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State Bank of Pakistans Foreign Exchange Regulations (Extract)

Chapter XIX Loans, overdrafts and guarantees Part A: Rupee loans Definition of Foreign Controlled Companies: Section 18(2) of the Act imposes restrictions on lendings to any company, not being a banking company, which is by any means controlled, whether directly or indirectly, by persons resident outside Pakistan. For the purposes of this section a company, which term includes a firm, branch or office of a company or firm, is deemed to be controlled directly or indirectly by persons resident outside Pakistan, if (i) (ii) it is a branch office of a company incorporated outside Pakistan, or in the case of partnerships, if (a) (b) (iii) (a) (b) 50% or more of the capital of the partnership is owned by the majority of the partners are foreign nationals, and 50% of the shares or more are subscribed by foreign 50% of the Directors on the Board of Directors or more, are foreign nationals, or in the case of companies incorporated in Pakistan, if nationals, or foreign nationals. In the case of equal share-holding, a company is deemed to be a Pakistani controlled company, if its Chief Executive is a Pakistan National. General Permission for Lending to Foreign Controlled Companies for Working Capital: Authorised Dealers are authorised to grant rupee loans and credits to foreign controlled companies for meeting their working capital Local Borrowings by Foreign Controlled Companies for Capital Expenditure: Foreign Controlled Companies are normally required to meet their requirements of capital expenditure out of their Rupee resources or from loans raised abroad with the permission of the Federal Government/State Bank. In special circumstances such companies are allowed to raise Rupee resources through medium and long term local borrowings. As an exception, foreign controlled companies engaged in manufacturing are permitted to meet their requirements of capital expenditure by taking loans from banks, Development Financial Institutions and other financial institutions or by issuing Participation Term Certificates etc. Part B: Foreign Private Loans Private Foreign Currency Loans: In terms of section 4(1) of the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, borrowing from abroad without the previous general or special permission of the State Bank is prohibited. The State Bank has given general permission to Private Sector entrepreneurs to obtain foreign currency loans from banks/financial institutions abroad, parent companies of the multinationals and as suppliers credit including credits under PAYE Scheme, not involving government guarantee, for financing foreign currency cost of the projects covered by the governments Industrial/Investment Policy and the instructions issued by SBP from time to time. The loans should be contracted on the best possible terms. The repayment period of such loans/credits, however, should not be less than five years. requirements subject to observance of Prudential Regulations prescribed under the Banking Companies Ordinance.

the proceeds realisation certificate will be attached with the Form M. Repatriable Foreign Currency Loans by Foreign Controlled (iv) Branches in Pakistan of foreign companies are not allowed to pay interest on such loans. (v) Foreign contractors are not allowed to pay interest on such loans, and they can repay the loans only after they have completed the contracted work/project and have submitted clearance certificate from the tax authorities, which should be attached with the Form M.

Companies for meeting Working Capital Requirements: (i) Foreign controlled companies are permitted to contract foreign currency loans from banks/financial institutions abroad or from their Head Offices/or from other overseas branches/associates for meeting their working capital requirements. The repayment period should not exceed twelve months and the rate of interest should not exceed 1% over LIBOR. Such loans can however be rolled over for further periods not exceeding twelve months each.

Foreign Currency Loans (repatriable and non-repatriable basis) by (ii) Foreign controlled companies, as defined in paragraph 2 ibid, desirous of availing this facility may approach their bankers (Authorised Dealers), who will satisfy themselves that the applicant is a foreign controlled company. Once such a confirmation is obtained, the concerned company may contract the loan and repatriate the amount for credit to their Rupee account with the Authorised Dealer. (iii) The concerned Authorised Dealer will issue a proceeds realisation certificate, and record the particulars of the loan. On maturity, the Authorised Dealer having received the inward remittance, will allow payment of interest minus taxes and repayment of principal. While reporting remittance of interest, a certificate confirming the applicable LIBOR and a certificate confirming payment of income tax will be attached with the Form M. If tax is not payable, a copy of the exemption certificate issued by the Revenue authorities will be submitted. While reporting repayment of the principal, a copy of (B) Pakistani Firms and Companies Functioning in Pakistan: (i) Pakistani firms and companies functioning in Pakistan excluding banks may obtain foreign private loans on non-repatriable or repatriable basis for their working capital subject to the following terms and conditions: (A) NON-REPATRIABLE BASIS: The loans are contracted on non-repatriable basis on the clear understanding that such loans would be treated as rupee loans to the extent of rupees generated out of the inward remittance, neither the principal nor interest/profit would be remittable abroad at any time and repayment of the loan and payment of interest/profit would be made in Pakistan. REPATRIABLE BASIS:

