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Sec eee ; Sslit) sel 4 SPACE MASTER COMPANION i Table of Contents 1.0. Introduction. 7.0 Cybernetics (SB). : 7 1.1 Notation: 2 | 7.1 Installing Cybernetic Parts and Systems 48 1.2. Referencing Rolemaster Products 2 | 72 cybernetic Limbs 49 20 aprenden 3 | 73. Cybernetic Senses 50 74 Cybernetic Skin Replacement 51 2.2 Black Market Merchant/Smuggler 8 7.5 Cybernetic Full Body Replacement 53 23° Tinkerer/Scavenger ... 4 | 78. Cyber Body Systems : 53 24° Android/Robot Hunter: 4 | 77. Cybernetic Options and Enhancements ... 54 25° Psychot 4 | 78 Other Cybernetic Units and SyStOMS en 61 26 Bounty Hunter 7.9 Dark Space Softech and Cybertc Components 61 3.0 Combat Options (TA). rr § 8.0. New Standard Equipment. 3.1. Extensive Damage Beyond Mark # Limits . | 81 Combat Equipment (TA, RH, DB, KL) - 3.2 Natural Stunner Resistance 6 $ | 82 Neurological Equipment (TA) 3.3 Powered Tools in Melee 7 | 83 einen epee Om KL) 34 Vehicular Impact 9.0 Variant Equipment ($8). 35 Damage to Personal Equipment eben 3.6 What of Arms Law? e 92 Galactic Assault Weapons 3.7. Melee and Two Targets 10.0 ered Equipment (BC). 4.0. Psion Options. vee AO 101 “Softech” Items 4.1 sions for the Non-Telepath (TA) 10 Agathe 4.2. Psion/Spell Level Variability (TA) 403 Brain Buds 4.3. Extraordinary Psion Failure (TA). 404 Pseudo-Symbionts 44 Optional Psion Lists (LL) vse 18 | 405. Tools of he Softectnican Sa Pate (tA) sve 18 | 44.0 Miscellaneous Options. Determining Disciplines cr 11.1 Facts About Force Fields (TA) 52 Delong Dacpines 41.2 Gravity and Maneuvers (TA) 5.3 Disciplines and Capabilities 11.3 Vehicular Maneuver Encounters (TT) 5.4 Resolving Discipline Effect 11.4 Radiation in Space Master (RH) 55 Standard Disciplines... 41.5 Life in Space (BC). 5.6 Psychic Skills — 33 | 42.0 Tables. B.7Talentsrnennrnenneenn at 12.1. Microwave Critical Strike Table (RH) os Boos fees nnn 2 12.2. Power Tool Fumble Table (TA) 123 Power Tool Attack Table (TA. 6.0 Allermate Development of Skills (RC). a 124 Power Tool Critical Strike Table (1 6.41 Introduction 125 Powered Armor Critical Table (TA). 62 Impact..... 38 12.6 Disintigration Critical Strike Table (RH) 107 e Se venient 33 | 12.7 Neuro Critical strike Table (RH) 108 128 Teleporter Results Table (TA 109 65. Skil Descriptions 39 ee Designers: Sanford Berenberg, Lem Richards, Bruce Cordell, Thomas Amold, Ross Henton, David Blank, Tim Taylor, Leo LaDell, Kieth Locke, Rick Cross Cover Art: Richard Hescox Interior Art: Dan Smith ICE Staff: Sales Manager Deane Begiebing; ‘Managing Editor: Coleman Chartton; President: Peter Fnlon; CEO: Bruce Neidlinger, Eatting, Development & Production Staff: John Curtis, Jessica Ney-Grimm, Nick Morawit; Sales, Customer Service & Operations: Heike Kubasch, Dave Patnick Shipping taf Dave Mortis, Daniel Wiliams Editor Developers: Monte Cook, John Curtis Project Specific Contributions: ‘Art Direction: Jessica Ney-Grimm; Cover Graphics: Terry Amthor; Page Design, Layout, and Pagemaking. John Curtis; aste-Up: Katherine Beggarly, Nick Morawitz, Mike Reynolds Editorial Contributions. Coleman Chariton Copyright © 1994 by ron Crown Enterprises llrightsreserved No reproductions without authors’ permission, Produced and distributed by ron Crown Enterprises, In. P.O. Box 1605 Charlottesville, Va., 22002. Printed in USA, First US Ealtion, 1998, ISBN 1-55806-187-8 Stock #9004 Oe ae INTRODUCTION Once again we find ourselves with a Space Master Companion full of new material, new ideas, and new options. As you can see by leafing through this book, itis quite different from its predecessor, Space Master Companion I™ While that book focused primarily on new character creation options, professions and skils, this book focuses on new telepathy techniques, equipment, and science. ‘Abook of new equipment isan easy thing fora GM to deal with. Each separate weapon or device can be allowed or discarded by the GM, a his whim. They are also easily altered to fit into various campaigns or power levels. if something seems unbalancing, the GM can make it very expensive, legal to possess, or it can be disallowed altogether. The entirely new psychic system, Psifr, will enchance any game, and make telepathy a totally unique ability. Unlike the currentsystem,itisnotatall ike Rolemaster™spel casting nit’ alt contained inthis book Something topless just 2boutevery GM and player. oy. | |) a as NOTATION The material in Space Master Companion IHoften uses the standard referencing notion for ICE products. ‘SM — Space Master™ (2nd edition) RM— Rolemaster SpaMCo — Space Master Companion | PB— Player Book (in SM) GMB — GN's Book (in SM) TB—Tech Book (in SM) AMCI— Rolemaster Companion™ (2 SESaRERRRe Rae TES REFERENCING ROLEMASTER PRODUCTS ‘Though this book is about SM, we must not forget that the game evolved from ICE's fantasy role playing game, FM. As a result, the material in SpaMCo 1! draws heavily on the series of IMCS, as well as the core RM rules. When articular section of this product. references to an AMC installment or an RM book (lke Spell Law or Arms Law), what are you supposed to do; particularly when you do not own the product in question? Wellst of all, do not panic! We have found that most SM players know a lot about AM, because they got into that system first. But, if you are one of the few who play Sifto the exclusion of RM, ust ignore those sections that reference’ AM products. This is an optional rules Ccompliation afte all. Think of the Al-refer- enced rules as more optional than the oth- ers—you do not need them. If you think this, is a cheap cop-out and that all relevant and previously published AMC material dhave been included inthis product, imagine all of the otherrmation we would have had to axe~ ut ofthis product. It wouldhave been quite abit, and many consumers would have been upset about buying rehased material ‘Sodonot getmadthinking youare forced to-go out and buy some other books just to. (get a few small references. Forget about them, Instead, focus on all the new material appearing here. NOTE: For readability purposes, these rules use the standard masculine pro- ‘nouns when referring to persons of uncertain gender. Insuchcases, these pronouns are intended to convey the ‘meanings he/she, her/him, etc.