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Should Smoking be banned completely?

EFFECTS:injurious to health and is ultimately fatal. Even it is also written in the packets. nicotine. Stop its advertising, Awareness by anti smoke campaigns, its fatal effects on lungs and human system should be discussed etc., in movies, the smoking scenes, They will buy it anyway by paying some extra money to unauthorized dealers,REASONS:-Personnel intrest,to reduce tension, industries which make cigarettes should be closed by government,CAUSES:- creates millions of cancer patient every year ,Govt.only increasing its tax but even though they are buying,govt. also banned the tobacco,gutkha but instead of this some of unauthorized sellers, Encouraging the production of those products which will help recovering from the addiction towards cigarettes. Recently, Nicorette, one of such product came into market., Encourage use of 'kaadivellam*', so that smokers will lose their interest in smoking and start to consume them. *NB.kaadivellam is a special type of energy drink used commonly in our locality., share in our GDP, Government has taken some steps such as 1. Writing on cigarets "cigaret smoking is injurious to health". 2. Age limit of 21 years. No Smoking Day is an another idea which is been implemented in uk with great success. Laws created but implementation missing but still some % of the million are listening. no smoking awareness should be spread in the school itself, Nowadays most of the children are consume cigarets even before 5th standard. girls smoking, Tobacco earns 7200 crore as excise revenue through tobacco, How can Government think of revenue earning by killing crores of people through cigarettes. if we make a complete banned then many people who is associated with these thing became jobless, the states like Andhra pradsh, bihar became revenue less as tobacco is their main source of income, Majority of smokers do not know that smoking increases cholesterol and triglyceroid in blood and create damages to most of organ of body in two to three years of duration, Which in turn lead to sudden heart attack at the age of 40 to 45, The tobacco industry also employs tens of thousands of people throughout the world, particularly in poorer countries like Zimbabwe or India. improves concentration & relaxation, Heart disease, bronchitis and lung cancer have all been linked. I think there are various reasons for it:1) cigarette packets are easily available in remote or urban areas at cheaper rate. 2) large amount of revenue generated from tobacco. 3) large amount of working force still on traditional job of making beddis (now cigarettes). Completely banning the cigarette manufacturing (thus in directly smoking) would lead to job loss of various workers and loss of great revenue (for the govt) and also the fact that most of the smokers might resolve on taking something different for making their nerves calm (cigarette is mistakenly taken as stress buster by some of the young individuals). Though there has been constant efforts by the govt to reduce the smoking (law passed for non showing of smoking scenes on TV or cinema, increase in age of cigarette smoking) would certainly reduce the smoking but a lot of general awareness is still required and an individual concern towards individual health and society wellness.

Films are corrupting the Indian Youth

REASONS: Generation,that happened due to holly,double meaning dialogs,nude scenes(Delhi belly,cool hain,),censor board not doing(shrmila,ekta,bhatt movies)students likes but it harming,but we have example against of it of sharmila-lagaan,kal ho..,dil chahta,rowdy..,hum apke,..),HIGHEST TRP RATINGS, effect on its culture, values and traditions. constant contact with the multimedia like
television, computer, etc.SOME OF THE FILMS INSPIRED-HUM APKE(FAMILY MOVIE),ANDAAZ(COMEDY),SINGHAM,BHAGAT SINGH,3IDIOTS,RETURN OF HANUMAN,JAMBO,ADVENTURES LIKE HARRY PORTER, tare zameen par For example recently one incident occurred in Tamilnadu. That was one school boy killed his teacher by using the knife. The exactly reason for this incident was the boy inspired by Agnipath movie. This is small example for the youth corrupted by films,HANGING, it's for knowing the knowledge, educate and science.1960-1990 TIME WAS GOOD, stunts, some youth indulge in bad habits like robbery, looting, smoking, drug addiction etc. Some films expose vulgarity, abuses etc. Which caused lots of problems for the youths. But there are some films like tare jameen par, 3 idiots, chak de etc. t's like blind person leading a blind man, at last both fell into pit. In fact we should watch film but not each and every film. Before releasing Film into market it should be censored by the highly educated persons but not by the Entertainers who takes the role of Chairman of CBFC. Women ought to cover there Nudity.SHOULD NOT BE AGAINST OF RELIGION,