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Excelling In Products & Services Innovation through structured Product Lifecycle Management

________________________________________ Introduction to the Basic terms, concepts and tools Of New Product Development and Product Management

Duration: 1.5 Days Prerequisites: None Presenter: Colin P Abouchabki Green Pencil Creative Solutions

Programme Overview
The introductory course in New Product Development and Product Management is aimed at individuals and organisations involved in product innovation and the process of identifying, defining, developing & commercialising new products & services. The 1.5 day session will consist of lectures, group discussions and practical sessions where participants will be offered the opportunity to apply the new knowledge and tools acquired. There are no formal prerequisites- a basic understanding of generic marketing and business principles would however be beneficial.

Learning Outcomes Background Establish the link between Innovation and Products & Services; Understand the need for ongoing Products & Services Innovation; Introduce 6 Ps of Marketing; Provide further details on Product P Elaborate on the global megatrends impacting Product Innovation Present statistics on Product Innovation success

Product & Service Terminology Define the basic terms and acronyms. Define essential concepts Elaborate on typical roles and responsibilities

Product & Services Strategies Introduce various Product optimisation strategies Provide details on specific Product Strategy Tools Complete practical activity using Strategy Tools

New Product Development Define New Product Development Concept Introduce various New Product Development Processes Elaborate on generic phases of NPD process o Ideation- sourcing ideas for new products & services o Filtering selecting the specific ideas to further develop o Definition- further defining and designing ideas o Testing- prototyping new concepts o Launching- making specific new product available commercially Introduce specific NPD tools used List typical NPD KPIs & Success criteria Complete specific NPD practical activities

Product Management Define Product Management Concept Product Management vs Product Lifecycle Management Elaborate on generic phases of Product Management process Introduce specific Product Management tools used List typical Product Management KPIs & Success criteria Complete specific Product Management practical activities

Market Research Provide background on Market research and importance in Product Innovation success Elaborate on popular research tools and techniques Introduce latest innovations in field of Product Related Research

Conclusion Key success factors to ensure Product Innovation Success Overview of Intermediary courses focussing on: o New Product Development o Product Management Overview of hands-on consulting assistance Overview of NPD & Product Management Templates available Sources of further information.