(a) (b) (c) (d)

The loan is interest free and for a period not less than one year. No bank guarantee for securing such loans would be provided from Pakistan. No forward cover shall be provided. The Government of Pakistan will not provide the facility of absorption of exchange risk in such cases.

the law. The borrowers shall be free to pay interest according to the above formula at a fixed or floating rate. (c) Exchange rate fluctuation risk will be borne by the borrowers and no forward cover would be provided by Dealers in Pakistan. (d) No bank guarantee for securing such loans would be provided from Pakistan. (e) The borrower will get the agreement transactions thereunder and intimate with foreign lenders the details after the Authorised

Agreement for foreign private loans on repatriable basis should be submitted to the State Bank for registration. After the State Bank has registered the agreement and the loan amount has been remitted to Pakistan, the repayment schedule (Appendix V- 83 ) should be submitted to the State Bank for registration alongwith proceeds realisation certificate. After the repayment schedule has been registered, the Authorised Dealers would be free to remit the instalments of principal on the due dates quoting reference of the repayment schedule, in accordance with the procedure laid down in paragraph 14 ibid. No pre-payments would be permissible. (ii) Individuals/firms/companies resident in Pakistan, including foreign controlled companies and branches of foreign companies operating in Pakistan, but excluding banks are also permitted to obtain loans from abroad in foreign currencies on repatriable basis for any purpose on the following terms and conditions: (a) There shall be no ceiling on the amount of loan. The repayment period should not, however, be less than five years, and the repayments should be made in equal instalments. (b) Interest will be payable in arrears on half yearly/yearly basis at a rate not exceeding the relevant LIBOR + 1.5% and will be subject to deduction of Pakistan taxes as may be leviable under

registered with an Authorised Dealer who will handle all completion of the disbursements, to the Investment Division at Karachi in the prescribed proforma (Appendix V- 88) in triplicate alongwith Proceeds Realisation Certificate(s) in original showing encashment of the loan amount into Pak Rupees. Thereafter the Authorised Dealer would be free to remit the instalment(s) of principal and interest, as the case may be, on due dates strictly in accordance with the terms of repayment intimated to the State Bank. Prepayments would not be permissible. Remittance of interest will be effected after deduction of tax, if leviable thereon. (f) (A) The inward remittances on account of loan disbursement from foreign lenders may be reported under Code-9821. (B) Likewise the outward remittance on account of repayment of principal shall be reported on Form M and Coded as 1821. Chapter XX Securities Import of Securities:

