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Te t=A=7 Law fom ome 9 te >" Pa { at i me ee eS , NY oe on) rat Te Te TTT TABLE OF CONTERTS/ C2Earr INTRODUCTION NOTHING PERSONAL, JUST BUSINESS Taking Care of Business Corporate Status Corporate Structure Corporate Competition Corporate War They Got the Whole World In thelr Hands Rising Above the Minions Extrateritorility Jurisdiction Corp Sip The Balance of Power THE CORPORATE COURT Zurich-Orbital Habitat History Important Features. Primary Residents Security The Corporate Court Court Structure Law and Power Names ancl Faces Zurich-Orbltal Gemelnschaft Bank History Structure Uses and Abuses SURVIVING THE CORPORATIONS Denlable Assets: Shadowrunners. Rules of the Game The Life of Mr. johnson Company Men ‘THE BIG TEN ‘ARES MACROTECHNOLOGY Historical Highlights The Power Players Damien Knight Arthur Vogel Nacja Daviar Major Subsidiaries Kknighe Errant Security Services Ares Arms AAresspace ‘Ares Global Entertainment General Motors Other Divisions ‘Working for Ares ‘Ares in the Shadows AZTECHNOLOGY Rise of a Corporate Empire ‘Structure and Organization The Shadowy Boar The Puppet Preskient Major Officers ‘Major Divisions Primary Business Concems Holdings and Subsiceres Security 2 | Comorate Download eS See ean Black Operations CROSS APPLIED TECHNOLOGIES, Corporate History Corporate Structure [Ue with Lucien Life with Cross Defense and Offense Cross Security The Seraphim Shadow Ops MMITSUHAMA COMPUTER TECHNOLOGIES ‘The Business Computers Robotics ‘Magic Entertainment Heavy Industry, The Players ‘The Board of Dicectors Allies ancl Enemies ‘Mitsuhama Life Shadowrunning by the Numbers Into the Zero-Zone NOVATECH INCORPORATED History Novatech In 2064 Major Divisions. Doing Business Enemies Kissing Hoop Novatech's Future In the Shadows On the Inside Security RENRAKU COMPUTER SYSTEMS When Where Renrales Computer Sysiems Renraku America Renralas Asia Renraku Austialasia Renralau Europa Who CEO Inazo Aneki (COG Haruhiko “Harry” Nakada Chairman of the Board! Yukiako Watanabe Shikel Nakatom! What Life inside Renrakus How Running for Renraku Renrak Security SAEDER-KRUPP Corporate History ‘Organization ‘Saece-Krupp Prime Primary Businesses, Heavy Industry 76 " 78 B » no n YB Y p » 80 80 80 1 83 a a 4 84 86