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YSP-TravelFellowships l3th FAOBMB Congress, for Bangkok, 23-29 2012. November,
Nameof Applicant: Dr, Wiraya Srisimarat Position: Postdoctoral Fellow(career stage)

Address ofApplicant: Department Biochemistry, of Faculty Science, of Chulalongkom University 254Phayathai Road,Pathumwan, Bangkok Thailand. 10330 Tel:662-218-5428 Email address: Membershipof FAOBMB Constituent Societyl Biocherristry Molecular and BiologySection, Science Society ofThailand Dateof Birth: 2 June 1982 Applicants mustbe no morethan35 years ofage at theclosingdatefor application: (31.ruly,2012). ProofofAge: (Certification theHeadof yourInstitution Department required) by or is (e.g.passpofi, I ceftifyon the basis ofofficial documentation whichI haveseen birth certificate driver'slicence) thedateofbidh ofthe applicant WirayaS simarat or that Dr. is 2'"' June1982, shown as above.

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Position: Headof Depa(ment Haveyou previouslyreceived FAOBMB Travel Fellowship?Ifyes, please an indicate when. - I haveneverreceived FAOBMBTmvelFellowship. an

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NdmeI Bon r Degrce i 20ll 2006 2003

Curriculum Vitae Wiraya Srisimarat 2 June1982; Bangkok, Thailand Ph.D.(Biochemistry),ChulalongkomUniversity,Thailand M.Sc.(Biochemistry),ChulalongkomUniversity,Thailand B.Sc.(Biotechnology), Mongkut's King Institute ofTechnology Ladkrabang, Thailand

Actieities : Participant FAOBMB Micro-Syhposium of 2012, June 1, 2012, Chulalongkom Bangkok, Univercity, Thailand. Conduct expe ment "Crystal structure of carbohydrate modifying enzymes" (Proposal 20],2-2-064-I), No. May 19-21,2012, NationalSynchrotonRadiation Research Hsinchu. Center. Taiwan. R.O.C. Participant 6'' ,4siakCyclodexttitx of Confercnce, AnEtJst 28-31,201 TheAustralian 1, presentation) National University, Canbelra, Austalia,(Poster Participant RGJ-Ph.D. of Congress XII, April l-3, 2011,Chonbu , Thailand(Oral presentatlon). Participant of The 1"' Joint SymposiumCU-.VUI December 23-24, 2010, (Poster presentation) Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. Participant The 15'' InternationalCyclodextrin of Symposium, May 9-12, 2010, presentation) Vienna, Austria.(Poster Research visit, January - July.1,2010. 12 LeipzigUniversity, Leipzig,Germany. Staff and chair personof the l4tk Biological Sciences GraduateCongress,December l0-12,2009.Chulalongkom University, Bangkok, Thailand. Participantof Kick-offworkshop: Novel amylomaltase the slnthesis of large-ring for cyclodextrin, October13-15,2008.Leipzig University, Leipzig, cermany.(Oral presentation) Research visit, October 12 - November9,2008. Leipzig University, Leipzig, Germany. Participant the l"' Biochemistry molecular of and biologt conference: Biochemistry and molecular biology for the Integration o;f life, April 26-27, 2007. Chulalongkom (Poster presentation) University, Bangkok, Thailand. Staffof rie 5" JSPS-NRCT Joint Seminar MicrobialResources, on November 7-10, 2006.Pattaya, Thailand. Grunls,Fellotoshipsand Awaruls: 2011-present Postdoctoral Fellowship under the Ratchadaphiseksomphot EndowmentFund,Chulalongkom University 2011 Best PosterPresentation Gold Award ftom 6' Asian Cyclodextrin Conference, August28-31,2011,The Australian NationalUnive$ity, Canbena. Austalia. 2010 TeachingAssistantFellowship 2008 Research grant I month visit for fromResearch Institution Pannership Crant fromAlexander Humboldt von Foundation 200'l-2011 TheRoyal Golden Jubilee Ph.D. Fellowship Thailand ffom Research Fund 2006 Graduate Thesis Grant fromGraduate School, Chulalongkorn University 2005 TeachingAssistantFellowship 2003 TheBest Activist Award fromFaculty ofScience, Mongkut's King Institute Technology of Ladkrabang 2002 Tokai-KMITL lnternship crantfromTokai University King Mongkut's and Institute Technology of Ladkrabang Page of 6 2