to obtain prior permission of the State Bank. Application for the purpose There are no restrictions under the Act on import into Pakistan of any securities whether Pakistani or foreign. Export of Foreign Securities: A Pakistan national resident in Pakistan who is, or becomes owner of foreign securities is permitted to hold or retain such securities provided he has acquired them in a manner not involving a breach or violation of the Foreign Exchange regulations. In terms of clause (a) of sub-section 1 of Section 13 of the Act, the taking or sending of any securities to any place outside Pakistan except with the general or special permission of the State Bank, is prohibited. Persons in Pakistan who are holders of foreign securities and who wish to send such securities to banks, brokers or agents abroad for purpose of sale, transfer, etc., should apply to the State Bank through an Authorised Dealer for necessary export licence. Permission for export of such securities will be granted provided the securities are sent through an Authorised Dealer who should give an undertaking that the securities will be received back in Pakistan within a specified period or in the case of sale, the sale proceeds in foreign currency will be repatriated to Pakistan. State Bank may also consider applications for exchange of foreign shares and/or securities held by residents of Pakistan with Pakistan shares and/or securities held by residents abroad. Applications for this purpose should be made to the State Bank through an Authorised Dealer or stock and share broker. Export of Pakistani Securities: Pakistan nationals as also "persons resident outside Pakistan" holding Pakistani securities desirous of sending or taking out the Pakistani securities not covered under the succeeding paragraphs 6 & 7 are required In the case of securities registered in Pakistan, the companies concerned must obtain permission of the State Bank before registering its transfer in the name of "persons resident outside Pakistan". In terms of Section 13 of the Act, Authorised Dealers are required to obtain permission of the State Bank before purchasing shares or securities registered in Pakistan on behalf of "persons resident outside Pakistan". General Exemption: The State Bank has granted general exemption from the provision of section 13(1) of the Act in connection with the issue, transfer and export of securities on repatriation basis as mentioned in sub para (B) to those non residents who are covered by sub para (A) provided: ii. i. all Pakistani securities (i.e. securities expressed to be payable in Pakistan currency or registered in Pakistan) whether held by persons resident in or outside Pakistan; and all foreign securities held by Pakistan nationals. Transfer of Securities to Non-Residents: In terms of clause (b) of sub-section 1 of Section 13 of the Act, transfer of any security or creation or transfer of any interest in a security to, or in favour of "a person resident outside Pakistan" is prohibited except with the general or special permission of the State Bank. The above prohibition applies to transfer of: should be made to the State Bank through an Authorised Dealer.

Pledging or hypothecation of securities to or in favour of non-residents e.g., as collateral or security for credit facilities abroad, or utilizing them for forming trusts or settlements of which a non-resident is the beneficiary is also prohibited under Section 13 of the Act.

i) The issue price or purchase price as applicable, is paid in foreign

exchange through normal banking channel by remittance from abroad or out of foreign currency account maintained by the subscriber/purchaser in Pakistan, except in case of issue of bonus shares and transfer of shares as stated in sub-paragraph B(v). ii) The purchase price (whether negotiated privately or otherwise) is not less than the price quoted on the stock exchanges of the country, in the case of listed securities, and the break up value of shares, as certified by a practicing Chartered Accountant, in the case of unlisted securities.


Transfer of shares quoted on Stock Exchanges of the country, irrespective of the nature of business of the company.


Private placement of new/initial shares with foreign investors by a public or private limited company, which is, (a) a manufacturing company (for this purpose, power generation companies/energy related infrastructure companies, producers of computer software and software centres for companies established to set up parks i.e. technology Software developing computer technology


(I) (II)

A Pakistan national resident outside Pakistan. A person who holds dual nationality including Pakistan nationality, whether living in or outside Pakistan.

packages/programs are treated as manufacturing concerns). (b) engaged in those activities in Service,

(III) Pakistan. (IV)

A foreign national, whether living in or outside

Infrastructure, Social and Agriculture etc. Sectors which are open to foreign investors as per prevalent Investment Policy of the Government

A firm (including a partnership) or trust or mutual fund registered and functioning outside Pakistan, excluding entities owned or controlled by a foreign government.

provided the conditions prescribed therein have been fulfilled the and value Entitlement of foreign Certificate investment certifying

obtained from the State Bank of Pakistan. (IV) Transfer of shares of para (III). (V) Transfer of Pakistani securities held by a person resident outside Pakistan on repatriable basis to other eligible persons resident outside Pakistan on companies covered by sub


The above exemption applies in the following cases: (I) Issue of shares including Modaraba Certificates/Trust and Fund Units out of new public offers, irrespective of the nature of business of the company.

the same basis against payment outside Pakistan, provided a certificate to this effect is given by the transferee to the company concerned. (VI) Issue of rights shares and bonus shares in all those cases where shares are held on repatriable basis by persons resident outside Pakistan in accordance with the general or special permission of the State Bank. (VII) Issue of Government securities to persons mentioned in sub-para (A) (III). (VIII) Issue/transfer of rupee denominated corporate debt instruments viz. Participation Term Certificates/Term Finance Certificates etc. and Registered WAPDA Bonds as permitted under the relevant SRO governing issue and sale of such bonds. (IX) Issue of NIT Units to persons mentioned in sub para (A) (I, II & III). (C) Companies issuing shares to a person resident outside Pakistan/registering transfer of shares in favour of such persons, in accordance with the exemptions provided in sub paragraphs (A) and (B) and the buyers and the sellers of the shares so issued or transferred are exempted from the operation of restrictions contained in Section 18(1) of the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, 1947. Procedure for issue of Shares:


