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Tellabs Northbound Interface Integration Services

Cost-effective design, implementation and support for successful integration of Northbound Interfaces from the Tellabs 8000 Intelligent Network Manager to Business/Operational Support System platforms.
Todays increasingly complex telecommunications networks typically leverage equipment from multiple vendors. Managing these disparate network elements can pose signicant technical and operational challenges. Tellabs Global Services equips you to monitor and control all of the elements in your network from a single console by creating Northbound Interfaces (NBI) that link the Tellabs 8000 intelligent manager to your Business Support System (BSS) or Operations Support System (OSS). Tellabs Global Services consultants have extensive network management design and implementation skills combined with the practical experience of operational and business processes required for an effective deployment. Tellabs consultants design and deploy Northbound Interfaces between the Tellabs 8000 intelligent manager and your BSS/OSS to support: Fault management Provisioning Inventory management Performance management

Managing all your network elements from a single BSS/OSS offers a range of benets: Streamlined network management process reduces complexity and drives faster fault resolution Reduced complexity means easier and faster deployment of new service offerings Less effort required to manage and troubleshoot network reduces operating expense and allows staff to focus on revenue generating activity Automated tasks for faster service provisioning Streamlined management of enterprise-wide architecture from one console Flexibility using either the Tellabs 8000 intelligent manager or the BSS/OSS, depending on the functionality required Simplied reporting ability across the network

completed, Tellabs Global Services installs, integrates, tests, congures and commissions the interface into your network. Your team can integrate Tellabs off-the-shelf NBI implementations themselves or utilize Tellabs Global Services to perform the integration quickly and efciently.

Through the Northbound Interface Integration Service, Tellabs delivers a fully functional Java-based interface, linking data from the Tellabs Northbound Interface to your BSS/OSS platform. As part of this service, the following Northbound Interfaces can be included: Fault management functions Network element fault Extended network element fault Faulty service Extended faulty service

Implementation Process
Tellabs performs an analysis of your Business Support System or Operations Support System, detailing the data links needed between the Tellabs 8000 intelligent manager to the BSS/OSS. Tellabs Global Services develops the Northbound Interface. When the NBI is

Network provisioning functions Pseudowire creation Circuit creation (PDH)

See for more information about Tellabs Solutions


Network inventory function Change notication Add/delete/suspend inventory Request and receive updated network inventory Network performance functions Circuit 24-hour performance data Circuit accounting data Ethernet and ATM performance

will be available in System Release 2.1 (SR2.1), providing fault management for all network element types supported by Tellabs 8000 intelligent manager.

Ordering and Availability

Customized Northbound Interface Services are available to Tellabs customers worldwide. For further information on these services, please consult your local Tellabs account manager or regional sales ofce.

NBI integrations cover a wide range of technologies in the network, including optical, SDH, PDH and MPLS technologies. It also covers various applications in mobile backhaul, xed line, and business services. Once the NBI has been developed and integrated, it will continue to function with future changes in your network.

Tellabs NBI Integrations

Tellabs Global Services has developed and integrated over fty, cost-effective NBIs that allow customers to perform all management system tasks from their BSS/OSS, including: IBM Tivoli NetCool HP Openview TEMIP Cramer (Amdocs) Nokia NetAct Metrica (Vallent / IBM) Comarch Infovista Netboss (Harris) Navis (Alcatel Lucent) Syndesis (Subex Azure) The Java Application Programming Interface (API) is composed of more than 20 Java classes and a single interface. The Java API processes notication messages sent by the Tellabs 8000 intelligent manager to the BSS/OSS platform. A standards-based MTOSI NBI is also available for pseudowire provisioning and service management on Tellabs 8600 Managed Edge System network elements. A standards-based SNMP NBI

Tellabs Global Services

Tellabs Global Services delivers quantiable results that help you succeed. Our deep expertise and specialized services are designed to help reduce costs, optimize performance, minimize risk and speed time-to-market. We solve the complex business, technical and operational challenges you face in deploying advanced networks anywhere in the world. Tellabs Global Services reputation for providing a better customer experience is the result of an open and honest approach, the ability to provide an objective viewpoint and dedication to customer satisfaction.

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