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Facebook: A Jyotish Perspective

Balaji Narasimhan August 2012 The Facebook stock started trading on 18 May 2012 at around 03:30 pm GMT in New York City. On that day, the stock saw volume trading of 579.38 million and a price of $38.23. Since then, things have been bad for the stock. According to NASDAQ , on 2 Aug 2012, volumes were down 90 per cent to 56.26 million and the stock price was down 48 per cent to $20.04. As Reuters noted , "Thursday [2 Aug 2012] marked a five-day losing streak for the stock. Facebook has shed almost $50 billion in value since its debut -- more than the total valuation of Hewlett-Packard Co or Starbucks Corp." How did all this happen? Lets look at the chart and consider some possibilities. Here's the chart: +-----------------------+ ch busu gu sk ke +-----+-----------+----- lg 22-49 +----- +----- ku +-----+-----------+----- ra sa +-----------------------+
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Here are some reasons why the stock is in such bad shape: 1. Lagna lord occupies star of obstructive Ketu along with 12th lord 2. The lord of the 9th (solutions to problems) is at the edge of the sign 3. The lord of the 11th (gain) is also at the edge of the sign 4. Since stocks are about unearned wealth, the 8th house is important, but the 8th lord in this chart occupies the 8th from the 8th 5. The period at birth of stock was Ketu Guru Sukra and though all three grahas are in the 11th, Sukra and Guru are neecha in navamsa I have no interest in sharesI don't own anybut it seems somehow incorrect to talk about just the past of a stock without its possible future. The Reuters story, quoting Greencrest Capital analyst Max Wolff said: As a result, the stampede to sell might not be as big as some fear if the stock if is still trading near Wednesday's [1 Aug 2012] closing price of $20.88 when the lock-up expires, Wolff said. But he noted that it might also create a "wall of resistance" that prevents Facebook shares from rising above the low $30-range, as investors pounce on the first opportunity that arises to get out unscathed. The stock will be running Ketu Sani from 25 Sep 2012 to 3 Nov 2013. Given that Sani is a restrictive graha, this is bound to happen, though he will be exalted in this period. Of course, Sani could also help the stock to gain some stability. WARNING: I have some knowledge of Jyotish and very little of stocks. Don't make investment decisions based on what I have said here. *** [1] [2] 02