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Dated 2/5/1409·· А. Н


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D.ated 8/8/1409 А.Н 15/3/1989 А. D


Before уои start reading this book, lhopethat уои will Ье objectivebyreading the text carefully andwith ап ореп rnind.



(тауреасе Ье uропthеm)

Afterthecreation of Аоагп.апо Eve,(3.odsent many\Prophetsto the реор'в to teachfhem about GodandJo)instruct them то worship theOp,'yTrue God(Allafi).


род эеп! ProphetS'N~S >to

~f>readthegoqdn7~s,to teach people а,~s~t(Э.Qd,

a,.ndto tell themabout Рагаейэе.ТЬе.mes$~ge)oft~e

Prqphets wasalso togivepeople warnif1g~,>Fortf1is

re~son,peoplehaveпо excusebefor~(3Qdonthe

Judgement Dауаftегhаviпg received tho$~many

Prophets. Тhe message of the Prophetswas alsoto teach

f1pf11anity to

eecaus~peop\ledon't.know ·wh.atisrightand what

~s'tVrong,.Sodhas эеп!manyProphetsthroughout

hi~tq7togu1dethe people.



~Qrex~mpl~,зотеof the Prophet~th?t§~d~ent

VIl~re:!Acfam,. Noah, Abraharn,




Sоlоmоп, Моэез~ J7~PS., ~f1d



. Th\elastPrOpi1et was MUhamrn~d~.Je~~Sis

по! the эоп ofGod. Jesusis .•• ~. PrqptJ~tljke

Myh~f11m~d~ .


МиЬаттаа,АЬгаНаm, .Moses~angpa"icj.

AII Prophets~reMusHms., .~o Isfami~pstanew

reHgion.Jthase~Istedsincethetimeqffcf~rn·God ооев notsencfpeopleto.Hell withoutfirstre~~i~ir1g

~.•• P~ophet·or 'a·.rnessage;however, \thosep~ople

whq.p.aver~eiveda.Prophet.wiH пауе nOexcu.s~in

frQntof'Godonthe[)ay of Judgement.

Godsaid: (to th. Prophet Muhammad ~ )

* We have sent thee Inspiration, as We sent it to Noah and the Messengers after him: We sent Inspiration to Abraham, Ismail, Isaac, Jacob and the Tribes, to Jesus, Job, Jonah, Aaron, and Solomon, and toDavid We gave the Psalms.

* Ofsome apostles We have already told thee thestory, of others we have not, and to Moses God spoke direct.

* Apostles who gave goOO news as well as warning, that mankind, after (the coming) of the apostles, should have по plea againstGod: ForGod is Exaltedin Power, Wise. (Quran IV. 163,164,165)


"We" means God. "We" is plural for majesty. "We" is reserved only for royalty.


W~at?ifY1a(le me:select and .~~mp.i.I;•.}·tl1i~.~~1.;:

~*0fTM(thesavi;n9Saf)d dOi09.S of:~"eerQPl)et

MtJbaP'1mad; .••

~ ).was·that

··lwa$.$h.;t.I:($d .••~rtq

sitl·rpri$ed~;./dtlring а d'iSСU$$iо i·"ithi;;SОФ~

Christi.ans who сопsidеrthеРflQ.рl1еt

l\IIuhаmПi1а(l .• ~. amanwhohasprovidt~·r1gn~


'fbeycompare. the· P.opbet··MlJbamA"1ad:1.~

toB·uclcll)·ilan(l;:GonfuciuSa$well asto teachers

ofNfNDUSa"d ••·SI·KH.

'fhis iSbecau$e they do по! know at),o.tIttt1t

teachtf\8s c>fthe

i$thetiSeal(thelast)Qfall prophets аПd'~;р()$tl~$. These/tw()::-.hundred HADI'f~arejyst'a ye~y smallpartof.apout half·a mJllion H~DtTIi~



Iselected and соmрilеdthеsе•. ~А()'l' Нп;fрr





МUs.:Ii.; _ 'е. whо

" ., n ',' ", : :/Ji:"-''':--''>~











П о.t







sayi.ngs,teachings and the life oftheProphet

Muhammad ~orhis greatmiracle,the Holy ·QLJRAN. ТЬе great QURAN is the miracleof the Prop.het Muhammad ~ through.all. ages.

This bQok still has а great inf.l·uепсеоnаИ


Mustimsand non


who rea.dit.

For. thi§ reason, апуопе who readsthe Holy QURANandsomeoffheHADITH will know why the influence of the Prophet


was>:anosfillisigreatand strong. TheHoly QURAN:was]sentoown апо revealed byGodto thePrQPl1et! NlоЬаmmао ~ . Theinfluen!ceof tt1e Prop!hetMuhammad ~ оп his peoplethe MU$lims,'Wasa"o 5till is more than thatofany other регвопwhether thatperson.was a<Prophet likeABRAHAM, MOSES"ORJEStJS{rnaypeace beuponthem),orteachers of othersectsand teachings such as BUDDHISM, CONFUCIUSM, HINDUISM, апо SIKH оп their people. porthis.teason, апуопе whoreads tbe:Holy Quranant:J::the HADITH, will certainly know why theiProphetMuhammad ~ wasthe person whohasihao thegreatest influence onthe





1. Please read carefully the biography of the Prophet Muhammad • which is included in this bOok.

2. Pleaseread ТНЕ 100 Ьу Michael Н. Hart,wherehe lists

the 100 most influential people in history апд


Prophet Muhammad




В.·•. UMMARY OF:'THE'S.OQ······

QJ;:;rИЕ.,РRоР!НЕt'мuН • "'.'


Th.ePr()p~~t,Mu~?rn!mad .~! wasbQrnilJ!!~~1~'[),".~1:1



Jocated in Sвиp; АгаЫа.·.



.: ,';>i,},i' <:





.,.'.,", ':.',,>-<"


t-I~.~~:t)оff'I~~гl~s~~fоr his.fa.ther,~bdu"atJ.,tJ~d


W~e:f'jt(l$ifRotherw8§tw()monthf:) рrеgпапtwitt1hjщ,.:


Wh~nheWa$$ixyears old. his mother,AJnina BintWahab,

di~d:>Jе?"i["1g,~цtJ?rnrnаd.' ~

"" i ап orpha9·J'fisg~andfath~r

(onf)~!f?tt:'J~~'f:).:sicje)Qecamehjs guardian·• Hisgrandf8ther

h(lq~.sp~CiF\If:)~?tu~:and influence. 'п Makkah,andhe,VV~s

lо()~~cjцроt1G1$!?~gлifiеd sheikbythemembersofl"ti$trib~,

theQuaraY$h~,!~t.;tl"tfilt time,.the Quaraysh wer~preeminent

arnongall.theother АгаЬ tribes.

Th~Pf()~I"t~t.~uf)filmmad ~ gaineci Феаttеrttiоп, 10v~

aPd~ffe€tionofl"tisgrandfather ,Ьщ '! didnQt.lastlongfor his

granei~ther.passedawaywhen Muhamrnad.;! ,~::wF\sonly

eight уеагэ old. Afterthe death of his grапdfаthег,hisцлсlе, Abu "falib,becamehis'guardian.



а.business trip!."ithh:isunclejAqulqljb,·~

(Syria). ['. Thqtwqstt)efirsttime. М'Цf)?rnfR?Р.;



AI-Sham (&yria).on anothertrip, this Khadija.·Bint Khouailed, arich .and nobJeworn~n'

h?q .~~~f9.t~bQut~i.s



depef'lpabil'ity·'F\J:'Jci.trfJthfUlnef;)~ .j.• AfJ~r My~at1lrn~!~· Jеtщп






.m?rr~j KJ'.\?dija!he



Before 9~,~c~~~,a·pr(}ph~t,at th~~ge{)t'~~1~





' -. впювт .

moralandffl1stWorthy personamongJ:theJPeoplel<, Hewas

kl1own\,pt,:tq~,fQllowing,qualiti~~:. ·tgl~.а~н~.й~tiепсе,

justice, modesty, chastity, generosity, andbravery

Beforetlis niis~iont()b~()meaprdphe~wasa.l1noUn~~,


was knownforhishatred of paganidols.

Тhis, th~tM~ham~~d, .~, пемег

a'1yofthecerernoni~s'· thatvv~reh~,I(jinhdnbrTbf

the idols.' Afso;theProphet Muhammad liquorinhis Нfe.