List of Publications InternationalJournals* in * Nunber all publications in intematiohaljournals ol book chapters,\)ith earliest first and mostrecehtqt lhe end.Protide the ImpactFactot (lF) ofthe journal and indicateyour contribution the vork describedand thepublication. Useas manypagesas required.Follow the style in theseexdmples: Publication : 1 . W. Srisimarat and P. Pongsawasdi. Effect of cyclodextn on oligosaccharide synthetic activityof beta-galactosidase. ln Proceedings the FirstBiochemistry of and Molecular Biology (BMB) Conference: Biochemistryand Molecular Biologt of pp. for Ihe integrutioh life, April 26-27 Thailand. 122-I 30. (2007) , WS'scontributioh to this wo* was iwestigating efect of cyclodextrinon aci,,)ity of B-galactos idaseandprepared Ihe manuscript.

2. W. Srisimarat and P. Pongsawasdi. Enhancement the oligosacchadde of

syntheticactivity of B-galactosidase organic solventsby cyclodextrin.Ehzyme in andMicrobialtechnologt (2008) 2.367) 43,436-441 OF WS'scontribution to this work was in.t)estigatihg efect of cyclodextrinon activity oJp-galactosidase ptepared the manuscript. and

3 . W. Srisimarat,A. Powviriyakul, Kaulpiboon, Krusong,W. Zimmermann J. K.

and P. Pongsawasdi. novel amylomaltase A ftom Corynebactetiun glutamicum and analysis of the large-ring cyclodextrin prodtcts" Journal of Inclusion Phenomena Macrocyclic and (2011)0F 1.886) Chemistry70, 369-375 WS'scohtribution to this work was cloning, expression and characterizationof amylomaltase including yoduction of large-ring cyclodextrin. lls preparcd the manuscript.
4. W. Srisimarat, J. Kaulpiboon, K. Krusong, W. Zimmermann ald p.

Pongsawasdi. Mutationat Tyr-l'12 in the amylomaltase from Corynebacterium glutamicum leads a change large-ring to in cyclodextrin products ptofile,Applied Ewirohhetal Mcrobiolog) (2012) (Acaepted) 3.829) OF II.S'sconlribution this work wasmutatioh, to expression characterization and of atnylotualtaseand mutant including produclion of large-ring cyclodextik. lls pr e ed the manuscript. par 5 . S. Saehu, W, Srisimarat, M.H. Prousoontomand P. Pongsawasdi. Transglucosylation reactionof amylomaltase the slnthesis anticariogenic for of oligosaccha des. Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic (2012) (submitted) 2,735) (IF lfs's contributionto this wotk was analysisoligosaccharide product and suggestion somethe experimental setup.

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Abstract Indicatebelowthe abstractthat is submittedby you for presentation the ysp and the at FAOBMB Congress Bangkok(includeall authors,affiliation(s)and the text ofthe in abstract)

