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Foothill Preschool & Infant Center



ParentsFoothill Preschool & Infant Center will be making a big Splash learning all about the ocean and traveling around the world. Journey Christian Fellowship invites you to Vacation Bible School on August 10th, 11th and 12th from 9am-12pm. The theme will be Rock Point Lighthouse. This VBS is filled with incredible Bible learning experiences kids see, hear, and touch. Team building games, cool bible songs and active Bible adventures are just a few of the activities. Please sign-up and fill out the registration form. We will be sending a care package to Michael Hejmanowski (Kegans Dad) who is serving in Afghanistan. Michaels favorites: Beef Jerky, Snickers Marathon Bars, Peanuts, Almonds, Cashews, Dried Fruit, Ax body wash, Ax deodorant, Rockstar Energy Drinks, Protein Bars (any), Tuna pouches, Butterfinger candy bar, Peanut butter to go cups and most of all pray for his safety. We thank everyone in advance for your help. On August 27th we will start our new session & move-ups for the new school year. We are all excited for our new year to begin. Attached to this months newsletter is a copy of our instructional calendar for the 2012-2013 school year and early year years info. 2012-2013 Staff Infant Center Room Staff: Miss Paige, Miss Michelle, Miss Lauren, Miss Teresa Toddler Room Staff: Mrs. Esther, Miss Courtney, Miss Paige Beginner Room & Closing Teacher: Miss Anitra Intermediate Teachers: Mrs. Sara, Miss Jessica, Miss Kayla Pre-K Room: Mrs. Jen, Assistant Miss Kristie and Miss Paige, Miss Hannah FPS Subs: Miss Lisa and Miss Leslie Annual Registration: due September 1, 2012. Annual registration is $100.00 per child. Tuition is due no later than the 5th of each month. After the 5th, there will be a late fee of $10.00 applied to the monthly tuition. All returned checks will have additional $20.00 applied. Emergency Cards: remember to keep your childs card up to date with new work, cell, home phone number, and authorized adults who can pick up your child from school.

EARTHQUAKE KITS: all existing earthquake kits will be sent home on Friday the 24th. All new updated kits will need to be turned in no later than the 31st. Attached to the newsletter is a list of items that are needed for your childs individual earthquake kit. Email Address: please sign up for email. Disaster List: if you work or live close to the preschool, please add your name and phone number where we can have your help. Extra Clothes: Update your childs extra set of clothes. Top, pants, underwear and socks are needed for their cubbie. School Arrival: When arriving to school, please sign-in & out, please walk your child out to the playground or into their classrooms. All children will need to arrive by 9:00am. If you are not attending or will be late, please call the school by 9:00am. Please drive safe, when coming in to the parking lot.

May each of you take time to enjoy the rest of the summer!

8/1 National Immunization Awareness 8/2 Throop Park Field Trip @ Pre-K 8/10-12 JCF -VBS @ 9am12pm 8/27 New session/Moveups begin Looking Ahead: 9/5 School ClosedLabor Day

Avina Family for the paper rolls & metal tins. David Brewer & Family for donuts & coffee. Each family that donated to our recycle box, FPS

earned $19.35. fruit.

Shylas family for the cool skateboard activity. Nishihama (Sammys Family) for all the delicious Victor(Casa Church) & Steven(JCF Church) for

installing a new urinal.

Wilkinson Family (Logan) for delicious Banana


THEMES: Travel Disney Space Hawaii Pirates SHAPE Crescent COLORS
Black & Silver LETTERS Review A-Z NUMBERS 0-50
You alone, O Lord make me dwell in safety. Psalms 4:8


Parent Participation Hours & Fundraiser Info

E-Scrip Sign-up today, it s quick and easy!

Cartridges for Kids Recycling helps save the earth and it pays 1. Go to us cash! We are collecting: Empty Laser 2. Click on sign-up Cartridges, Empty Inkjet Cartridges, Used Cell Phones, PDAS, IPod's, DVD Mov3. Follow the instructions. ies, Video Games, Digital Camera's and 4. Group Name: Foothill Preschool and Laptops. The collection box is located in Infant Center. the hallway & at the Infant Center. We 5. Group I.D.#151855752 earned $19.35 on the last shipment. Its free! Extended family and friends who live Thank You!
in and out of town can also participate.