АН bf,t~~ргеv~RusIУ-:nепtiо~ed.сhагасtеristiс~:~еГ~()~lураrt

Of!h~,~i~pt~bestowed Ьу ~pduponHi~propre~~othat

theyg~n~~pomer~adyt() r~~ive.revelation: F()r.prop~ts

~гe.'a.~ys'i~fa.lli~I~. ·VVhich.·mea.nsp~oRhets donot<sin

beforeprophethood" погёо they sin atterwards.


TheJe,ws~,ndChristians!hen Hvi~g оп th~

Pef1instl'~,a~ .well.asthesurrounding C()untries 1 , , Vliere antiqipatedtheappearanceofthelast pr(}phet'

.аswаsmепtiопеd intheir diviпеЬоoks;thеOld'and New

TestamentS. '

'" 610 A'[)"Jwhen the Prophet Muhamrnad .~. wasJorty years(}ld;reyelationfrom Godwas эеп!downto:him through

inspired the, Prophet MlJhammad

ofthe Hofy~oran~ Thus,the



,~~r th8 ,fkstchapter

Prqp~~t'M'~~~rnmad :.~·was рrodаimеdвргорhеtwhеп



Afte,rtfiatcta.t~,.the Но'х·Koranwas '.~эvе~fеdt~t~e:Prophet

f\i11iha rnfТ1 a (j •• ~

tWen~ trteeyears~.·

ci.rcumstances впо

necessary. ТНе HolyKoran theworoof арс! inspired to

а! re~ufar iпtегvвls.чvеrthЭТf1ехt





the Proph~trvtLlhamm~<i



~ пог Gabriel· h~:.,~fjJ1~ingto ар

with this ЬооК other than its сопvеуаПСЕ3/tоhumапitY:

Gabriel recitedthe Holy Когап то Jhe PrOp~~!MtJ~~rnГh.acJ


who then memorized it ancJdefiv~redittQ~~~t?~r?le:

ТheProphet fv1uhammad .~ ·oгaey~a thos~>~~vyere

entrusted with·keeping агесога (hisCOrn~afli()n~)·towrite dOyvn t.h~ .Holy. Кorап, be?ause the ~rophet>Muf1~mrn~(j

.~./.was Шitегаtе It is worth mепtiопiп~thа't:.~flof theH9fy

Коганwas кер! in recordsduring thetimeofthe РгорНе!


Mu~mmad ~

BeforethePrbphet .Muhammfid's missiоп;thе>АгаЫаn

Репiпsufа·wаs shrouded iпigпогапсе апd tyranhy,>for the

peopleworshipped paganidols. EachtrjbE3~~ditsowng9q,

w!Jich was

worshipped, SiЛ9еthеге were 360 tribes at.that time, there

were·360 differehtpagan idofs.

rE3pres;entecJ as. а pagan Jdol that the


Strongpeople took~dvantage of the weak, апd.~?rs ЬroКе

out Ьессщsе of trivialmatters.

This репоа al50 .withessed iппurnегаЫ~ aets ofstealihg, plunder, апd the highway гоЬЬегу of caravans.Sfavery,

usury~adultery, drinking,gambIing, апdth.е.Ьuriаl of

newborngirls dueto the family's fear of disgr~ceor povetty

pr~vaif~dduring thattime. The \ДIоm~п'S sta't.I~.insociety


For~xample, а wоmапdid по! have}fJe·riQhtto

inherit herfamily's estate, апа she was consideredtobe а

possession, fike а piece of fLI.гпituге ог ап апimаl.





;;.• Не·'ca'led

цpo~,He peopf~tqworship theQпеGоd апdtо()Ьsеrvеthе

пеw {iЗ\f\f~ апdргiпСiрlеs that.wer~t.hen. uпfаmШаг.tо. the

реорr,~.Тhепеw la\ДI~. caHeq foranend ~ /h()micide, roЬЬеуУ;/цэиуУ,adultery, gambling, alcoholism,.slavery,


burialof ne~ni~ls".~d·~~.di~regardof"VoЦlE*1'~~ig~ts,

ар weIJasaJl· .•~ '. t.~.~.il1;1rnоrаl.асtiопsthаtvvеге~mrpоl'1 du.гiпgрге-tsl~ЦlI~Jil'J'l~s.'


lЪе.эISJзmiс.: ;"Ion whichwas preG\~~ed·t.J~r.~n~!·Prophet




G\l'J'IqJ1grtl'1~·(r\rG\~Щ.Ьесаusеit .calle(.ifor vvo~t"ti~~ГJ~o~~God,

NI~!,~~p.G\,tG\ughtthepeopJeJhe.concePt,·ofl;f~ аПег


~.~~tjtyr,~i~s~iргеlаtiопs, .neighbQr's rig~ts#·t~~.•,.~i\ling,.of

сhаrity,аndwоmеп's rights tоiпhегit апа t0:ownprapeJ!'ty.

Тhe rnajority of."4a1<kah.'sPQlyth~ists weredissatisfieQ:wit~

this new.code_~!.Jivingand

the Prophet

Muhammad ~.,' Th~ytreat~e~iJJilveгysеvегеlу,~чrtiJ1g апд ffiqckinghiJJil'. треу c.alled him .IIТh.e Liar," "Тherv1ad,."

'The Маgiсiап,"~re'rrtle.p~t~n.They calle(.ihiЦl'JQePoet" in а пеgаtivе sепsе rеfеrriпgtо th~J~t tQа~thе'~<?~G\П is

Тhe people were demeaning the

writtеп.iп poetгy form

prqpp et.MMhG\JJill1;1ad •. Ьу.• сатпgQiJJil.~.Рреt~



recognizil'1ghil1i ава Prophet апаMe~s~('}g~r. ~rt~ofJghthe

pe0plehad called the Рюрhet Muhammad



Тrчs~~ct~у"~еfоrеhеЬесаmе а prophet,. afterwarq~they

cG\II~Qh'imm.anybad патер.

Тt:юs~~~Jуthеists,a150 "~orm.~9ted the. Prophet' sfоIIО\Л1~rs·

The .РюphеtМuhаl1;1mаd.l!i, а10пg


his fОIlО\Л1~~S,

wereexpelled frorp their

tQ&;city.l1)eywereleft forthree years witha shortage·of

fcюd апд water.

hрmеiл ·Mskkaf;1 to.adesert


~.~f1etheless"•. the Р(орhеtМt,ll1аmtЧа(j>•. ~ сОI1~~~ц~dсtо

p~&;;\e•.•.lsta~ic:.religiQJ1.•in• "4f1.~kaf;1forth~e~'11.•у~аrS'IА~Щ

thati'~~'~' е



Th~F11'1ig~~tP .м~qiла (саНед "hejra; '(~'i?Лsi,~~~еqа,.

.' .r;:t)i~to~ of Islal1;1, and it


оf:ttt~мчslil'J'lс.G\I~dа{, When the.· Prpph~t.l1;1igra1~pto

there ~uрр()rtщft1im and"

.Не spehtthe lastten уе',

founded the his life there.

Medina, the rophet Muhammad • \Vas the


judge,and '

'resporislbifmeswere in addition tothe Prop~МUh~rt1mad'5 essential rotes аз Prophef, Мезsengег, fathef t6 his chitdren,

and"husband to his wives. This point itlustrates опе of the

,соттапдег of 'the army.' These



{s Ье

аП а5рес!

between Muslirn anдnoh-Muslimcultures. td ье а comprehensive reJigion th8tgoverns

. Тherefore, MusHrns до not believe in the

doctrine of"Sepaiation intheWest.·

о! Church апд StatеПtnatis c;ommon





ТhеtэгорhеtМипaпirnаа ,'~ 'was a'strategicteader inthe

defe"se of Mediha аа far as-armies and tactics ofwar were

Не fought тапу Ьаttles against the Polytheists


and theJews ; twemy-seveпmiJitагу ех '


,ns and зiщ

mititary detachments: This was дonеto stop еaggre$Sion

of the РоМ'

protection of е people 01 Medina. Aiso, these b~ were '

песеззагу,to. Ыеаг the' wэуfar the Pre~hif)gof'fslam.

t5 апд the Jews and fo(' the defense and

time, the peopJe were convinced of their рwn free фоicе

.' mong

а" the inhats.of th,e Aral;)ian Peninsula.· . rophet Muhammad , . 5еп!,Ietters to зоте of tne kings of, the world at that time,calling them to belie~inlsJam. Весаизе

,ofthe truth ofthe neWreligion.' tslam beganto зрг

Isl~ffi 'iз ап internationalreligion~ the PrOphet' Muhammad



messagesto thB folloWing


' (, the

Rdman: Кiпg ,of 'the Byzantine;· At


.' ()f

Egypt; Negrus,'·Emperor of!'ethiopia; кh '.