CRYSTALLIZATION OF AMYLOMALTASE FROM Co4u ebaclefi um glutamicum p.r Srisimarat, Krusong, andPongsawasdi. W.r, K.r ' Depaftment of Biochemistry, Faculty Science, of Chulalongkom University, Bangkok, Thailand Emailaddress: (EC Amylomaltase ftom Corynebacterium glutanicumis a gl kDa protein which belongs to the 4-o-glucanotransferase (4ocTase) family. This enzyme catalyzes the tansfer of o-1,4-D-glucanunits via an intemolecular and intramolecular transglucosylation reactionto produce longerchain oligosaccharides and cycloamyloses, tespectively. order to understand mechanisms C In the of glutdmicum amylomaltase (CgAM) at molecular level.thethree-dimensional struclule analysis essential. CgAM hasbeenclonedand exprcssed Escherichia is The in Coli BL21(DE3)'. However, aminoacidsequence C.gAMis 28oZ 33oZ the of and simlar ro those amylonaltases of ftom Thermus aquaticus, Solanum rlird, tube osumsof whicb . their crystalstructutes havealready beensolved. Crystallization CqAM hasbeen of preLiminary showsthat obtained the hanging-drop by vapour-diflusion nretbod. d;1a the crystaldiffiactsto 2.5 A at synchrotron source INSRRC.Taiwan). However, the molecular-replacement method does not provide corect solution for strucrure determination. Therefore, selenomethionine tlte (Se-Met) substituted proteincrystals are rcquired. The C'gAM was expressed E colt 8834(DEj) that is a Methionine in Auxotrophstrain. We found that this enz),rne displaysnormal disporportionauon activityon maltotriose substate. Themaxjmunr specific acri\,ityis oblain;dwhen .le oCfor 4 hoursafterinduced recombinant wascultured 37 cell at with 0.4 mM IPTG. Pudfication Se-Met of CgAM is now in progress. Kelrvords: Amylomaltase, Corynebacterium, structure detemination.Methronme Auxotroph Strain References 1 Srisimarat, Kaulpiboon, Krusong, ZiDrmermanr pongsawasdi, W., p. J., K., W., (2012) Mutation at Tyr-172 in the amylomaltase from Corwebacternm glutamicum leadsto a change large-ring in cyclodextrin products profile,Appl. Environ. Micro. (Accepted) 2. Przylas, Tomoo.K., Terada, Takaha, Fujii, K., Saenger, Stater,N. I., Y., T., W., (2000) Crystal structure of anylomaltase from Thermus aquaticur, a glycosyltransferase catalyzing production large cyclic glucans, Mol. the of J. Biol.296,873-886. 3. Imamura, Matsuura, Takaha, Fujii, K., Nakagawa, Kusunoki, K., T., T., A." M., Nitta, Y. (2004)Structure detemination and refinement 1.g A resolution at of Dispropoftiomting enzyme for potato. [Online]. Available trom: http://w$ May 30] [2012,
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Personal Statement Indicatebriefly hereyour Research Interestsand CareerCoals,why you are interested to participatein the YSP Program(includingwhat you will bring to the YSP and what you hopeto gain from it): (no morethanq49page) The biochemistry, enzymology and molecular biology are interesting and important fields for life science development today.The scopeof thesefields also intellectual offerssignificant stimulation challenge. and Theseconcems havemade in me as a bachelor Biotechnology Aom King Mongkut'sInstituteof Technology Ladkabang choose the departmentof Biochemisty, Faculty of Science, ChulalongkomUniversity for my gmduatestudies.I have joined the "Starch and Cyclodextrin Research Unit" Laboralory whichis specialized the reseaxch of in area producing carbohydmte-modifying metabolism, cyclodextrin starch and enzymes. My Ph.D. rcsearch focuses on the molecular studies of bacterial producing amylomaltase,large- ng cyclodextrin a enzyme. Cloning, characterization of the enzymeand site-directed mutagenesis identifyingresidueinvolved in for enzyme catalysis wereperformed. my 1" yearof Postdocteral In training,expression of the enzyme yeastwhich is a GRAS organism applicable in food has in for use beenfocused.Due to the potentialadvantage amylomaltase industry,my of in present work involvesstuctural determination ofthe enzymeby x-ray crystallization to disclose basicknowledge this enzyme in whichwill leadto moreunderstanding of its mechanism. proficientin an)'thing, requires To it extensive study and endless practice, evenlife-long. sometimes programfor In my opinion,the Youlg Scientist Progran is a meaningful young researcher Biochemistryand Molecularbiology areas.It is a geat in for many ofthe young PhD students Postdocs present opportunity or to their research works and discussabout the new findings, sharingtheir lab experiences and program, participants havea knowledge eachother.Not ody an academic to the will chance haveactivities to together whichmightprovidecollaboration networking and in the future.Finally,I believe YSP is the right specialty me andI am excited the for to participate this program. in

