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What should the reading committee know about you?

My name is Ian Goben and I am trying to make it possible for myself to attend Whitworth University. During the summer before my senior year of high school and since then, I have been financially independent and on my own. My senior year, I worked three jobs, led the clarinet section in marching band and was a full International baccalaureate student. Overwhelmed I found it impossible to continue to play varsity tennis and made the sacrifice not to play my senior year. When I graduated, I had planned on attending Whitworth but found myself financially unable, so I have spent the last two years at Eastern Washington University. During the time I have been a student at Eastern, I worked on average 35 hours a week trying to support myself. If it was not for my grandmother letting me rent a room in her basement for $20 a week plus maintenance on her house and yard, I would have not had a place to live. My time at Eastern has been emotionally taxing and I do not want to return. I would do almost anything to have the chance to attend Whitworth, live on campus and be financially stable. Describe your community and campus involvement. How do they make the world a better place and you a better citizen? My community and campus involvement as a student of Eastern Washington University has been extremely lacking. Not having the opportunity to live on campus and working as much as I have, has given me little opportunity to partake in campus life. Although, my experiences at EWU have allowed me to grow as a person and see what I truly want. As a Pirate, I plan on partaking in as many campus activities as possible, such as sporting events, Chapel, hall dinners, primetime, the Hawaiian Luau, dances, etc. Through these events, I intend to grow as a person, continue to learn who I am and enlarge my moral compass; all while expanding my intellectual knowledge. As an adult, I would love to have the opportunity to look back on my time as a Pirate and see how it has allowed me to shape the world into a better place by serving the Lord and his Kingdom. Campus involvement as a Whitworth student, I believe, is an integral part of the Whitworth experience that allows the student to walk away with experiences that cannot be garnered elsewhere. Tell us about your educational goals. How will your Whitworth University education help you meet these goals? As a student of Whitworth University, I will continue to study pre-medicine with an emphasis on chemistry and a minor in political science. I have learned that the bureaucracy of a state university coupled with massive budget cuts, has created an education system that is not well rounded or student focused. Not having this issue and because of the mission driven, Mind and Heart education, students of Whitworth have the backing necessary from this university. This in itself will allow me to create an atmosphere for myself and others that will drive me to meet my educational needs and desires. After Whitworth, I plan on becoming a commissioned officer in the US Military, serving our Country while continuing to further my career in the medical field. Eventually I plan on having my own practice where I will also continue to partake in local and national government. My desire to be politically active has driven me to become a county delegate for a republican Presidential nominee, and be

on the current primary Benton county ballot in my precinct. The education I receive from Whitworth will allow me to hone my skills and serve the Lords people to my best ability.

Why should you receive a scholarship? At this point I need approximately $14000 (give or take) to attend Whitworth this fall. Even though I have a 695 credit score I do not make enough money to secure a private student loan without a co-signer and since my parents are not helping to help me with the costs involved with my education, I am at an absolute loss as to how I will come up with the necessary funds to attend Whitworth this fall. Likewise, I have become emotionally drained and discouraged at EWU and do not want to return if at all possible. I would greatly appreciate as much help as I can receive as I really look forward to being a Pirate this fall. I know that investing in me would be a wise choice as it will allow me to continue to reach my goals and educational desires while serving the Lord and his people all while being a great addition to the Whitworth community. Statement of Faith What I believe Jesus Christ is my Lord and savior, the son of God, born of the Virgin Mary and sent to earth to die, forgiving us of our sins. The bible is Gods instruction to his people as to how we are to live. Mankind was created by God in his image but waivered and rebelled. The only way to mend the bonds of our broken relationship is to take Jesus Christ as our Lord and savior. Humans are immoral, and the only way to be saved is to have a personal relationship with Christ. Humans who reject Christ will burn in hell for eternity. Jesus will return to earth again and establish his promised Kingdom John 14:6 Jesus said, I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can comes to the father except through me.