Persia; AJ-Monzer Bin 8aWi;Кingof Banrairi; ~~eefar and

Abda,the мо Kings of Отал;and Huthah Bin Ali•.the King of AI::Yamai1'iah.!'



The Prophet Милаттэd ~ith thep~pl~of. Ma.kkah

They yjpl€lteq ~his

t~~~W ~ft(;l;эЦi~~jth \ttt~J3эl<гTribe, kЩiпgm~у ~еП1Q~ГS

ofthe Кhцzа'эh Tribe, who wereaffied with {пе Prophet


~ .Consequ~ntly, thePrQPh~t I~Qan;army

9Benthous~q9 fighters iп ()rder tо.сопqu~(Мak~h. Makkah

r~~!iz~d•. ~h~f4tilityof this.resistance 'fhe.Prophet'sf()rce$


Т;~~ЯR!]qt,l~~t;:()fМаkt<аh~iSCQrSidered .ЬУf!ЛtJSlimstрЬ~.thе

gfep.t~~t ()faJltriurpph~., .beC<:iuse of M~kah's.Sitatusas а


Gity.wne':~JhypeppleJll<:ike· their.yearJy pil~rimag.e$. j\lsp,

f!A~kkah;~!]Sih(i!]esЛ,.,l<а'аоа;the НоusеQfЧоdwhiсn 'НаБ

геЬuИtЬу the Prophet АЬгапат. Makkah аlsорlЭУеd а

sigлifiсапt.гоlе politicaHy and соmmегсiаllуаmопg аН the

~гэQjаQtriQ~s Тhеf)ГQрhеt Muharprnad



~t;f) i(1•. Makka~i .which isсопsidегеd his hЩnуlсlПdапcjthе

.f)orne'fll"l.d"fmpstafhis соmРCiпiопs Мш<~а theGity

\'V~r~fl".·~he)~fit>е?gаthегеdаgаiпst {пе PrqpRetof GщI,

tр(rn~чtiаQQiV'реrsопаllу. Ma.kkah 'НаБtheSitrateQic c~nter

fоrфеr.~р!stаf'Jсеа9Ciiпstl~'аm. For аll t.hese

reasons, {пе

CQ.nqU~Si.tQ!Makl<an W€lS significart The~ropt1et

Мuhаffirnэd. e~.wasfulJy avvarethattneconqu.eSitpf Makkah wasthe best wayto spread Islam аmопg {пе АгаЬБ.

1"6~~((\)ggеtМчh<:i[Jlmаd '.~ . епtегеdfy18JSlsап.•iЛ.аhu

W<:iYJn<:it··.~~Sipbedient .ю.•. Qpd



Prophet .••. Nluharnmad

thecity thearrQgantwayor;;te.}Nould


~~Р.~СФiiQ{~сопqUЕ!ГОГ. Ао iлdiсаtiо Гl of theprppl)et MUt1arnrn<:i(j'~hЧrnititуand suЬmissiоп tgцpd, hi~fore@E!?d

CitrnQstt.9\;JGhedth~",~qQlepf hiscamel:ssaddl:eCishe гоое

iptQ М~k~аr{',ji~.dditiопаltу, Фе.ProphetMunamrpad· ~

{oГ€J~Me<:iIIJf;16iJ:>~pleofM~l<ahandorderedhip sоldiегs<поt


АБ а сопsеquепсе of the Ргорпет'в с()пsidегаtе, toferant


AftertheProphetforgavetne people о' Makkan, Пе:.оГОегеа


АI-~'щра(tl1е HolyHousethatwas ret?uiltpy .~Пе;Р~орпе!

A~ra~alm~·.Тhеr:е~al9Ьеелt~rye.l1tj{1d req

aP9B~~ Щ.Qls,

опегергеsепtiflgеCiсh·оf the АгаЫап tribeg, ~thщt.tiше.

Аftеr.tnесопqцеstоfМаkkan, thePrQphet Мипаттао


гetUФe(jtQМеdiпаwhеге crowdsof ре{)рteсаш~tо.ре


Мef1Ji.паtоfiпdthе РroрhеtапdЬе taughtthe ргiпсiрJеsоf

Тhooe delegatioГ'lswereconverted tothe

relig.ioQQoQenalfof<thetribe Ct:\ristia[ls wrO. dif1J not waпtto change their.re1igio". !.a.nd these РЕ!орlе were .required Ьу the .Islamic refigion topay а. тах, ТhегеаsопMuslims were по! taxed wasbecausethey

were.required·by феiг.·геligiоп.tо ргасtiсе<а1fJ:1S,.giviпg,.апd ha,dther~forea.lreadyqопtгiЬuted.mопеуtоthеsociety. This

уеаг.~аsknоwл.аsthе "Уеаг о! Delegations."


Тhere .wегеsо~еJеws~пd

Dшiпghis lifetime, the Prophet Muhammaf1J

~.;. wClsabIe

to unite allthei\rabtribes цпеегthегеligiопоfJSlаm Тhоs.е

tripes h(id traditi()n~Jlyfought апа dеsрisеd.вщqrоthе,г,No

oneirl.tre historyof АгаЫа.Паа ever beensuccessfulin

uпitiпgthеm. ТпеProphet Мипаттаа ~ .beca.methe

'еаоег of tOO majority or the рорцlаtiоп OГl.the АrаЬiап

Peninsula after Ье паа estabIished the Islamic State.

Before he died, the ProphetMuhammad pitgrimagetoMakkan. The Prophet Muhamma(j .: ~<.•.CirCled

агоuпdthе AI-Ка'аЬа(thе,Ноlу J-iЩJsеthe ~ГQР~еt.AQrаhаГ1"1

.~· тaдe .·а

rebuilt}1seven. tir-ne~.f:.~ter ()nduring. his,.t~e,

Prophet МuhаГ1"1шаcj

~ Оеliуе,ге,а.·hisfЩJ'}1()u~tагеwеll

эреесП.··'The I fоlfаWiпgгергеsепtsрап ofWhatHesaid:

"q~P~gR'~!Jist~n.tothi~ fo(thi$r:nay



etaaftim ;.e t)Ni




•. ,


т~ et wit.h урипеге.•

'(!)~~~~~le·,JUst~~уоц re~ardthiSr:r'Pflthandiday'

t()tэ~.f1;cil~·,ап~Justasyou regardthis,City ()f'M~l<l<fh


propertyof every МиэНт то beholy аво засгеО.

qn ~~.~~id

I accomp/ishthemission' yousent

rn~~<:)?():rnp·le'~?PidJdetiveryourmes$age to'the


()h.Fi>eg,,'e,•. ha~e rt~spect. forthepro1D~(t~ of

9~h~rs:~.;~?p~~essionthathas beenborrowedgr е'h~~ц ··.tgурч mцstье rt~turn~dtc) itsri9ht1u/·





wrПпоt'Ье'· iррiГl9hiro'9~гStiИ

belie\iesthathecan tempt уоц intocommitting

carefuk по! tofo/low







who b.eti~VE:iif1q;odare

shou·tdta~e theprope.rtyof:

Ьrэthе~S'с :110Р~ГSОП

апоthеrг~i~r9ut~i'SрегmiSSiОП .;

Oh г: GQd,· did



I dеПvег уоиг message





()~.p~ple,a~er l·amgone, O~ГJo!··l<i'llo~.~

. ~9()tQ.~E.lf~qtJpo,уоисап пе IОП9ег ge'({;9ns.~d~red

N1•.ц$О"1s.·I.fJ~vе)~ftуqчwith tt)eBQgkqfGOd,: ~ge .,




аз уои

strictly abideby


tecachingsof the Когап, you wiH по! Ье Jeadastray.

Оh.(Эе>Рt.ОktJ. oetiver Y9 U r rч~~~~~е.~~;>~~~

pe()ple?Jr;I.<ti<t.tge.myvyitnes~. "





sightyou areequal. All of уои pe.opJepfee~.ual

beca~~~y~uhCl~ethe вагпеfathert.Aoam.~I1<tyoq


Allof. уоиагеmаоеout.of. CI~y~~Q~~~~.:~~~i •

was. гвасе out of cIay. Forth {вгеаэоп, {п the~i~rt of

God поопе isbetter thananotherunlessneis/more ri9nteot.jg N?~rabissuperiortba,morerighte.ous.



