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Siebel Info: How to create MVG

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Siebel Info
Thursday, January 29, 2009

How to create MVG

T o create a MVG in Opportunity Form Applet Child by creating new control. So that for each opportunity it display the Revenue associated with it. Ans.So the PBC- Opportunity CBC/Destination: Revenue Go to Link: Opportunity/Revenue Destination Field: Opportunity Id Go to BC Opportunity: Go to MVL for the same BC opportunity: Create New Name .Auto Primary .Destination .BC Dest Link .Primary Id Field Use .Primary Join Manish Link .Default .Revenue .Opportunity/Revenue .Primary Revenue Id .Yes Note: Primary Id Field..This property specifies the name of the field in the master business component that holds the row ID values pointing to primary records in the detail business component Go to MVF for the same BC I,e opportunity Create new record Name .MVL .Field .Use Default Sensitivity Manish MVF Manish Link Opportunity Id .True (MVL--That we created above) Note: Name Manish MVF will be created automatically in the Field as well. FieldHere it is Field in child BC-i,e a foreign key column field to the parent bc field. I,e under Link Opportunity/Revenue the value of destination field will be here. So Move on to Field . And fill the remaining properties Name . Destination Field .Multivalve Link Multivalve Type Manish MVF .Opportunity Id .Manish Link .True .DTYPE_TEXT

Create an MVG Applet. With the help of the wizard. Go to FileNew Object Applet Tab---Double Click on MVG Applet Icon.. Name Manish MVG Applet It should be based on Child BC- i.e. Revenue here. Next 1/4


Siebel Info: How to create MVG

Web Template Type: Popup List Template Next Select the field that u want to show up in the MVG applet select 3-4 field of Revenue here bcz for that opportunity we want to show revenue thats why Next Next Finish. Add one more list column to this Applet (Manish MVG Applet) Applet-- Manish MVG Applet ListList Column Name-Primary Field = SSA PRIMARY FIELD Display Name = Primary Html Type = Check Box Html Icon Map = Check Run Time = True. Note..We can create a mvg applet withough wizard as well Final Step. Go to that Applet where we have to show that MVG. Go to Applet.-- Opportunity Form Applet Child ControlCreate New. Name ..Caption ..Field .Html Row Html Type MVG Applet Runtime Visible Manish .Manish .Manish MVF Y .Field .Manish MVG Applet Y .Y Go to the applet -- Opportunity Form Applet Childright ClickEdit Web Lay Out. Add the Control i,e. Label and Text Box(Drag and Drop to the Applet) named Manish. Compile Locked Projects. At last you see the changes.See the images for the changes. Posted by Manish Mamgain at 10:25 AM

Manish Mamgain January 29, 2009 10:43 AM You will find more such important config soon. Reply

Manish February 10, 2009 12:28 AM Good Work Reply

nirmala February 11, 2009 9:37 PM This comment has been removed by the author. Reply 2/4


Siebel Info: How to create MVG

Niru February 11, 2009 9:47 PM Fabulous blog I've ever come across to get your hands on Oracle's hot technology 'Siebel'. Cheers!!!!!!!!!! Good job buddy, Keep it up! Reply

niru December 8, 2009 12:24 AM This blog is really good for step by step approach to Siebel basics.Expecting some good posts on scripting and workflow as well .. :) Reply
Etryu cmet. ne or omn..

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Siebel Info: How to create MVG

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