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C.C Mr Lester Cornelius Attn. : Mr. Pusilan A/L Rajagopal


Your ref.: G&G/ HL /LOI/ JUNE /00 1/2012 , dated 1


2012 .

I, Mr Lam Mun Yew acting on behalf of the seller, of as mandate ,confirm with full corporate offer that the commodity Owner of AU Gold is ready, willing and able to enter into the contract for selling Aurium Utalium Metal Gold according to the following specification, terms and conditions, procedure herein defined as follows:- I confirmed that they is readily available of 1000kg in stock now.
1. Commodity : 2. Quantity : 3. Hallmark : 4. Price: Gold Metal in Bar form of 1.00 kilogram per bar/12kg bar Specication: Fineness is 999.5/1000 or better, 1000 kg per transaction.

International Accepted hallmark RM 150,000.00 PER KG ( current demanded price xed) RM 150,000.00 X 1000KG =RM150,000,000.00 (RM150M)


5. Delivery: Bank transaction and agreement. 6. Document: Certicates of ownership, Bullion Certicates,Assayer certicates, certied weight Bar and assayer describing the bar, Export certicate.Declaration of ownership has paid all duties, charges in the country of Origin that the metal is free from any liens. Certicates of origin. Procedure : 1. Seller Mandate, Mr Lam to issue a FCO, with the agreed price as this letter had conrmed that the Buyer or Buyer Mandate had agreed to the price of RM150,000.00 per kg.

2. Then Buyer issued a conrmed le er of interest and commitment 3. A er the issuance of step 2, the Buyer will issued the BCL to the names given by Mr Lam, the BCL must given by Bank, the bank which will received the gold. the BCL, upon 4. Then the Seller/sellers mandate will au cate will be conrm on that the BCL is genuine, the gold c given to the Buyer for the prepa on of Le er of Credit (LC) in the few names given by Mr Lam Mun Yew. The buyer must purchased the bank dra or the Le er of Credit within 3 working. 5. Upon conrm on by the Sellers Bank that the LC/Bank d had been secured by the Buyer, the gold is transported to the Bank, the Buyer Bank stated in the LC/agreement. 6. Upon arrival of the gold , the Bank Manager or the Buyer to appoint the Assayer or checker to inspect the gold bar. Then the LC is cleared on the spot with any obstruc on. The third party which is the Bank Manager who had the acknowledge of the gold is important for the transac on. 7. It is best that the Buyer and Seller do not meet during on, this is to protect all p es to the commitment. tran Only the Assayer who is expert in checking , Bank Manager and Mr Lam and delivery agent, are allowed in the checking process. and no interchange of business 8. All deal are strictly conden card during tran on. 9. Price is valid within one week from this oer. Any such extension, we may nego ate later.



As Authorized Signatory Lam Mun Yew 0124985551

As Authorized Signatory