.Г· П\

Qh.(эоQ·, ,oio -. Ide1ive{ уоuгmеs§аQе.~9.п.~m~·.·







Qh'peopfetthose 01 уоц'mu§t··

lJ~s~t~i§ rnes§Cige оп to thosewho area9~~nt.'t

IП6ззА.D.~hе erophet .' ~

. Не .W~S ~iх,!Х-~Ьг~е~~~~s


ot.daC.Y9r~ing.the /нпагС(;llепqагand $ixty-оnеа.с(;Rгdi~~tр·

thе'~{}I~гс~l~п~аг; lmm~diate'y.atter ·!h~ er()pt)e~·~.•~~~mJ

АЬа B~Кeг сате out. апd.sаidtо the' p~plej:.".\.I~~iIY.

whosoeverworshipped Muhammad knowst~~t,.",o~amT~d

is dead.··. Butwhosoever.worshippedGod kпоwsth~tGо(IJs


alive,. forH~does not die." ТНеп he recitedt~et()lfo~if)g

versesf.rom•the Но!у Когал: НТги!у


qie(qne 'qay~;

апdtгulуthеу(tоо)wШ die·.(опеdау).It. (QurJan,XX~J,~~.~Q~.)

Апd"rv1uhа(Т1IТ'1С':~ ,в поm()ге t~an ал Аr:>9st'~;тС':пуw~\~~t~~

Apo?tlesttiatpasseq' аwау·Ьеfdгеh;rfI.··.··lfhе·d!ёdо/vveге slаiп:WН"УО\jtt1епtuгпЬасkОЛyour. heeIs?'ffаПу'(Ji,dtUf;П

back опhisheels, лоt fhe lеаsthаrmwШhеdОJ()~~,tJl.Jt

Gоd{оn,.·th~€)~hщh~nd)witl swift/y:'rewardttqo.?·e, 1(>Iho(S8rм8

him).wi~q,gr?tlt\)q~~." .(Rцг'~п,НI.144J






PtcAhet·st1~sql.Je. [ate r, theProph et's .мОsqЧ7\у~S

e~PC1rтd~ptqsuch ~nextent that .it containedthePr?Pl1et's

hоusе.тt1еРfОJ!Jпеt'sМоsquе is ргеsепttу. looated in

МеdiЩl, ·Saudj·ДгаlЭiа.

Todaymflliorтsof·Musljmsvisit the Pг()phet'SMQ~que This

vi~i~lJ1aycpi~cidewith а 'Y'.uslim's pilgrimage~o Makkah, ог

maytal<eplace а! another time.


L~ssthafJ nV() ·centuries -. after. the ·death· cfthe ·РЩрhеt

MusJimsbeeame .ФеЬеагегэqfhis

holy message.Isfam spread thюughоut the~orId untilit



•• ,the

геС:1~~е~.СQi~аiпth7ЕаstапdSpain intheWest

ТЬе IsIamic was tobecomethegreatestempirein the history of Mankind.The teachings of 'эlaт werethemotivationfor this аmaziлgIуп~рidexpansionof the Mus/imfaith.

Tbday,.thereare тоге than а billion Muslims ,п the woгld, in (пе 46 Muslim соцпшез inAsia.and


/лd()п~siаis.ргеsепtlу the largest


ТПеге.аге.~Iso mi/lionsof Мuslimsliviпg.innon-Muslim

соuпtгiеs:>j20rnШiопlive '" Jndia, over 100 miШол.iлChina,

ancf 66miШрп it'ltheSoviet Uпiоп.


Note(1) : F'resently; the four MuslimcountriesViith t~largest poputatiof1 QfMusHms аге : {ndonesia. Bangladesh.Pakistan,

зпd N,igeria ••~

\Jote(2): Tы~·гeaгe аlsоmiШопs of Musfimsliving in non"'­ Muslimcountriessuch аэ : The Phi tippines, Вигта, rhail~nd , Yugoslavia ,.ancj {Ье United States.

HI$TQBJCAL BACKGROU,NQ~§;QtJr THE,HOLVCITY OFMAKKAM The•.•CitymMakkah i$tslam's holiestof all'cjtiSsfor



The•.•CitymMakkah i$tslam's holiestof all'cjtiSsfor >the

follo~ing reasons:

Ка'аЬа (the Ноцвё which was rebuilt bythsProp",et


Ka'abq isthe h<;>liest shr.ine. Muslimsallove~t~~w(}rl~pr~y fi\fetimes аday, and while they dothis, theyface th~Ka'aba,.

the ~rand Mosque are,j()~ate<:f}nM~kka~.

Duringthe .РilgгiЦ1аgевеввоп;Muslimsfr~v~ltqfy1ak~ahfdr

their pilgrimage

Muslims агеrequired todoa.pilgrilТ1a~eto

M~kk~h~tleast.опсе.in. their liyes if they T~reat;>le~Q. Thi§.is

ЬесаtЩeРilgrim~gе 1э .theFifth Pillar оflslаm.(1;J1еfЭill~гsоf



То believe there

is Ohly

on~God '•. ~J1d

Muhamm~d I~ нв me$senger andthe lastРГ9:Р~f)fёЛ Рr~у

flVe times рег cjay. 'Н Тhe rich peOe'egivecharitYtothef)0Qf

",.Fastduring РИgrimаgеto Makkah.)


the holy.monthof Ram~dan.V.

Th~Pil~fimaQe is а very.special .expeгience $in~ef\t1ysljms

fromeverycountry in the. WОг1dgаthег·tоgЕ}trЕ}r.iПМ~~~h.

This пав Ьееп taking pface since the· timeoftheProphet

White оп Pilgrimage~every()l'1~g[~~S~S

M~h,C1rrltn~<:f. ~

i~~he sam~cloth,ingso по .опе сап tеП who i$' riCha"t:f .wb~

ispo()r .•. ThePilgriгnage i~ а пгпе when rniHionsare.g~mered

andtheirlJeJi~! .in . th,eteachings of· fslam . i~ .strE:1(1g!f1~rl~d:

Отга {Э atso агвавоп why people travel to Makk~h.':Of1?~aJ~

ап optional pilgrimage for Muslims that сап Ье done аtалу


Makkah isthe bll1hplace ofthe Prophet MLJhammad· ~,and

Makkah iswherelslam

began "-- whеге.th,еfЮ:)f?h,<::t


АПQ8IЧ~lJф~I.-.Themessage of Islcцn юок, p~9ple Jr()m

dаrkпеsstо'ightпеss •.

~ received the КогапfromGоdЩгрughttiе

of Islcцn юок, p~9ple Jr()m dаrkпеsstо'ightпеss •. ~ received the КогапfromGоdЩгрughttiе

then returned back то the place where ,J\braham had previously left her with her son.

Abrahamquickly went to the place where Ka'abais located now. This place was уегу c/ose то where he orginally /eft Hagar and Ishmael. Не tuгn hishands цр to the sky, praying to Allah. "Oh myLord, I have left ту sonand wife in а Ьаггеп valley пех! to your 8acred House. that they гпау estabIish regular ргауег. Thus Ibeg you to insuгe some people will visit that р'асе. I also beg you to bestow somefruits upon them so that they will remain faithful to you."

The following уегэев give account of Abraham's ргауег as found in the Holy Когап (XIV, 37).

"О ouг Lord! I have made some of ту offspring to dwell 'П а valley withoutcultivation, Ву Thy 8acred House;

In order, О ouг Lord, that they Мау estabIish regular Ргауег:

80 fill the heaгts of some

Аmопg теп with love towards them,

Апd feed them with Fruits:

80 that they тау give thanks."

80 the Prophet Abraham left behind his wife Hagar and young son, Ishmael, at the place where Makkah is today. Hagar began to breast-feed her son and she drank frorn the canteen of water ate from the basket of dates.When the


гап empty, Ishmael Ьесате thiл~tу апсвпе set off

to find wаtэг. suffer.

She was unabIe to Ьеаг watchingher son

8he climbed Ир 8afa Моuпtаiп to see ifc~ravans were coming in the distance, but there was поthiпg,shе know the

earavans would Ье carrying water. She elImbed to the top of Morwah Mountain, оп the other side of th.e valley. Again she searched for earavans and found ПQthiпg. Hagar гап

between Safa Mountain and Moгwah MountaIn seven tImes,

but was unable to fiпdапуопе~ "


WhenHagar returned to the plaee where she had left her son, а miraele oeeurred. А spring of water began to emerge from under Ishmael's feet. That spring of water has ever since Ьееп known as the Well of Zamzam.

Опе day some Arabs from the Jerham Tribe passed Ьу Makkah and noticed there was а bird eireling асоуе, indieating there was water in Makkah. The tribesmen met Hagar and asked her if they could live in Makkah wit~1 her.


