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Oh this hateful exams, why do you create such an atmosphere which itself creates mistrust among people, makes

them emotionless, insensitive to external stimuli but only focused upon one single path which leads them to kingdom of success. So what is this exam? An exam is a process of giving away a set of questions to evaluate the skills and knowledge. The real stress is pressurized during the interim of realizing that the exams are near and the day of the exam. But there is a difference in the evenings, just before and after the exams. Earlier evening is marked by seriousness with a defined vision but the evening after the exam is characterized by confusion and chaos with undefined planning. The idea of an evening before the examination sends a spark of tremor within my nervous system which in itself is strong enough to give me goose flesh. For people who live in solitude and are somewhat not so studious, this is a challenging period. It is bullishly surprising to see the hostel which was so lively of life suddenly became a lonely planet of zombies. Sitting in the room, just convincing oneself to face book (not facebook), and try to focus instead of abrupt change of environment comprising of human beings is really hard. Outside the room, the arid behavior of people haunts at par with the affright of the wildest nightmare. There is an inner turmoil going within to leave all and start playing the best of linkin park, pink floyd, but the very thought of other people's reaction succumb me to give away this idea at the very instant. The atmosphere outside the four walls is so terrifyingly silent that even the sound (nearly zero decibel) of falling of leaf could be perceived. The closed doors of students room, with light illuminating the whole room and squeezing out through the pores of doors and windows. The constant sitting pose of students gazing the book could be marked by the shadow on the curtains or newspaper, which was installed on the window pane to avoid pedestrian from overlooking any legal/illegal acts going on inside the room. The monotonous sound of rote sends a discouraging effect to the listener, making one realize the increasing competition. As one moves a few steps away from ones cage, a sinusoidal sound of photocopy machine could be heard. The photocopy shop becomes a major IT hub during exams, providing students with different notes and question papers. Large number of people with shabby hairs, gloomy face, on loose attire, could be seen racing towards hostel mess at the same instant it opens, moreover they save themselves

from making an eye contact with others as if a question would be raised at the very sight which would expose their nave impression.