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Increasing the price of petrol is the best way to solve growing traffic and poll ution problems.

To what extend do you agree or disagree? What other measures do you think might be effective?

Providing cars, buses and other parts of highway transport system with pe trol is one the greatest inventions however involving some damageable features c ompared other potential motion-generations of cars such as energy, coal and so o n. Nevertheless, highway transport system is the most remarkable source of envir onmental pollution which always had been a global problem encompassing the entir e planet thereby all governments in all countries mentioned in the map, always a ttempt to decrease the air, water and soil pollutions which had been caused by p oison gases which is emitted from the petrol and so on. But are the activities t hat established on vanishing or decreasing the pollution sufficient? In the beginning of the topic, it is very essential to recommend that auto mobiles take one of the most significant parts of human life that people in all over the world utilize them on their daily life for going to work, to school etc . By the way, they make our life more and more comfortable and amazing with thei r rapid activity and convenience however as mentioned above, they have harmful f eatures in social life causing traffic jam which is the source of an awful noise on the ways particularly in the narrow streets which inhabited by a lot of peop le, even more, they are one of the greatest reasons of pollution. Indeed, all go vernments in the globe always try to detect the major point for abolishing the c ontamination by transports however some countries give the idea of raising the p rice of petrol which will be the main reason of declining of automobile utilizin g. On the other hand, there are some countries where the cost of oil, petrol is completely low as an abundance of oil fields such as in United Arab Emirates etc. nevertheless there is not observing much more pollution and traffic jam as some states of the USA. Therefore, there have to be found out new ideas and must be projected these thoughts such as passing the energy utilizing instead of gas or petrol, which will be less harmful for environment and building absolutely n ew bridges to decrease the traffic jam, by the way, in Japan, government improve s constructing bridges both in central and suburb ways of Tokyo, the capital of Japan, where is one of the recommended cities with its less traffic jam although there is observing great development in technology sphere especially in automob ile sector. In the conclusion, pollution of environments and traffic problems are one of the greatest issues which all countries must take care about it however cons idering all above increasing the cost of petrol will not be the best way to solv e these problems, due to, petrol is also one of the dominant natural resources w hich is needed in the whole globe and increasing the price of oil is an internat ional activity thereby this process will probably make very and very bad negativ e impact on the countries where are suffered from petrol shortage.

Rahim Shirinov/