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The Creative Peoples Walk

The first Creative Peoples Walk took place on the 26th July 2012 from Central Park to the Green Backyard in Peterborough. Prue Pye, Darryl Archer, Shelagh Smith, Nadine Gereson, Lynne Collins, Gillian Wing, Chris Porsz, Andy Coles, Garth Bayley, Vicky Jones, Tom Fox, Jocelyn Cunningham, Georgina Chatfield, Susannah Willcox, Ben Rogaly, Sophie Antonelli, Pete Cox, Charron Pugsley-Hill, Sam Mclean Prue Pye, Lynne Collins, Chris Porsz, Garth Bayley, Susannah Willcox

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The Butte r Cro in C e ss ntral Park

The Wishing Tree

We met for a glass of wine, to collect our notepads and create our wishing tree... we all wrote an element of Citizen Power we will keep and remember on some ribbon and tied it to the willow tree.

Were off...


Broadway Cemetary

Riddles and stories from the cemetarys ex-poet in residence Pete Cox. Some hilarious, some moving

7pm Burghley Road

Tom Foxs race between Love, Community, Goodwill, Hope, Peace. Love went to workers in the city, Peace went to residents in the city and Goodwill went in a greetings card for Toms new neighbours.

Lynnes Locality Log Part 1

Inspired by Di Goldsmiths records of her walk in London, Lynne logged her walk with us with photos and word responses with wonderful results...

Georgina Chatfield made us really think about the positive and negative in the city we all know. We were tied with someone else and given love hearts and mint sweets to eat as we discuss the two sides.


Lincoln Road

Gladstone Street

Chris Porsz showed us the differences the street has gone through by showing us his 30 year old pictures and pointing out the locations on the walk. We even met one of the characters in a photograph 30 years later. We even tried to reimagine a picture of some children running (above).

Lynnes Locality Log Part 2

Gold Rush
Garth Bayleys cows were hidden en route, and infront of the place where he started his art relationship with the city we were encouraged to draw our favourite animal with our eyes closed. Picasso did this dont you know!

The Old Still Westgate Arcade


Cathedral Square


Sam McLean responded to the Cathedral and Peterboroughs city centre by looking back on working with the people of the city and an excercise that makes us not think about it, but just to do it. He said: Draw the first thing that comes to you when you think Peterborough, dont think about it, just draw!


Town Hall

Andy Coles brings us back to the beautiful moment he and a choir of all ages performed for the Olympic torch. With film, stories, music and ofcourse... a lion and a unicorn.

Right tools - wrong job

Seated Giant Stepping over boundries

Red Dot

Whats up doc?

This way

Prues Perspectives

Town Bridge

We met Sophie Antonelli on the bridge ready to take us through time... all the way into 2025. We heard about the South Bank development and went on our way excited about a tour around the London Road Stadiums overflow car park

Lynnes Locality Log Part 3

The Green Backyard


We finish with a glorious feast in a green haven fit for creative kings and queens. We sit and chat with our picnic as the sun goes down...

Andy Coles prepares us for bedtime with a scary story about the red eyes we see at night in our city


We all go home...


such a memorable event

We would like to thank... The Butter Cross, Town Hall, Peterborough City Council, The Green Backyard, our co-curators and of course our brilliant walkers!

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