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Listening to rock music, Pink Floyd being a favorite Solving puzzles and cryptic crosswords

Enjoy watching Formula 1 racing.

Advised the Sales office on improving the distribution system by restructuring the vehicle routes.


Won first prize in Dumb Charades and JAM during Rendezvous 1999 (Cultural festival of IIT Delhi)

Estimated the potential of sales through the Industrial Canteen channel. Analyzed and suggested changes in the forecasting methodology followed by the sales office. Participated in the activation of key promotion schemes for Coke and Thums Up, the leading Coca-Cola brands in India.

My analytical skills, knack for numbers and hunger to be challenged intellectually, coupled with a strong interest in Finance that I have developed through my business degree, makes me well equipped to enter the world of Investment Banking. I believe that I also have the requisite people and leadership skills that working at Lehman Brothers would involve. I believe that Lehman Brothers, with its unique culture of assigning responsibility right from the word go and with its emphasis on teamwork would give me the excitement, challenge and intellectual stimulation that I look for in a job.

To reach the zenith of organizational hierarchy by the way of learning and experiencing the critical aspect. To work honestly with full determination and integrity with the team, with due respect to the superiors. I always believe in learning, simplicity, hard working and flexibility, if situations warrant achieving my objectives in life.

The training helped me get a sound and basic grounding in the core business aspects from the point of view of a corporate giant like HLL, and the project helped me develop and internalise a multidisciplinary and cross-functional approach towards all management issues and problems.

Statement of Purpose

The gull who sees the farthest, flies the highest. And I believe in flying that extra mile across the horizon. I understand that success is neither a coincidence nor an accident; it is a commitment.

New, hard and ambiguous problems and issues across functions and industries, in a context of continuous change, and with no obvious and perfect solutions make me strive for a career in Consulting. KPMG's "Aspiration Strategy" and "Discontinuities Model", which challenge the norms, excite and attract me. I aspire to be a part of this "boundaryless" team of dynamic and highly talented people in an intellectually stimulating environment.

My under-graduate studies in Economics, work with AIESEC (The International Association of Students in Economics and Management), internship at HLL, specialisation in General Management and Finance, and interest in diverse co-curricular activities have all helped me build and develop my analytical and problem

solving skills and ability for creative thought. I also possess the quest for excellence, thoroughness, communication skills, social competence and adaptability that help translate ideas into results. I am confident of living up to the challenges and excitement of the unique opportunity of setting up "KPMG's Strategy Practice" in India. I believe that this will be a rewarding experience not only for me but also for my country.
Advised SBCH on practical adaptation of Preferred Dealer (PD) concept to implement the market penetration strategy. Benchmarked PD concept with one of the best supply chains in India to identify relative merits and execution problems of each. Amended previous PD concept in view of the strengths of competing supply chain as well as their operational weaknesses. Prepared a detailed implementation plan that involved gap-prioritization, PD selection procedures and terms of PD contract. Developed a set of criteria to be used, as a ready-made toolkit by Area Sales Managers (ASM), to appoint PDs. Addressed issues of financial, business and operational capabilities while designing the toolkit. Gained insights into some of the best supply chain operations. Hands-on experience of dealing with multiple stakeholders

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