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Guide to Getting ACE for Lower Sec Science

Package of 5 ACE points: A) 1 X field trip* with minimum one A4 page reflections submitted OR 1 X Science Documentary Film Review
(Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Animal Planet e.t.c.)

B) Any 2 science enrichments as follows: Enrichment / Research Activities for ACE, Lower Sec Science Term 3 1) Do a research on titanium alloy. Report on its production, composition and uses. 2) Visit a scuba diving shop. Find out about the composition of gas used in the tanks. In terms of solution, report your findings. 3) Create a brochure to educate other students on the different types of chromatography a. Gas Chromatography b. Ion Exchange Chromatography c. Affinity Chromatography 4) Find out what people thought living things consisted of before Hooke's discovery of cells. Write a story about your findings. 5) If you were living 300 years ago, how might you react to being told that you were made up of cells? Is this different to the way people would react today? What migh t cause these reactions? Construct a story, play or cartoon that answers these questions. 6) We have always learnt that the process of photosynthesis requires sunlight. In actual fact, photosynthesis occurs in two stages. These stages are called the light reactions and the dark reactions. The light reactions take place in the presence of light. The dark reactions do not require direct light, however dark reactions in most plants occur during the day. Create an educational poster to inform of these 2 stages of photosynthesis.

7) Dialysis is a process of removing blood from a patient whose kidney is not functioning properly, purifying the blood using a machine and returning it into the patient's bloodstream. The dialysis machine replaces the function of the kidney by removing waste substances from the blood. This is done by diffusion whereby the blood is brought into contact with one side of a partially permeable membrane which has a sterile solution on the other side. a. How do you think the waste substances in the blood such as urea is removed from the blood? b. Will the red and white blood cells and platelets which make up the blood be removed? Why? c. Diffusible substances needed by the body such as sugars, amino acids and certain amounts of salts can go through the membrane. What can be done to make sure that these substances are not removed by dialysis? d. Water from the blood can also diffuse through the membrane. Why is it not removed by dialysis? Any other ACE that you would like to propose to do, please kindly consult your teacher. *the field trip may be organized by the school or it may be your own personal field trip planned. Please include some form of evidence (e.g. tickets, photos) that you have visited the place if you are doing the trip on your own. Other Bonus ACE (Science) ICAS Science Science related Competitions e.g. CHAOS

Note: Please ensure that you fulfill both items (Part A and Part B) of the ACE package to qualify for a maximum of 5 ACE.