Companies issuing shares out of new public offers on repatriable basis, as permitted under sub para (B) (I) of preceding paragraph 6, may open foreign currency collection accounts with banks abroad or in Pakistan for receiving the subscription in foreign currency. They may also allow refunds from these accounts to unsuccessful applicants. The amount subscribed by the successful applicants should be repatriated to Pakistan and foreign currency accounts closed within a week of allotment of shares. Proceeds Realisation Certificate in evidence of subscription money having been repatriated to Pakistan shall be obtained by the company from the concerned Authorised Dealer for submission in original to the designated Authorised Dealer with the form Appendix V- 90. prescribed at


In the case of remittance of subscription money directly to Pakistan and its payment to the companys rupee account, shares may be issued for the rupee equivalent paid by the concerned Authorised Dealer as shown in the Proceeds Realisation Certificate (s).


In case shares are to be issued to non-resident sponsors against the value of plant and machinery supplied by them, an application should be submitted to the area office of the Exchange Policy Department for issue of an Exchange Entitlement Certificate along with the relative import documents viz. original invoices, original bills of entry, copies of bills of lading or airway bills and import permit/import authorisation from Export Promotion Bureau, if applicable. The Exchange Entitlement Certificate will be issued by the State Bank at the average of selected Authorised Dealers buying and selling rates on the dates of filing of bills of entry with the Customs. Once the Exchange Entitlement Certificate has been issued by the State Bank, the company may issue the shares upto the value mentioned in the Certificate to the non-resident sponsors.

b) In case of issue of ordinary shares through private placement (iv) In case the non-resident sponsors want to pay their contribution to the equity in foreign currency and such payments are retained in a foreign currency account opened with an Authorised Dealer in c) In case of issuance of shares of companies other than manufacturing under Certificate obtained paragraph 6 (B) (III) (b) Entitlment from the State Bank of Pakistan Pakistan, in terms of paragraph 8 (ii) of Chapter VI of this Manual, the Authorised Dealer concerned will issue a Certificate showing date-wise deposit of equity in the account and its buying exchange rate for the respective currency prevailing on the date on which the amount is credited to the companys foreign currency account. The company may issue shares after receipt of money in its account for the equivalent Rupee amount at the exchange rate shown in the Certificate. (v) At the request of the company, the State Bank shall authorise an Authorised Dealer for the purpose of remittance of dividend to nonresident shareholders as per procedure outlined in para 14, Chapter XIV of the Manual. (vi) The shares issued/transferred to non resident shareholders shall be intimated by the company to the designated Authorised Dealer within 30 days of issue/transfer on the form prescribed in App.V- 90 or App.V- 91, as the case may be, alongwith the following documents and other legal documents viz. Memorandum and Articles of Association, Certificate of Incorporation/Registration etc., if not already submitted :a) In case of issue of ordinary shares out of public offers under paragraph 6 (B) (I) Banks Proceeds Realisation Certificate (PRCs) in original with copy of the consent/permission of the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). against equity repatriated to Pakistan under paragraph 6 (B) (III)(a) PRCs in original.

(Investment Division, Exchange Policy Department) Central Directorate, Karachi by submitting the following through a nominated Authorised Dealer:1. Encashment Certificate (EC) and/or Proceeds Realisation Certificate (PRC) from an Authorised Dealer in original showing the amount of foreign currency received and its Rupee equivalent paid to the company. Where the whole or part of the foreign equity is retained in Special Foreign Currency Account the 'Entitlement Certificate' will be issued after the foreign equity contribution has been credited to the foreign currency account of the company. 2. Memorandum & Articles of Association and Certificate of Incorporation. 3. An attested copy of Board of Investment's Registration Letter, if applicable, alongwith confirmation of the company that all required formalities/approvals have since been completed/obtained. 4. Particulars of sponsor shareholders with name, address, nationality, proposed number and face value of shares to be issued. d) In case of issue of rights shares under paragraph 6 (B) (VI) PRCs in original with copy of Boards Resolution.

