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TIMES 2012 PAPER 2 (a) An arithmetic progression has first term, a, and common difference, d.

The sum of the first 21 terms is 9 times the sum of the first 5 terms. (i) show that 5d a = 0 (ii) If the fifth term of the progression is 0.18, find the values of a and d. (b) Given 0.111 111 = 0.1 + 0.01 + 0.001 (a) State the coordinates of A. + express 0.111 111 as a fraction in (b) By using the method of completing the its lowest term. square, find the value of k and p. 1 (c) Determine the range of values of x, if [(a) a = 0.1, d = 0.02 (b) ] 9 f(x) 2. [(a) (0, 2) (b) k = 6, p = 11 (c) 0 x 2. 6] 1. 5. Diagram 3 shows a piece of wire which is bent to form a number of semicircles. The first semicircle has a radius of r cm and the radius of each subsequent semicircle increases by 3 cm

Diagram (b) Diagram (a) Diagram (a) is a curve obtained by plotting

y is plotted against x, a x y straight line of relation = px + q is x

y against x. When obtained as shown in Diagram (b). (a) Find the value of p and q. (b) Hence, find the value of and . [(a) p = 2, q = 5 (b) = 5, = 8] 3. Solve the simultaneous equations x 3y = 5 and x2 + 2y2 = 31. Give your answer correct to three decimal places. [x = 5.561; y = 0.187, x = 3.742; y = 2.914] Diagram 2 shows the curve of a quadratic function f(x) = x2 kx 2. The curve has a minimum point at B(3, p) and intersects the f(x)-axis at the point A.

(a) Show that the length of the wire used to form the semicircles form an arithmetic progression and hence, state the common difference. (b) Given that r = 4 cm and using = 3.142 (i) Determine which semicircle has a wire of length 172.81 cm. (ii) Find the length of wire needed to form the first 6 semicircles. [(a) 3 (b) (i) 18 (ii) 216.80 cm] 6. (a) Prove that

2sin x(1 sin 2 x) = sin 2x. cos x


(b) Sketch the graph of y = 4 sin 2x for 0 x 2. (c) Hence, using the same axes, draw a suitable straight line to find the number of solutions to the equation (2 sin 2x + 1) x = 0 for 0 x 2.

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3 solutions [ SECTION B The table shows the total time spent on doing homework by 120 students for a period of 4 weeks. Total time (hours) Number of students 5 14 12 15 24 17 25 34 26 35 44 31 45 54 16 55 64 10 65 74 8 Calculate (a) the mean, (b) the interquartile range. [(a) 36.5 (b) 22.12] 7. 8. The diagram shows a quadrilateral ABCD where AED and EFC are straight lines.

Given that f (x) = 2x, find (a) f(x), (b) the area of the shaded region P, (c) the volume generated when the shaded area Q is rotated through 360o about the y-axis. [(a) f(x) = 4 x2 (b)

19 unit2 (c) unit3] 6 2

10. The table shows the values of two variables, x and y, obtained from an experiment. x 2 3 4 5 6 7 y 11.9 45.1 p 224.2 397.8 637.3 Given that y and x are related by the equation y = hx3 + kx2 where h and k are constants. (a) Plot

y against x, using a scale of 2 cm x2 y -axis. Hence, draw the x2

to 1 unit on the x-axis and 2 cm to 2 units on the

It is given that AB 20v , AD 32u ,

1 DC 24u 25v , AE = AD and EF = 4 3 EC. 5 (a) Express in terms of u and/or v : (i) BD (ii) BF
(b) Show that the points B, F and D are collinear. [(a) 32 u 20 v (b) 8 u 5 v ]

line of best fit. (b) Use your graph to find the value of (i) h, (ii) k, (iii) p. [(b)(i) h = 2 (ii) k = 1 (iii) p = 112] 11. (a) In a survey, it is found that 6 out of 8 college students use motorcycles as their mode of transport. If 10 college students are chosen at random, calculate the probability that (i) exactly 5 students use motorcycle as their mode of transport, (ii) Not more than 8 students use motorcycle as their mode of transport.

9. The diagram shows part of the curve y = f(x) which passes through the point A(1, 3).

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(b) The mass of buns produced by a bakery has a normal distribution with a mean of 110 g and a variance of 144 g2. (i) Find the probability that a bun produced by the bakery has a mass of more than 125 g. (ii) If 853 buns are produced by the bakery on a certain day has a mass of between 95 g and 116 g, calculate the total number of buns produced on that day. [(a) (i) 0.05840 (ii) 0.7560 (b) (i) 0.1056 (ii) 1455] BAHAGIAN C 12. A particle moves along a straight line and passes through a fixed point O. Its velocity, v m s-1, is given by v = t2 6t + 8, where t is the time, in seconds, after passing through O. [Assume motion to the right as positive.] (a) Find the minimum velocity of the particle. (b) Find the range of values of t in which the particle moves to the right. (c) Sketch the velocity-time graph of the particle for 0 t 4. (d) The total distance travelled in the first four seconds after leaving O. [(a) 1 m s-1 (b) 0 < t < 2, t > 4 (c)

(a) Calculate (i) the price of D in the year 2009 if its price in the year 2010 is RM9.20. (ii) the price index of A in the year 2009 based on the year 2008 if its price increases 30% from the year 2008 to the year 2010. (b) The composite index for making the chocolate in the year 2010 based on the year 2009 is 111.5. Calculte (i) the value of x, (ii) the price of a packet of chocolate in the year 2009 if the corresponding price in the year 2010 is RM33.45. [(a) (i) RM8 (ii) 108.3 (b) (i) 105 (ii) RM30] 14. The State Education Department intends to organize a course on creative teaching of science and mathematics. The course will be attended by x science teachers and y mathematics teachers based on the following constraints: I: The total number of teachers is at most 120. II: The number of science teachers is at most twice the number of mathematics teachers. III: The number of mathematics teachers cannot exceed the number of science teachers by more than 40. (a) Write three inequalities, other than x and y 0 which satisfy all the above constraints. (b) Using a scale of 2 cm to 10 teachers on both axes, construct and shade the region R which satisfies all the above constraints. (c) Use your graph in (b), find

(d) 8 m]

13. The table below shows the price indices and the diagram shows a bar chart representing the percentage usage of four ingredients, A, B, C and D, used to make a certain type of chocolate. Ingredient Price index for 2010 based on 2009 A 120 B x C 110 D 115
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the minimum number of science teachers when there are 50 mathematics teachers. (ii) the maximum cost to run the course if the expenditure for a science teacher is RM150 and for a mathematics teacher is RM100.

[(a) x + y 120, y (c) (i) 10 40]

1 x , y x + 40 2

(ii) RM16000 wheh x = 80, y =

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15. The diagram shows triangle PQR.

(a) Calculate the length, in cm, of PR. (b) A quadrilateral PQRS is formed so that PR is a diagonal, PRS = 50o and PS = 6.2 cm. Calculate the two possible values of PSR. (c) By using the acute angle PSR from (b), calculate (i) the length, in cm, of RS, (ii) the area, in cm2, of quadrilateral PQRS.

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