She told them they eould, but that she would have the rights to the ownership of the water. This meant that they eould use it, but that she would still own the spring. They agreed to this.

Hagar was happy to have eompanionship. The tribesmen stayed there and they sent for their relatives to move there, and the city thrived. This is how the Holy City Of.Makkah Ьесате prosperous.

Тhe Prophet Abraham (тау реаее Ье upon him) journeyed tOMakka~tovisit his son, Ishmael. While he.was there he wаs>оп~~геdЬу Allah to rebuild Ка'аЬа with the help of Ishmael(Qlaypeaee Ье upon him).



Makkah Ьесате

а plaee where earavans

tгащ~l1inQfhГЩJQtJthе desert would stop. It also Ьееате ап

imроrtgпt commercial eenter in the АгаЫап Peninsula. Fait~ffulpilgrims travelled to Makkah as part of their pilgrimage t(1~r~tJ~patKa'~ba (the House rebuiltbythe Prophet ~brah~(1);htakkah prospered in·response to the prayers of Abraham.

Uлfоrtuпаtеlу,·withthе раssiлg oftime, thepeople ofMakkah

set pagan idols up around Ка'аЬа and Ьеgапtо worship them. They по longer worshipped God exelusively,who was their own God and al50 the God of Abraham.

The people ofMakkah devised religious.rites and eeremonies

that they iлtroduееd to their pilgrimage, whieh had not Ьеел

previously ordered Ьу God.

over the АгаЫап Penin5ula. This praetiee eontinued until the

7th eentury, when the Prophet Muhammad ~ demolished all the pagan idols surrounding Ка'аЬа, and purged the АгаЫап Репiлsulа from idol worship. The Prophet Muhammad ~ then ordered the peopleto worship Allah exelusively.

Pagan idol worship5preadall

Today milliолs of Muslims go to Makkah each уеаг to

eomplete their pilgrimage.

obligation to Ье observed Ьу every able Muslim 8t Je8st опее during his lifetime.

Тhis is согвюегео to Ье а1'1

Аэ рап of the Pilgrimage, Muslims go to Makkah andei.rele around Ка'аЬа. They also cover the dista1'1cebetweenSafa Mountain and Morwah Mountain seven times. The pilgrim8 also drink from the Wellof Zamzam, the spring ofvvatervvhieh was diseovered under the feet of Ishmael.

Another Миэliтеегеmопу is to 8acrifieeanimalsonthemost important holiday in Islam, Eid-AI-Adha, Thisi8 d01'1e to follow the example of the Prophet Abraham,theratherofAJI

ап ineident whe1'1the Prophet

Abraham's эоп Ishmael was saved from the васпйсе Ьу

angels bearing а гат from


It refers


This referred back to the Prophet Abraham'sdreClf1)when

he saw himself sacrificing his sоп 18hmael аэ

After he had that dream, the Prophet Abraham aS8umedGod was ordering him to kiJI his 801'1. Тhe геаsопf{)rthiSdге.Clт was that God wa1'1ted to test Abraham's faith. 11'1 obedience

а1'1 0fiering.

toGod's огоег, Abrahamlaidhis son оп the ground the way in which animals аге affered for sacrifice.

When Abгahamtгied to cut thethroat ofhis san, theknife did not actually cut. Immediately, God sent ап angel beaгing а

- ramfrom Рагасйвв to Ье sacrificed Instead of 'shmael.

TheHaly Кагапrecited this incident as follows:

(когап XXXVII102-107)

102.Then, when (the 50П) Reached (the·age of) (Serious) work with him,

Не said: "О ту 50П!

, see in visiол

That '·оПегtheein sacrifice:

Naw.seewhat is

Thy viеw!"(Тhе зоп) said:

myfather! 00 . AsthoH аl1cOmmanded:

TbouWilIf!nd··.me, tfGodso

Practicing~atience аор Constancy!"

10З.Sо.~епtheyhad both

SuЬmittеd>thеir.wШs (to .God).;

Andhehadtaid him Pt.ostrate>Qh··hls.forehead


1Q4.Wecalledout tohim, "OAbraham!"






106.For this was obviously А trial-­

107.And We ransomed t"lim With а momentous saerifiee:

It Isbecauseof this incident that Muslims all over the world commemorate this Holy day, the Feast 01 the Sacrifice. It is celebratedby sacrificin.g тапу goats, which аге then given to thepoor people 1ог1000.

This day is the most impoгtantday to Muslims, who eelebrate itworldwide.


1.Ка'аЬа is the first shrine God built оп earth and it has Ьееп there sineethe time of the Prophet Adam (тау реасе Ье

Prophet Abraham (mау реаееbeuponhim)

was instrueted to rebuild the shrine оп the holy groundwhere

оропгвгп). The

it had

огigiпаllу stood.

2.The Feast of Sacrifiee is known in Arabie ав Eed Aladha. It is the biggest holiday for MIJslims and is еquivаlепt to Christmas for Christians.




сойеспоп of two hundred Hadith included пегеwere сагешцу

selected fгom among thousands of the Prophet's Holy


Th.isbOOk has taken

те а long time ю .согпр'етв.

The idea foгtt"lis book was generated in late 1985 whепI sent

some tгапslаtеd Hadith to Ruth Niсhоlsоп., ап Агпепсап lady

liviпgin Califoгnia. She wasgreatly impressed with the Holy Hadith I hаd.givеп пег. Зhе геао some of them tomembers of her family, whom впе told of the trust she had in апуЬоdу who believed iп the Pгophet Muhammad ог in his tеасhiпgs.

Sееiпg how much Mrs. Nicholson had Ьееп iпfluепсеd

епсоuгаgеd те to согпрйе as тапу Hadith as.possibIe·and translate them into English so that поп-Мuslims could study

the teachIngs of оуег the world to

Islащ. This

would allow поп-МustimsаН

read and grasp thi3se principles.


The Hadith included here have Ьееп carefuIJy se/ected to Ье

both appealingand

relevant то реерте from Westeгn

сultщ.еs.l·wаsсqпсегnеd thatthemessageand· iтрlitаtiолs

of the$e Hadith apply to the поп-Мus'imWQгld~щ:fЬе valuabIe to them inpaгticular.



iпrnуЫгth)рlасеiлАЬu Dh~Ы{Опiti3d<Аr.аЬ

Ещiг~tе$)ihаs. h.i3lped


Y:lrite ·thi$.book,· •.•·.••.Iqqrnpfeted


tеп. ееiпg8 st.udent8t the Uпivегsityof ЗоuthегпCalifornia

in theUnited States. foг.тоге thanseven уеагв hashelped те to understand .the Engtish languageand the

in theUnited States. foг.тоге thanseven уеагвhashelped те to understand .the Engtish languageand the Westeгn



I would like to ехрlаiпthe meanings of а few terms which the геадег will encounterfrequentlyin this book.

--"Jslam" is

ап АгаЫс woгd which means

ассертапсе.апд commitment."

--"Allah ll meatrs "God."

"реасе, purity,

--"Associating With Allah" гпеапз believing in different gQds besides Allah orbelieving Allah has а 50П.

--"Qu'ran" is the Когап (the Book of God).

--"Moslems is the same аз "Muslims."

--"Ummah re1ers to 'the Muslim peopJe, the followers of the Prophet Mohammad



--"Hadith" is

descriptions of the Prophet Muhammad

а гесогд от the sayings, doings, асйопвапо



--"Sunna" is another пате for "Hadith." --"Evil doing" isany bad action against pee>ple ог pгopeгty;

-- "Verily" means 'truly.

--"Alms'i means "charity,11

. --At the

ЬegiПl1iпg 01 each .Hadith., the

рпгаве "Оп the

authorityof<. ,,'1 is followed Ьу the пате of t.he companio

the Prophet Muhammad

example, these паmеs аге:- Abu Hurairah, Anas Bin Malik,





m. whorepoгtedthe Hadith

--At the end of each Hadith is found the пате. ог njckname ofthe scholarwho actually

--At the end of each Hadith is found the пате. ог njckname ofthe scholarwho actually wгote down and kept аrecord of


Muslim, Tirmizi, Baihaqi, Ahmad, АЬи Daoud, 'Ьп мajah, Baghawi, апd AI-Nisai.

the Prophet's NobIe Hadith.

These патеэ аге:


~. means "Реасе and bIessing of Al\ah Ье цроп him."

in АгаЫс.

--"Mosque" is the place where Muslims go to ргауfive times а day. А Mosque to the Muslims is like а church to the


--''ТhеLast Оау,""The Нош," "The Dау of Judgement," апо

"Тhe Dау of Resuгrection"all have the same meaning. АН

these phrases теап the end of this fife оп eaгth and the Ьеgiппiпg of the Afterlife.