e) In case of issue of bonus shares under paragraph 6 (B) (VI) App. V- 91, a copy of Boards Resolution, Auditors certificate to the effect that issuance of bonus shares is in accordance with the existing applicable laws and the audited accounts for the respective year. f) In case of issue of ordinary shares against equity contributed in the shape of plant and machinery under paragraph 7 (iii) Exchange Entitlement Certificate issued by the State Bank in original. g) In case of issue of ordinary shares under paragraph 7 (iv) against equity deposited in a foreign currency account for import of plant & machinery, Account holding banks certificate in original. h) In case of transfer of listed shares under paragraph 6 (B) (II) Stock Brokers Memo and PRCs in respect of the cost of shares and transfer stamp money, both in original. Where the sale of shares is negotiated privately, documents establishing the deal and the price of the share on Stock Exchange on the date of deal, should be furnished. i) In case of transfer of shares of un-listed companies under paragraph 6 (B) (IV) Auditors certificate for break-up value in original, a copy of the audited accounts of the respective year, documentary evidence of the agreed sale price and original PRCs in respect of cost of shares and transfer stamp money. j) In case of transfer of shares from one non-resident to another non-resident against payment outside Pakistan under paragraph 6 (B) (V), certificate from the transferee and PRCs for transfer stamp duty both in original. (I) Dividend, net of applicable taxes, as permitted under Chapter XIV. (II) Disinvestment proceeds not exceeding the market value (in case of listed securities)/break up value (in case of unlisted securities) less brokerage/commission on submission of: (a)Name and address of the non-resident share holder. (vii) k) In case of issue of Government Securities, issue/transfer of debt instruments and issue of NIT Units under paragraph 6 (B) (VII), (VIII) and (IX), PRCs in original with copies of related documents. Subject to observance of the procedure outlined above, the companies issuing/registering transfer of shares in favour of non residents on repatriation basis, may export the share certificates through the designated Authorised Dealer to the shareholders. The designated Authorised Dealer shall also allow remittances in respect of the following:-

(b)Name and address of the company whose shares were sold

by the non-resident beneficiary, indicating whether it is a listed or unlisted/private limited company and is covered under para 6 ibid. ( This requirement may be waived by the Authorised Dealer in case of quoted shares). (c) Name, address and residential status of the buyer of the shares in question. (d)Copy of brokers memo in case of quoted shares/break up value certificate of a practicing Chartered Accountant in case of unlisted shares.


The designated Authorised Dealer shall maintain complete record of the shares held by non residents including proof of original investment in foreign exchange and other documents detailed above and shall produce the same for audit by the Inspection Team of the State Bank. No record shall be destroyed unless the same has been audited by the State Banks inspectors.

Non-residents are allowed to trade freely in the shares quoted on the Stock Exchanges in Pakistan. For this purpose the non-residents will be required to open "Special Convertible Rupee Account" with any Authorised Dealer in Pakistan. Such accounts can be fed by remittances from abroad or by transfer from a foreign currency account maintained by the non-resident investor in Pakistan. The balance available therein can be used for purchase of any share quoted on the Stock Exchange. Payment for such purchases may be debited to the account on production of stock broker's memo showing sale of shares to the account holder and disinvestments proceeds may be credited provided evidence of the sale price in the shape of stock broker's memo is produced. The fund available in such special accounts can be transferred outside Pakistan or credited to a foreign currency account maintained in Pakistan at any time without prior approval of the State Bank. These accounts can also be credited with dividend income. Transfers from one such account to another may also be made in case of transfer of shares between the two account-holders. (ii) The commission earned by the international brokers from their overseas clients and credited net of taxes to the brokers SCRA account may be remitted by the Authorised Dealers provided the funds so credited have emanated from inward remittances or paid out of SCRA of the investor. (iii) Authorised Dealers will be required to submit to the Director, Statistics Department, State Bank of Pakistan, Central Directorate, Karachi a statement in the prescribed proforma (Appendix V- 92) on weekly basis showing the position in respect of SCRA accounts as on each Saturday. The statement should reach the State Bank within two working days from the close of the week to which it pertains. Special Instructions regarding shares transferred under Central Depository System (CDS) of Central Depository Companies.