This is the last month to complete your familys 10 hours of Parent Participation. Please see Mrs. Ella

8/2 8/3 8/5 8/7 8/9 8/11 8/15 8/18 Ms. Ella Reagan Joaquin Ashley Atlas Miss Kristie Makaio Miss Anitra 8/20 Miss Lisa 8/20 Miss Paige

INFANT CENTER: Miss Michelle, Miss Paige, Miss Lauren, Miss Teresa
The month of August has arrived very fast and we are very excited to give our friends some new and exciting experiences! This month we will be learning about pirates and different aspects of the sea. Also, we will be doing some travels to different places in the Infant Center as well. This month we will be welcoming two new friends to the Infant Center: Aubrey and Isabella. We are also saying goodbye to Corbin and Eme as they move on to bigger and better things! Good Luck to Corbin and Eme! We will miss both of you a lot! Our friends are doing so much here in the Infant Center: Erik- is doing great with sleeping on his cot at naptime. He is also making progress with learning how to eat with utensils at mealtimes as he prepares for his transition to the Toddler Room next month. Owen-will start sleeping on a cot at naptime later this coming month. He is still working on eating with a spoon and fork at mealtimes and sitting at the table as well. Madison-has begun standing on her own with little to no help from her teachers. She is enjoys crawling around the yard with her friends when they have outside time at the Infant Center. Kynzie- is rolling around and smiling so much at the Infant Center. She enjoys looking at herself in the mirror while sitting in the bumbo in the front room. Francis- is getting to know all his new friends and teachers at the Infant Center. He is taking in the environment around him. Olive- is rolling over in the Infant Center now as her new friends watch her. She is beginning to start the motions of crawling with her legs and some arm movements. She is always smiling at her teachers and friends around her. Enjoy the rest of the Summer!

TODDLER ROOM: Mrs. Esther & Mrs. Courtney & Miss Paige
Sad to say the summer is coming to an end. The Toddlers have been having an awesome time this year and we owe it all to the help from parents and donations. For the last month, we are going to focus on traveling to some of our favorite destination spots. We are blasting off into space for week one. Please bring your flashlights on the 1st for dancing in the dark and shadow puppets. Spaceships, rockets, and alien space crafts are just a few art projects you will see dangling from the room. We will create our own space ship with chalk outside to pretend to play in. During circle time, we will take a pretend flight into space to see all the different planets and other things. Time to head back to earth to our next destination. Hope you are ready for some pizza and spaghetti because Italy is our next stop. We are planning a spaghetti luncheon on Friday the 10th. So please watch for the flyer to let you know what to bring. You do not need to bring a lunch that day. We need all kinds for different kinds of pasta to be donated during this week. We plan on playing with cold spaghetti in our sensory table. Making pasta necklaces are a must. We will be practicing our fine motor skills with dumping and scooping. Our dress up will be turned into a beach scene to include some sun and relaxation for our summer of traveling. Time to head across the country to the islands. Grab your hula skirts and leis to do some Hawaiian dancing. We are going to create Hawaiian kabobs for our special snack on the 17th. We are going to make coconut scented play dough to play with. Pineapples, hibiscus flowers, and leis are a few art projects that will create the Hawaiian atmosphere we so enjoy. Giddy up, the wild west is our last stop for the summer. Cowboy boots, cowboy hats and horses are always a must when talking about the wild west. We will dress up in our finest western attire on the 23rd to enjoy a special treat of cowboy cookies for PM snack. We will be dancing and twirling to some western music. Our sensory table will be filled with rice and beans as an old favorite on the camp trail. During the month of August, we plan on doing a lot of dancing to music because our Toddlers love music. If anyone has music that goes along with our themes for the month we would love to borrow them. I want to give huge a thank you to all the parents. We appreciate each and every one of you. I hate to say that this is our last month with some of you, but I know good things are to come in the next class.

BEGINNERS: Miss Anitra

August is the month for traveling and thats just what the Beginners will be doing. We will be traveling to Space, Hawaii (ocean), the south (Western), and Disneyland . So lets get started! The first week we will be in Space. Moons, stars, comets, and rockets will be some of the art we will make. Astronauts will come visit our room with shaving cream for us to walk on the moon. Our Dramatic play will be set up like a Space Caf. Miss Anitra has some space boxes for us to take our leftovers home in. After we explore the planets, we will come back to earth and travel to Hawaii . We will make leis, pineapples, coconuts, palm trees and much more during this week. We will get to read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom at circle time. In our Dramatic play, we will have a Hawaiian Luau going on. On August the 8th, we will have a water day (weather permitting). Next we are heading to the south for our Western week. We will all turn into cowboys and cowgirls, when we make our hats, boots and dont forget about the horses. In our science table we will have raffia (to look like hay) and farm animals. Space, Hawaii , the south, what could be next? Oh yah, Miss Anitras favorite place: Disneyland . We will be making all kinds of art using some of the Disney characters. From Princesses to Pirates to Mickey Mouse to Mator, we will be talking about a lot of Disney characters. Be watching for Mickey and Minnie ears, they will make an appearance. This month should be a fun filled month and we cant wait to get started. IMPORTANT DATES: Aug. 8th-Water Day Aug. 10th-Luau Party Aug. 15th-Makaios Birthday/Chapel Day Aug. 18th-Miss Anitras Birthday Aug. 22nd-Wear a Disney shirt Aug. 27th-Move ups to new class Aug. 30th-31st-Miss Anitra on vacation