-.'1 The Prophet ~ "апоThe Messenger of Allah" агеtitles

for the Prophet Muhammad

* .

--"Pofytheist" is а регsоп who worships тапу gods.

--"Не is not опе of us" mеапs that регsоп is not а devout Muslim ог that his faith is поt complete.

--!'Believer" теапэ а good Muslim.

--"Brother" mеапs fellow тап ог апу Muslim.

-~''ВепеvоlепсЕ3'' теапэ kindness.

-·"Makkah" is a/so written "Месса" (

The city ofMecca)

--"Sbn ofAdam" meansa тап огhumапЬеiпgЬесаusе

everyone is descended from Adam.

--Allah's пате always begins with а capitalletter.


reference to AJlahis also capitalized; such as, "Не," "1," and "W8." God оftепrefers to Himself as "We" thesame way that royalty does. А" other names for·Allah аге alsocapitalized. Тпезеnameswould include, "ТЬеGепегоus," "ТЬеMerciful," and so оп.

--"Fasting" is to go without eating ог dгiпkiлg from dawnuntil suлsеt (for about 14 to 17 hours) as а way of woгshipping God. It teaches love, sincerity, and devotion. It develops раtiепсе, unse1fishness,. social conscience, and will-power to Ьеаг hardships.

--"Praying" refers to the practice of worshipping at the Mosque ог anywhere else. Muslims ргау five times а day. When they ргау, they stand up, then kneel down, then bow.

Ргауег strengthens апd enlivens belief in God and inspires

'! purifies the beaгt and controls

тап to higher тогаПty.

temptation, wгong-doing, алd evil.

cause." Thi~ could refer

to тапу practices done foгAllah's sake, such as: going to

battle fогуош country; defending your faith; doing missionary work; and resisting temptation.

--"Jihad" means "striving for Allah's

--In the Когап, the word "We" is how God (Allah) refers to Himselt. Theuse of the plural form connotes holiness ог majesty. Кings and queens all over the world refer to themsetves as "We."

--"Removing аharmfu\ thing from the гoad"means to remove

а гock, а пай, а broken bottle, ог апу obstacle Ьоthегiпg


--"Recompense" is а reward.

"А. Н" means "after hejra ll , which refers to the migration of the Prophet Muhammad ~ from the city of Makkah tothe city

of Medina.

This event marks the beginning of the Muslim


-- IIUSUryll. in English means to charge ап excessivelyhigh interest rate. For example, if someone is desparate for топеу апо somebody gives him а lоап, but charges double ог triple the usual rate of interest. However,in Islam, апу small amount of interest is considered usuгy.

-- "Спазшу" means а state of ршепезв, virginity etc.

А поп-Мuslim reader тау wonder why this book is written in both АгаЫс and English. The reason is that ДгаЫс is the original Language and this Hadith is so holy that it must

always Ье written in the original language.

translation could Ье susceptible to mistakes, the гпеагнпо wiII

not Ье lost if the original text accompanies the translation. Therefore, the original Hadith will Ье preserved for eternity.

Since the



message of the Hadith does not apply to just теп ог women, but to all humanity. There аге occasional exceptions where Hadith аге specifically directed to опе gender and this will Ье indicated in those cases. Otherwise, the messages of the Hadith apply to all mankind.

а тап ог а woman

is referred



а Hadith,

Some people incorrectly assume that the Islamic religion discriminates аgаiпst wоmеп. This is not true. After the Prophet Muhammad ~ began his Pгophet-hood during the seventh century, the position ofwomen ппргоуеоgreatly. The Islamic religion motivated the following imргоvеmепts:

1)А woman

her family's estate.

Ьесате legally entitled to iпhегit property fгom

2)It Ьесате illegal and immoral to kill oгbury daughters due to the family's embarrassment ог poveгty.

З)Wоmеп gained the right to own property.

4)Women gained the right to choose theirhusbands апото refuse to paгticipate in аггапgеd marriages -,


tslamic law aod Jegislation сапее fочпd iHtwo sQQrces;The

Holy КогапandJhe Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad



The Когапis the word of God"алd it is the mostholybQok of

Jslam. God gave the inspiration тог the

Gabrj~l, whо.thел inspired the Prophet Itis а сопипоп пивсопсерпопthat the Prophet Muhammad is theauthor of the Когап. This is nottrue. TheHoly Когап is God's word iлsрiгеd in the Prophet thЮIJgh the AngefG~brief. Nei.ther the Prophet Muhammad the Angel Gabriel had anything to do with the Кorап беуопd сопvеуiлg God's message to the people.

Когап to the Angel

Мuhагпmаd ~



The definition of.the Hadith is the saying, actions, reports ог descriptions ofthe Prophet Muhammad Й . For вхагпр'е, there аге.Hadith that героп that the Ргорбет used his right hand to eat., and that he was silent to indicate disapprovaf.

The чпропапсе of 1heHadith 15to givedetailed explanatipns of the princlples in the Когап; there аге "things contained in the Hadith that аге по! mentioned ,п the Когап.

ftisrequired for Musl.ims to followthe Hadith becau~ethey have Ь~еп orderedin the Koran то imitate the behavior of the Propl)et Muhammad ~ Тпе Hadith is ~I~e advice апо

Prophet MIJhammad

inspiredbyGod. The Prophet Мuhагпmаd ~·didnot make цр the principles of·the Hadith himseJf. The Prophet Muhammad Й is infallibIe. For this геазоп.лпеHadith is

themain воцгсеоfJsJаmiсtеасhiлgлеxtto the КОганitself.

tеасhiлgs of the




In the Когап, the Almighty AHah says: "Sotake what the Apostle аssigпsto уоц апо deny yourself that with which he withh()Ids from you." (Ои'гап, LIX. 7)~

Therefore, th~textbf the Hadith iпсludеdiпthisЬоdk аге

verysapred,important, and deseniing ofrespect.


Islam is аcomplete religion that Ciddresses all aspects of The Prophet's HCidith deal with сопипоп апd useful issues

such as: ItSales," "Тгапsасtiопs," NМCiппегs," "Warand

Реасе,11 IIStrife and Labor," "Travel," "Тгаое," "Agriculture," "The Pursuit of Knowledge," "Меdiсiпе," "Health," "Leisure Time," "Relaxation," "Lunar and Solar Eclipses," "Juгisdiсtюп," "Grievances," "Debts," "Blood,il "Мопеу," IIРаwпiпg," "Leaves," IIFamilies's Rights and Relatives' Rights," "Parents' Rights,'1 "Neighbors' Rights," "Marriage апd Divorce," ."Religious Observations -- Prayers, Fаstiпg., Pilgrimages and Аlms-Giviпg," "GharitabIe and Evil Acts,I' "Messengers," '1Prophets, HeavenJy Books and theLast Оау," and .11Paradiseand Неll."

This is just а smalJrepresentation of all the тапу subjects covered Ьу the Hadith. Noother religion iлthе world covers as тапу subjects as Jslam does, пor in such rich detail.


The two huлdгеd Hadith included iп this book have Ьеел extracted from among thousands of thePropheesHadith. I have arranged these selections in chapters so they сап Ье easily read and цпоегвюоо. These Holy Hadith deal with some of the social issues pertaining to Islam aswell as to the sayings and actions.of the Prophet ~

Examples of these issues аге: "Gharity and Good Deeds," "Good Manners," "Рагпйу апо Helatives,'1 I'Neighbors' Rights," IIKindness to Animals," "Labor," "Authority and Responsibility," Law,""Trade," "Gгееdiпеss,"."81gns of the

Last Оау апd the .Тпав," "The Dayof Judgemепt<апd

InhabitantsofParadise and InhabitantsofHefl," "Propnets,"

and "Faith."

I would

again like to remind the reader thatthere аге

thousands тоге Hadith not included in this volume that address the above mentioned subjects. Should the reader have further interest ,п studying the Holy Hadith,he сап consuJtone of themany booksavailabIe. For example, the works of Bukhari, Mustim,and Tirmizi.


It has Ьееп mygoal to make this translation of Hadith clear and еаау to comprehend.1 have relied оп mапу quaНfied peopte tohelp with thetranslation. Also, 1referred то the Hadith books previously pubIished English, but Idid not confine myselftorelying оп their translations. Since тапу phrases in АгаЫс do nothave corresponding meaning in the EngIish language, I have translated Ьу concept, rather than word-for-word. Also, it should Ье noted that а" quotes from the Когап used ,п mybook· were taken from the translation Ьу Yusuf АИ, а MusIim Scholar.