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. Lettersof recommendation from lgq referees. Submission methods:You cal applyin either oftwo ways: . by sendingan email with scanned attachments the Chair ofthe FAOBMB to Prof.Piamsook Pongsawasdi: Fellowship Committee, or-pi4qlqsk p@glqailqqq please This is theprefened method.lf usingthis method, assemble Application the FoIm andthe Attachments into a litglq PDF file. . a fo1mandsupporting documents to: by sending hardcopyofthe application Pongsawasdi, Professor Piamsook Department Biochemistry,Facultyof Science, of Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok10330, Thailand. ClosingDate: Applications mustbereceived 31 July, 2012(Bangkoktime, GMT + 7 by will be notifiedby emailofthe decision Hours). Applicants ofthe Committee no later by 2012. than 15 September,

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Department Biochemistry of FacultyofScience Chulalongkorn University Bangkok 10330

30 htly,2012 To whomit may concem, to Dr. as It givesme greatpleasure recommend Wiriya Srisimarat a candidate (YSP)whichwill be heldduringthe Program toioin the FAOBMB YoungScientist in in l3'" FAOBMB Congress Bangkok Novembe\2012. Dr. Wiiya Srisimaratreceivedher Master and Ph.D in Biochemistry from Depadmentof Biochemistry,Faculty of Science,ChulalongkornUniversity. Thus, I have known her for nearly 7 years. She was one of out top studentswith high youngresearcher highresponsibility. with motivation.I alsofoundherar industdous Fellowship under the After her Ph.D study, she has receiveda postdoctoral Endownment Fund from ow university to continue her Ratchadaphiseksomphot ofProf. Piamsook Pongsawasdi, rcsearch underthe supervision and Dr. Besidesher strongacademicbackground research experience, Wiriya Srisimaratspeaksfluelt English and has ftiendly personality that instantly attracts enthusiasm leamingnew thingsas she in ncw friends. Shealsoexhibitstemendous actively participatesin different studentactivities in our depaxtment.I confidentthat will makea goodcontribution the success the YSP and to of Dr. Wiriya Sdsimarat joining the Program to scientists as will give her a greatopportunity meetrenowned well as young scientists of her age from different countdes that could promote research collaborations and will be a greatbeDefitfor her future career-


I .'2,t*-z-'
Professor AlchaleeTassanakajon Dr. Headof Department

Department Biochemistry of Facultyof Science Chulalongkom University Bangkok 10330, Thailand.

July28,2012 TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN of I . As the supervisor Dr.Wiraya Srisimar-a! am writing to supporther intentionto participate the FAOBMB young Scientist program2012.iitrongly in believe shewill perform very well andlake a goodrole during the program. Dr.WirayaSrisimarat presently postdoctoral is a researchir oithe Starch and Cyclodextrin Research Unit at the Department Biochemistry, of Facultyof Sorence, 'Biochemistry Chulalongkom University. hadenrolled our graduate She in program of undermy guidance and received M.Sc. in 2006 and ph.D. in 201l. Dudne her the,shereceived scholarship the liom the Thaitand Research Fund,shi had spenthalf a year doing research the Universityof Leipzig, Germany.She has at presented work at manyConferences, national intemational. 201l, she her both and In received Best Poster the Presentation Gold Award from the 6thAsian Cyclodextrin Conference Canberra, in Aushalia. Dr.- Srisimarat a very active young researcher is with high capabilityand . potential. for research work. During the last few years, she his worked quite effectively andhashelped lot in trainingyounger newcomer a and gmduate also and -and undergraduate studentsin my laboratory, She really works hard shows great rntention develop to expertise new techniques shehasjust leamed. in that Shehasa goodnature with leadership alwayswilling to help.It is tirerefore and with my grear pleasure highlyrecommend for theySp fellowship. to her Sincerely Yours,

P.h"*-/Piamsook Pongsawasdi, Ph.D. Professor Biochemistry in