INTERMEDIATE: Mrs. Sara & Miss Jessica & Miss Kayla

Well with summer almost over, we are going to go on one last hurrah. Intermediate will be traveling from the beautiful shores of Hawaii all the way to outer space. This month we will be saying goodbye to old friends and welcoming new ones. For our first week we will be visiting the beautiful island of Hawaii and exploring all Hawaii has to offer. Artwork will be hung around the room including volcanos, palm trees, and even hula dancers to name a few. Our friends will be getting wet at water tables and learning interesting facts about the island. Relaxing in the warm Hawaiian sun while reading their favorite book will be another fun activity to do. Blasting off into our second week, Intermediate lands in outer space. During Circle we will learn about the planets in our solar system and have books to read in our library transformed into outer space. Each one of our astronauts in training will be busy with lots of art and will find moon rocks in shaving cream. We will be searching for stars in the sensory table and making a beautiful night sky. Get your binoculars, passport, and courage as we venture out on an African safari for our third week. We are going to need some adventure items such as hats, vests, and binoculars, which we will make during art so check our donation list because we could use some help. We are going to brainstorm the animals we would find in Africa and maybe make some fun animal sounds. Our dramatic play will be complete with a jeep and camera to capture all our animal action. Our fourth week we will be getting ready for move-ups. Please see our parent board to check out your child's new class. On the 27th we will start the new school year by reading If You Take A Mouse To School, and learning our names. Jessica, Kayla and I are looking forward to the year ahead and we want to thank all our parents of children moving on, you all really made this a great year for Intermediate.

PRE-K: Mrs. Jennifer & Miss Kristie & Miss Hannah

July was a fantastic month for all of us in Pre-K. We had a blast celebrating America's birthday with our parade, marching music, and All-American Lunch! Our room was supremely patriotic with all of our red, white & blue decorations. We continued learning about our amazing country all through July with our units on America the Beautiful, Camping, Fishing, Ocean Animals, and Forest Animals. PreK really enjoyed our field trip to Throop Park! We got to run around on some awesome play structures and escaped the heat with our picnic lunch under some shady trees. We can't wait to do it all again! We also had a great time learning all about different water habitats during our Water Week. We did some pretend fishing in our dress-up area, as well as during our special fishing snack! Pre-K really got a kick out of catching goldfish crackers with peanut butter bait and pretzel fishing rods. We also took a journey under the sea to discover what kinds of creatures inhabit our oceans. Pre-K will be taking another adventure this month going Around the World in 15 Days! Pre-K will be citizens of the world by the end of the summer! For the first three weeks of August we will travel to six amazing destinations across the globe. Mrs. Jen will be our travel guide to Egypt and Italy, and she will be taking a real vacation with her family during the week of August 13th. We will miss her tons but hope she has fun relaxing and getting some sun! Meanwhile, we will be continuing our pretend journey around the world. Miss Kristie will be taking us to Australia, Japan, and France, and Miss Hannah will share all the fun things she learned about Spain while she was living there last month. We are so excited to learn about our friends who live in other parts of the world. We will find out what kinds of music they listen to, what they like to eat, and what the world looks like in these far-away locations. Keep an eye out for our donation list this month so we can make our trip as diverse as possible. Thank you in advance for all your support! We really couldn't do it without you. Some important dates: Pre-K will be taking another field trip to the park on Thursday, August 2nd. Please let Mrs. Jen or Miss Kristie know if you would like to come along. On Friday, August 10th, we will be having a special luncheon to celebrate Miss Kristie's birthday! Since we will be learning about Italy that week, the theme will be La Familia. We will enjoy some delicious Italian cuisine of pasta, salad, and Italian soda, and of course cupcakes for dessert! Tuesday, August 21st will be Water Day with Intermediate in the afternoon. We will combine for a fabulous time with water tables, sprinklers, and tons of splish-splashing fun. The fourth week of August will be Free Choice as we get ready for our friends from Intermediate to move up to Pre-K on August 27th! We really can't wait to welcome them to their new class and show them what Pre-K is all about. The last week of August will be focused on adjusting to our new classmates, rules, and routines. We have a lot to look forward to this month as we continue sailing through summer!

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