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The Indian and Pacific Correspondence of Sir Joseph Banks, 17681820

Editor: Neil Chambers, Nottingham Trent University
The Pickering Masters Volume 1: 464pp: 2008 978 1 85196 835 0: 234x156mm: 100/$180 Volume 2: 480pp: 2009 978 1 85196 836 7: 234x156mm: 100/$180 Volume 3: 528pp: 2010 978 1 85196 837 4: 234x156mm: 100/$180 Volume 4: 672pp: 2011 978 1 85196 838 1: 234x156mm: 100/$180 Volume 5: 528pp: July 2012 978 1 85196 839 8: 234x156mm: 100/$180 Volume 6: c.500pp: July 2013 978 1 85196 840 4: 234x156mm: 100/$180 Volume 7: c.500pp: December 2013 978 1 85196 634 9: 234x156mm: 100/$180 Volume 8: c.500pp: July 2014 978 1 84893 380 4: 234x156mm: 100/$180

Following his participation in James Cooks circumnavigation in HMS Endeavour (176871), Joseph Banks developed an extensive global network of scientists and explorers. His correspondence shows how he developed effective working links with the British Admiralty and with the generation of naval officers who sailed after Cook. He was familiar with most natural philosophers in Britain and across Europe, many of whom consulted his unrivalled collections of Pacific natural history and ethnology, and who shared specimens and information with him regarding the region. Banks also advised the British government and commercial enterprise in the development of successive ventures to India, the Far East and the Pacific. His career demonstrates how a private individual could influence global exploration in the Georgian era. Bankss correspondence is one of the great primary sources for shedding light on a key period of exploration and colonial expansion. This edition, in combination with The Scientific Correspondence of Sir Joseph Banks, provides the ideal platform for a consistent editorial approach to the correspondence of a figure of global importance. It will be essential for scholars researching the History of Science, Empire Studies, Eighteenth-Century Studies and Maritime History. Collects over 2,000 letters from archives around the world Correspondents include Edmund Burke, Captain James Cook, Benjamin Franklin, John Hunter, Samuel Johnson and Joseph Priestley Editorial apparatus includes a general introduction, footnotes, a calendar of correspondents and an index to each volume

Chambers ... has been at pains to maintain fidelity to the original manuscripts, no small problem given the large number of tables included and Bankss idiosyncratic punctuation and handwriting. The letters are extensively footnoted, supplying details of events and persons that relate to the letters or the circumstances in which they were written, and by referencing letters that have not been selected for inclusion. This book is an essential work of reference for all scholars of eighteenth-century science and exploration. Archives of Natural History Chamberss collections of Bankss letters not only provide an invaluable scholarly resource, but give a wonderful flavour of the world that produced Banks, and which he then proceeded to shape. Times Literary Supplement



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