Issue of Securities and NIT Units to Persons Resident outside Pakistan on non-repatriation basis and its transfer on the same basis: (i) It is permissible to issue Pakistani Securities of all types including NIT Units but excluding shares of companies not quoted on stock exchange, in favour of persons resident outside Pakistan, on non- repatriation basis, if payment is made either in foreign exchange or in Pakistan rupees provided the securities are registered at the Pakistan address of the purchaser and a clear undertaking is furnished by him that no repatriation of capital and profits/dividends accruing thereon will be claimed at any stage. (ii) Such securities may also be transferred to a person, whether resident in or outside Pakistan, on the same basis, provided the securities are registered at the Pakistan address of the purchaser and a clear undertaking is given by him that no repatriation of capital and profit/dividend accruing thereon will be claimed at any stage. (iii) A person resident outside Pakistan holding shares on nonrepatriation basis may also be issued bonus/right shares as per his entitlement, on the basis of non-repatriation of capital and dividend. Trading of Quoted Shares by Non-Residents:

(a) Where investments are made through GDRs, the Authorised (i) General Separate account or sub-account will be opened & maintained at CDC for each non-resident investor eligible for investment in registered shares/securities quoted at stock exchange in Pakistan. It must be ensured that all transactions at CDS i.e., deposit into or withdrawal from the account/sub-account of a non-resident is supported by actual movement of funds. In other words, there should not be any netting/adjustments and payment/receipt in respect of each purchase/sale should be settled independent of other transactions of the non-resident. In case the investment by the non-resident is made/routed through his Special Convertible Rupee Account (SCRA) maintained with an Authorised Dealer in Pakistan, the SCRA should never show an overdrawn position. (ii) Initial transfer in the name of CDC While approving the initial/first-time transfer of shares/securities purchased/held by non-residents, in the name of CDC for deposit into CDS, the company concerned will ensure that the shares are already registered in its record on repatriation basis in the name of the non-resident concerned. If the shares are not already so registered, the company will obtain requisite documents issued in the name of investor concerned, i.e., brokers memo, proceeds realisation certificates (PRCs) for cost of shares purchased and transfer stamp duty, or where the shares have been purchased from another non-resident shareholder against payment outside Pakistan, the transferees certificate alongwith PRC for transfer stamp duty. (iii) Subsequent transactions i.e., deposit/withdrawal at CDS (iv) (b) Dealer concerned will continue to ensure that complete/proper record of all transactions is kept at their end and the prescribed statements of SCRAs are furnished to the State Bank as usual, as at present documents involving such investment would not be required to be submitted to the company at any stage. In case of investments not involving SCRA, the original documents as listed at (ii) above will be submitted as usual to the respective company by the Participant concerned alongwith a certificate that the shares are in the name of CDS and have since been deposited into/withdrawn from the respective non-residents account at CDS. The company after making necessary entry in its record to update CDCs nonresident holding, will furnish the same to the designated Authorised Dealer. The Authorised Dealer will keep these documents in its record for onward submission to State Bank in the prescribed manner alongwith returns pertaining to dividend/bonus or right issue and will as usual make the remittance of disinvestment proceeds of such shares subject to the prescribed drill/rules. Dividend Payment/allotment of bonus or right shares CDC will issue to the respective company a list of beneficial nonresident shareholders certifying their individual holding as on Exdate of dividend/bonus/right in the form appearing at Appendix V93. Before issue of dividend warrant or allotment of bonus/right shares, the company will verify the holding of non-residents not involving SCRAs from its record including those as mentioned in sub-para (iii) (b) and for the non-residents investing through SCRAs, it will obtain an undertaking-cum-certificate from the Authorised Dealer concerned on the form appearing at Appendix V-94, and on


the basis of this undertaking-cum certificate it will certify Appendix V-50 & V-90 and V-91 for such shares. The aforesaid list provided by CDS will invariably be attached by the company to the aforesaid returns.