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Enter the VICTORY GAMES World of aS HO O02? Role Playing In Her Majesty’s Secret Service ‘CREATED AND PUaLISHED BY VICTORY GAMES, INC Gerard Christopher Klug systems DEVELOPMENT ANDTAMES BOSD SAbANT Gregory Gorden and Neil Randall “Robert Kern Michael E. Moore James Talbot Ted Koller neces stream esc asavance son ovasce Robert J. Ryer Stephen Gray and Alex von Thorn W. Bill EQUIPMENT LLUSTRATIONS Stuart Leuthner ADVICE AND GAME TESTING Chery] Freedman, Mark Herman, Sydna Holek, Alan Klein, Susan Koch, Todd Montgomery, Charles Moore, Brian Peterson, Heather Randall, Barbara Schlicting, Erie Lee Smith, and many testersin Chicago, Toronto, and Minnesota too numerous tomention Elaine M. Adkins (Camera Dept. Coordinator), Colonial Composition, Bob Haynes, Charles Kibler, Monarch Services, Inc., Stephanie Czech, Bstelle E. Simmons VICTORY GAMES, INC. New York, N.Y., 10001 ‘Thisbook may not bereproduced in whole orinpart, by mimeograph or any other means, without permission, ISBN 0912515-00-7 ©Danjaq$.A.(1961) Eon Productions Limited/Glidrose Publications Limited (1983) PRINTED INTHE UNITEDSTATESOF AMERICA To A. Erie Dott, for having enough faith in the designer to let him do things the way he knew they had to be done, and t0 Pam, formaking itall worthwhile Ifyou have any questions about the James Bond 007 Game, send them to the address below. Please phrase ‘your questions so they can be answered with a Yes or ‘No response. Also be sure to includea self-addressed, stamped envelope. Send your questions to: VICTORYGAMES, INC. 43 West 33rd Street New York, N.Y., 10001