А non-Muslim readeг might wonder why the пате of the Prophet Muhammad ~ is always followed Ьу the phrase,

"реасе апd Ыеssiпgsоf Allah Ье uponhim. "

Thrs is оопе-ае а show

Muslims areinstructedin th.e Когап to follow this practice. In Islqmic countries, all пеwsрарегs, books, and magazines аге ргiлtеd with the phrase, "реасе and bIessings of Allah Ье

uponhim" after thелаmе of the The phrase written like this in

of геарес! foг the Prophet


Prophet Muhammad

АгаЫс: ~



It is iпtеt'"е$tiпg to notethat when а gгoup of Muslims аге together аnd вотеопе mentions the· пате of the Pгophet, allthe:othersin the group аау the phrase either out loud ог

то themselves.

Pгophet. Addttionally, this phrase сап Ье implemented ав а

This is а way of showing respect for the

method of ргауег. For example, whenever а devout Muslim has the opportunity, he will chant

method of ргауег. For example, whenever а devout Muslim has the opportunity, he will chant the phrase, "реасе and bIessings of Allah Ье upon him."

Also, it is required to say "тау реасе Ье upon him".every time а Prophet's пате is mention; for example, Moses, Jesus, Abraham, Ismail, Noah, Adam, тау реасе Ье upon them. Also the same phrase is used every time ап Angel's пате, such as "Michael" ог "Gabrief", is mentioned. Additiona"y, it is геошгео to say the phrase "т ау AIIah Ье pleased with t-lim" every time апу of the Pгophet's companions аге referred to.

It is importantto indicate that this book was pubIished with the authorization of the Ministry of IslamicAffairs iл the Uпitеd Ага.Ь Emirates. This is the goveгnment agency responsibIe for religious matters. They reviewed this book precisely,


Also, the Ministry of Information, the gоvегпmепtаgелсу in the United АгаЬ Emirates responsibIe for the media, has granted appгoval to this book. Before I Ьэgап writing and аПег I made corrections, I did it with theappгoval ofthese agencies. Nothing in this book was done without authorization.

foг word, and gave their permission to have it printed.


I wanted to make sure before pubIishingthis book that non-Muslims were аЫе to understand the EngHsh translation. 80 1visited the United 8tates and England and gave the text to тоге than sixty American and British people to read. addition, I gave these Hadith to Ешореапэ and Americans who resided in the United АгаЬ Emirates to read.

I fоuпdthat someof them uпdегstооdthеелtiгеtext, Ьи!that themajority of them feltthatthe Hadith
I fоuпdthat someof them uпdегstооdthеелtiгеtext, Ьи!that
themajority of them feltthatthe Hadith requiredmore
explanation. 'П эоте саэеэ, these rюп-Мц~limsfоuпd
references that did по! make sense in their culturaf context.

Sometimes the Hadi'th.were not uлdегstооd because the reader had апjлаdеquаtе vocabuJary and did notrec;:ognize

someof the words.

Some readers had not read the BibIe,

and сопзесцепйу ""еге not

famНiar withreligious terms.

For the above reason, I wrote some footnotes tothe Hadith as ап explanation of the text. After completing the footnotes, 1showed the text to the non-Muslim readers а second time,

and fоuпdthеуthen uпdегstооd everyt~ling. Now 1hope the

Hadith in this book аге clear, easily understood and impressive tothe non-Muslims who read t~lem.

The reaction of some of the people who read this book was во favorabIe that they re-read the text several пгпев апd were iпtегеstеdiл buying books about the history of Islam.

.The astonishing reaction of those people made те wonder to myself what would парреп if they were to read the Когап cover го cover and understand its teachings, and significance, and the miracle of it.

The Когап is· ап impressive and Holy Book because it is directly God'sWord.

The Когап deals with аvariety of subjects including the basic beliefs of Islam, morality, worship, knowledge, w;sdom, God and Мап relationships, and the relationships among human Ьеiлgs. Comprehensive teachings, upon whic~1 sound system$ of soc;al just;ce, politics, economics, Jegislation, jurisprudence, law and iпtегпаtiопаl relations сап Ье buiJt, form animportant рап of the Holy Когап.

. The Koranalsohasmanyfascinating andunique qualities.

considered beautifuJ

literatLJre. The Koran also speaks to the reader's

suЬсьлsсiоusmind. If а регsоп паз а ртоЫеm ог question,

h(3 сап ha

Godspeaks to humanity through thishoJy book.

<itanswered while read;ng theKoran because

It isvvгittеп iл


алd is


The Когап was completed duгiпg the time of the Prophet

Muhammad ~, yet had аргоfоuпd kпоwlеdgеof sсiепсе

(e.g. chemistry, geology, physics) апd mеdiсiпе that was сепtuгiеs ahead of its time. There аге milliопs of books that could Ье wгittеп about the miracles of the Когап.


attributes mепtiопеd above. It is truly the word of God because по тап could have wгittеп а book that was poetry, that spoke to the reader's suЬсопsсiоus, that had а

is а miraculous

book, as

iпdiсаtеd Ьу the


progressive kпоwlеdgе of sсiепсе апd mеdiсiпе апd mапу

other thiпgs. Uпdегstапdiпg the qualities of the Когап

makes it seem ridiculous that some peopJe сопsidег the Prophet Muhammad ~ to have Ьеепthe author. It.ytould


Ьееп impossibIe for the Pгophet Muhammad ~ to

have wгittеп this book, especially сопsidегiпg that he was illiterate апd that the place where he lived had Jittle lеагпiпg

апd cultuгe.


Fiпаllу,1would like to add that I do поthold аreligious office, пor ат I ап authority оп Islamic studies. Соmрlеtiпg this

book was а регsопаl епdеаvог апd was dопе to the best of

ту ability. With this work 1hope to gаiп the sаtisfасtiоп of

God апd His Меssепgег.

It is also ту goal то асquаiпt the

reader with thеtеасhiпgs

of Islam so that he тау ultimately Ье сопviпсе that there is

по god but Allah апd that Muhammad . ~

апd Меssепgег, апd that Muhammad

the last

is His Sегvапt




Оп God, the helpful апd Great, 1 dерепd for the fulfillmепt of ту objeetive. For Не is the souгce of а" guidапсе iп this world апd to Him alone should опе attribute а" success апd good




















































(1) Оп the a.uthority of АЬи Hurairah (rтщуАНаhЬе pleasedwith him), who said:

The Messenger of Allah (реасе and bIessings of Allah Ьеироп him) said: "Every рап of а person's body must perform а charity every day the sun comesup: to act just/y between two реор/е is а charity; tohe/p а тап with hismount,/ifting him опю it ог hoisting his be/ongings олtо it is а charity; а good word is а charity; every step you take to prayers is а charity; апо removing а harmful thing нопипе road is а charity."

(Bukhari and Mus/im)

Note: "Removing аharmfu\ thing from theroad"rneans to remove arock, а broken bott\e, nails, ог anyobstac\e from the roadthat tS botherrng pedestrians.

(2) Оп theauthorityof Adee Ып Hatim(may Allah Ье pleased withhi.m),who said: The MessengerofAllah
(2) Оп theauthorityof Adee Ып Hatim(may Allah Ье pleased withhi.m),who said: The MessengerofAllah

(2) Оп theauthorityof Adee Ып Hatim(may Allah Ье pleased withhi.m),who said:

The MessengerofAllah (peac~andbIessjngsof Allah Ье ироп him) said: "Save yourselvesfrom

only half а date (of а palm

tree) as charity; and опе who does not have even that, $hou~d at leastspeak nicely." (ВukhariandMuslim)

Hell, even if it Ье Ьу giving

Note: This Hadith instructs people to giv.e whatever charity they аге аЫе то, even if it is.only а small token Iike the date fгom а аге аЫе то, even if it is.only а small token Iike the date fгom а palm tree. Performing smalJ acts of Charitycoutd preventa регвопfrom getting sent to НеН. However, if а регвоп is not аЫе to give anything at all, he shoufd at least speak nicely to others.

(3) Оп the authority of Abu Dharr (тау AHah Ье pleased withhim), who said: Оп the authority of Abu Dharr (тау AHah Ье pleased withhim), who said:

The Prophet (реасе and bIessings of Allah ье upon him) toldme: "Donotconsider even the smallest ,good deed The Prophet (реасе and bIessings of Allah ье ав insignificant; even meeting. your brother with а ав insignificant; even meeting. your brother with аcheerful face is а good deed." (Muslim)

,good deed ав insignificant; even meeting. your brother with а cheerful face is а good deed."

