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Name Dante Iuferno cantes 1-6- Group Discussion Guide (bxe hatte ierma is amecbvel epic compacede. 1315. The story tales place ching Holy Week, 1800) 1. Whois the narrator? What problem does he face atthe stat of the narrative? 2. The Inferno is an allegory where things have a meaning besides their literal meaningiin the nuurative. Sof’ the protegonist is lost in erros, what sine might the 3 Beasts in canto 1 symbolize? Lioa- Leopard — ‘She- Wolf — 3. Canto 2: How hed Virgil Dante's guide thru Hell & Purgatory) met Beatrice (Dente's saintly intercessor in Heaven)? [eit fair thet Virgil is one of the damned? 4. React to the famous image of the GATE in canto 3 5.In canto 3, the neuizal souls who “chose neither side” are treated hasshly. Why? 6 In canto 5, om the other hand, the lustful sinners are treated rether sympathetically. Why? 7. Look at the passage about Charon, the boatman of the 1“"River of Hell, the River Acheron, on page 23 ‘Why does Dante change the way Charon eppears in clessical mythology? 8. Why, according to Virgil, ere the damned souls so eager to cross over Acheron and get into Hell? (p. 25) 9. Dante, the protagonist, is often terrified What isthe difference between him and Beatrice in canto 2 who tells Visgl thet “fear befite things with power for injury, not things that lack such power?” 10. Are the souls in Limbo (canto 4) treated fetly az compared to the souls of baptized Cluistians in the other 5 canto? 11, How might the reader react to the story of Paele and Francesca? Does the author intend that we ‘empathize with them, judge them, or both? 12, How does the sin’s punishment mirror the exime? (The Italian term for this is contrapasso) LUST —Paole & Francesca GLUTTONY — Cinece the Hog. 13, Compare Cerberus and Minos to their elassical countespasts, How and why does Dante alter them? CERBERUS ~ ‘MINOS — Dante Iuferuo cantos 7-12 - Group Discussion Guide 14, How are the sins of GREED & ANGER punished in cantos 7-8 How does Dante transform the 29 siver of Hell, the River Styx, to punish the WRATHFUL (ANGRY)? Any contrapasso in these punishments? 15, How does Dante react to Filipe Argenti in canto, as compared to Paolo & Francesca in canto 5? 16, The sins of gluttony, greed & anger make the sinners hard to secognize, whereas Dante hedlitile trouble secogpizing Francesca earlier. What does this contrast tell you about what these sins do to humans? 17, How is the gete in the CITY OF DIS episode (canto 9) different from the HELLGATE in canto 3? 18, Why is Viegil rendered relatively powerless in the CITY OF DIS, canto 9? 19. “The One sent from Heaven” (canto9) - why do you think he is left anonym ous? 20, Farinata & Calvacante (canto 10): both are in with the Heretics, but they don't seem to be obvious heretics. Check the notes on these guys and decide in what sense they might be considered heretics, given, ‘what they valued most in life 21, Why don’t Fesinate and Calvacante know the present yet do know the future end the past? 22, Canto 11 (Virgil delivers « lecture on Hell here). FRAUD is seid to be amore serious sin then VIOLENCE. By what logic could this make sense? 23. Cento 12: The Minotaur & Centaurs are chosen fiom classical myth to zepresent the guarckan spits of the 7 cic, the circle of VIOLENCE. In whet way a they suitable symbols of violence? 24 Cento 12: How does Dente adept the 34 siver of Hell, the Rives Phlegethon, to is own pusposes so he ‘an show the logical gradations in the punishments inflicted onto the VIOLENT TOWARD OTHERS? 25. Dante's negative polincal attinde toward Popes: the heretic Pope Anastasius in canto 11 the onecogucable Beedy Pope (55), & “he who made the Great Refizal” in canto 5 probably the saintly Celestine V who abdicated the ‘papacy, which allowed the worldly Boraface VIII to take over eventually). Dante is following Virgil. both terally and