing
being was to come to our planet, he would think God an ogre, interpreted from
out doctrine. Neither would he be able to find the logic in it.
Yet it has come to pass as it was written, how “many would turn their ears away
from the truth and be turned to FABLES.” This was to be done on such a scale
that the, “way of truth would be evil spoken of.”

There are many more of these fables. Fables help us make a god that is radically
different from the biblical Almighty. We see an image of someone else. This new
God is someone that often confuses unbelievers and is himself, unattractive.

One thing is certain, we don’t want to be one that says, Master, we prophesied in
your name, cast out demons and did many wonderful works. Just to have Him
retort, “I never knew you.” This conversely means you never knew him either.
Jesus said many would be in that position and those statements will be made. He
also said, “In vain THEY DO worship me, teaching for doctrines, the
commandments and precepts of men.”

Bill Sullivan