(4) .Оп, the authority of Abu Musa АI >Ashari. (т~y AHah Ье pleased with ~Iim), who said:

The Prophet(peace and btessingsof Aljahbe цроп

him) said: "Charity is лесеваагу foreveгyMuslirn".

The Prophet was asked: 'What i1 а регвоп has nothing?' The Prophet replied: "Не should work with his own hands for his benefit and then give something out 01 such earnings in charity". The companions asked 'what if he is not аЫе to work?' The Prophet said: "Не should he/p роог and needy persons". The companions 1urther asked 'what if he cannot do еуеп that?' The Prophet said "heshould urgeothers to do good". The companions submitted 'what if he lacks that also?' The Prophet said "he should check himself тгогп doing evil. That is also charity."

(Bukhari and Muslim)

Note: "Не should check I,imselffrom doing evil. Тhat is alsocharity." means all people агв сараЫе of committing evil Ьу hurting other people. 1herefore, tгеаtiлg people kiлd/у is thesame as performing а . charity. Also, the person whois kind to othersbrings good deeds upon himse/f in return and consequently causes тоге .charityto Ье репоппео.


Note1: The mаiпроiпt of this Hadith is toencourage pet>pletoplant trees because thisaf./0WS people,birds, and animatstobe.fed fromthefruit th~t~e цее

ргооцсев, Also, рlапtiлgtгееsis goodfo~ the. society.

Note 2: This Hadith also explains thatif а· регвоп steals the fruitofa tree,it is asin. However, for the регвоп

planted the пее, it is сопеюегео а charity for

вогпеопе to have stolen· погп his нее.


(7') Ontheaut.horityof.Abu Нuгаiгаh{mау.;ДИаhЬе

pleased with him), who said:

Amancameto {АеProphet(peaceand·blessi.ngsof

Allah·be' ироп him) and askedhim: Whiqh

alms givIng ismostvirtuqus?;· Тпе Prqphet answered:"Thosealms yougivec:J.waywhIle уои аге in good health. If уоипауе а keend.esire>to агпавв wealth, уои аге afraid of adversity and longing for топеу. 00 по! delaygivingincharity untilyouare in.thethroesof death and thensay: 'То во and 50 this,and soand sothat,forby йтеп {! alreadybelongs тово and во." (Вukhariand MusHrn).


Note1: "Sоапd. sоllтеапs"Мг. Х" апd "Мг. У."

"Alms'! теапs charity. "Iпthе thюеs of death" теапs that регsоп isabtJut to die. ·'Adversity" means poverty.

Note 2: This Hadithsays thаtthеЬеsttimеttJ·giVэcharity

.апо e?Q7r .to save


11 i$r;nuxhbe~er to;give

charity r~therthan waitinguntila. р~гsопhаs ЬеСРф8

019 andh?l~·aCcurnulatedw7?llt~. гс giY~Ch?ritywhl9l1

а регвоп is уоuпg алd pooris more.impo~~r1tthап {о

wait uпtilthe /ast miлutе of life whел it is тоо /ate.

is. whеП?Р~ГSQЛ .is


(Bukhari and Muslim) NQt~1:."pat~1' гпеапвthe fruit of theP8tm нее, N()~e>2:Тhефаiпpoint of
(Bukhari and Muslim) NQt~1:."pat~1' гпеапвthe fruit of theP8tm нее, N()~e>2:Тhефаiпpoint of
(Bukhari and Muslim) NQt~1:."pat~1' гпеапвthe fruit of theP8tm нее, N()~e>2:Тhефаiпpoint of
(Bukhari and Muslim)
NQt~1:."pat~1' гпеапвthe fruit of theP8tm нее,
N()~e>2:Тhефаiпpoint of this Had.ithjstbactiv~lys~ek
qut~hQ~ep~Qp.lewtlo ne~Q сhагity.ЬutdQлоtрsКfqгJt
qecClHs,~~t1~Y ar~
pr.olJd O{SQ}' tо.аdmit.tt1еу.п~еd
h~'р.~.~гr()п shquIdгесоgпizе апоthегp.~r$oh'sJ1§!ed
withоt1tЬеiпgаs kеd.

(9) Олthе authority of Uqpp.h Ibn Наг'йi.«fТ1ауАllаh

b~ pl~~~ed withhim),whosaid: .

. •••.

'1.J()in~d the After~oon РгауегIed bythe Prophet

(peac~.~nctbIessings of Allah Ье uponhim)}n




ргауе~h~~!о()cJчрand stepping across th~iline()f

the w?гshфрегs,hаstепеd юопе of~is9ha()'}bers.

РеQрlеi~.t~еgа.thегiпg were surprise? by'such

haste. Whепhесаmе back,l"heProph~texplained

his action "! гecaHedthat Ihad аpiece of siJver (ог gOldJ fQr cqarity and.thi.sdisturbed те. J .have now ar.rangedfor itsdistribution,"

Anotherversion sp.ys:

"1 hq.cJapiece 01 silver (огg01d) which wasmeantfor charity.lwas disturbed that it would геmаiпwith те overnight."


Note: l"he mаiпроiпtоfthis Hadith isnottod~layjn


(1~)ODth~~uthority of АЬц Dharr (mayAllah Ье

pteased< with him), who said:

lэ~~~tiОQеdthе Messenger of Allqh ав то what act i~m~strneritorious? The Prophet .said: "Faith in

АIJаhCiпdstгiv;пg for His cause" lib~rati9n зfwhiсh kind of slave

' asked,



best?' The

P~~p~:~~saj?:"the опе whoismostlikedby the

qta~ter;and\yhOse price is -. the

highest". I asked:



to do that (опассоuпt oflack of


The Prophet said: "Тлепhelp SОlТ1еолеiп

hiSVv'чгkorqtakesomething for вогпеопеwho isnot

if оп~ does

not>~~ve the

able to таке it himself"

I asked: 'What


The. Prophet


"Restrain yourself from doing fТ1 .to апуопе for

thqtisalsocharity towards yourself." . (Bukhari ar1d MuSlim).

N()t.~.~:lt"temain points of this Hadith аге:

1.,-~Dеl.i~~е.i?Gоd and do things for God's sake.


З.тоhеlр otherpeople who эге not .эЬfеtо help themselves. 4. Torestra;n yourself погп doing harm то апуопе. Ndte 2:.<During .the time of the Prophet. Muhammad ~in •.the Seventh centuгy, slavery was practiced widely~Th~prophet Muhammad ~ preached1hat ifam~sterfr~ed theirslaves, God wouldsave themfrom

going<t9'-'~II-. Тпеге were тапу sауiпgsiп the Hadith

andtQ~.~9r~n discussing the freeing ofslaves,and .as

аг~sult9fФisdосtгiпе тапу peopleconvertooto IsJэm.

Unfoгtunately, some peoplefdHowed. this commandment only when it was convenienttoQoso. They fгeed slaves that weгe old and lazy, апdwегепо longeг needed. This is the same as when some people give old· clothes that they по longer need to charity.

50, for people to free their slaves that аге young and productive is the best form of charity.

(11) Оп the au'thority of Abu Mas'ud AI-Badri (гпау Allah Ье pleased with him), who said:

The Prophet (реасе and bIessings of Allah Ье UPOl1

him) said:

hopes for compensation from God, he is also seen Ьу God to Ье giving charity."

(BLlkhari and Мцвйгп) Note: The Prophet said this Hadith оесацвевогпе people spend топеу оп other people and forget t9 spend it оп their own families.

"When а person spends оп .his family and


~ (12) Оп the authority of Salman Ып Amir (mayAllah Ье pleased with him), who said:

The Prophet (реасеand bIessingsof АПаhЬеupon him) said: "Giving charity to thepoorisch~nty, and giving to а relative amounts to two good d~~g:s i.e charity andbenevolence to kinsmen. "

Abu Hurairah (гпау Allahbe said:

TheProphet (реасе and bIessings of Allah Ье цроп him) said: "Тпеге will Ье Seven persons sheltered uпdег the shade of Allah оп the Dау of Judgement when there will Ье по other shade besides His shade. They аге: а just ruler; а young тап who passes his youth in worship and service of Allah ­ the Lord of Honour and Glory, опе whose heart is perpetually attached to the гповоце: two such persons who love each other for the sake of Allah, they joined together for His sake and parted for His sake; а тап who is invited for sin Ьу а rich beautiful woman but declines, saying I fear Allah. Опе who gives charity in а secret way without making аshow, in а way that his .Ieft hand does по! know what his right hand spent; and опе