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Representative Project Experience

Innovative Engineering, Inc.

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Representative Experience
From the Norway Pavilion at Epcot Center to an eighteenstory office building in Georgia, from an air conditioned curbside counter for Delta Air Lines to an emergency structural integrity evaluation at Atlanta Motor Speedway, IEI structural engineers have an established track record of providing responsive services and quality performance that is next to none. The firms award winning design and analysis work spans a wide range of commercial, industrial and institutional buildings and process design, which includes equipment supports, signage, displays, computer enclosures, millwork and amusement rides. The firms experience is diverse and includes program, design and construction management services. Therefore IEI is sensitive to the situations faced by each member of the project team. IEI understands the sometimes unpredictable Norway Pavilion Epcot Center nature of projects and the need for reliable engineering support. A few examples of IEIs diverse project experience are presented below.

Marine Corps Reserve Center (MCRC), Robins AFB, GA. Structural design for a new $15.1M hangar and renovation of Support Facilities. The new 40,375 SF hangar includes a structural steel super-structure with long span trusses, serviceability (floor vibration) design, ATFP requirements, two 7-ton overhead bridge cranes and aircraft loadings to meet design life in excess of 20 years. The slab design for the hangar utilizes state-of-the-art concrete mix and joint design, and foundation utilizes mid-depth stone aggregate columns in lieu of deep foundations.

City Group Office Building, Atlanta, GA Structural design of a 5-story, 100,000 SF post-tension concrete skip-joist office building with attached 3 level 108,000 SF post-tension flat plate parking structure.

Disaster Response
Atlanta Motor Speedway Tornado Damage Hampton, Georgia Performed a preliminary damage assessment on 41 buildings to determine the structural integrity and to determine if the buildings were safe for entry. Working through the night and weekend, IEI was able to complete the surveys, and a preliminary report of findings within 6 days of the initial start of the project. Wind damage caused in excess of $40M in structural damage to the high-profile racing facility.

Innovative Engineering Inc. 3380 Trickum Road Bldg 500, Suite 100 (770) 517-5507 Fax (770) 517-5508

Representative Experience
Stewart Hall Math, Science and Technology Building, Piedmont College, Demorest, Georgia Three story plus penthouse, 40,000 square foot composite steel frame building that houses state-of-the-art laboratories and analysis equipment as well as an auditorium.

Chevron Solar to Steam (S2S) Plant 19C, Coalinga, CA First of its kind project to deploy solar steam production technology to improve oil production at Chevrons Coalinga oil field in Central California. IEI provided structural design services for structural steel tower super-structure modifications and additions including foundations, cable tray and pipe supports, equipment racks and anchorage, and elevated walkways. The project used metric units in accordance with European Standards and was located in an area of high seismicity.

Facility Condition Assessment

US Veterans Administration, Faade and Building Envelope Inspections throughout Continental US Inspection of (9) VA Medical Centers located throughout the County. Inspections include examination of as-built drawings, user interviews, and broad and close up inspections of faades using rappel access, lifts, and bore scope examination. Deficiencies were noted, categorized and quantified. The root cause of the deficiency was determined and the cost to repair was estimated. Construction Cost: $7.7M

Department of Homeland Security, Customs & Border Patrol Stations, Northern Continental United States Structural design for the expansion of solar power generating capabilities at autonomous monitoring sites at confidential locations in the northeast US. This included analysis and design for structural steel and extruded aluminum used to support battery banks and photovoltaic arrays in extreme environments with temps as low as -20 deg f. Locations are only accessible by helicopter so innovative erection techniques were employed.

Innovative Engineering Inc. 3380 Trickum Road Bldg 500, Suite 100 (770) 517-5507 Fax (770) 517-5508

Representative Experience
US Department of Agriculture, Airport Plant protection Quarantine Facility, Miami, Florida Performed forensic investigation of cracks in concrete slab on grade and precast cement terrazzo stair treads and exterior wall efflorescence at the 60,000 SF quarantine facility. Investigation required bore scope examination, partial demolition, data collection including concrete coring, defect mapping, and crack monitors. Analysis determined that poor mix designs and lack of proper curing lead to the formation of multiple shrinkage cracks up to wide and that the efflorescence was caused by water entry at the parapet coping.

US Veterans Administration, Replace Specialty Care Clinics Bldg 5, Shreveport, Louisiana Design for a new 14,107sf facility to house the Eye Clinic, Podiatry Clinic and Home Base Primary Care section. This included the demolition of an existing 7,000sf building and the construction of a new 2-story (designed for a future third floor), steel frame building on mid-depth spread foundations Super-structure consists of composite steel floor and structural steel columns and braced frame lateral system.

Historic Preservation
US Department of Agriculture, Richard B. Russell Research Center, Athens, Georgia Faade inspection of a 400,000 SF, 8-story building using non-destructive and destructive examination in response to a concern of the USDA regarding cracks and rust colored stains in the limestone faade. It was determined that stains on the exterior of the building were not corroding faade panel supports, but a chemical reaction within the limestone panels. Generated plans and specifications for the $300,000 repair of the panels.

Madison Park at Suwanee Town Center, Suwanee, GA Structural design for Phase II of this project including post tension concrete, steel, and wood super-structure on conventional spread foundations for a 25,500 SF three-story building, including townhomes over retail, restaurants and office space. Phase II is part of a public-private mixed-use development situated on 63 acres featuring traditional neighborhood, an amphitheater, an interactive water fountain, townhomes, retail, restaurants, office space and city offices.

Innovative Engineering Inc. 3380 Trickum Road Bldg 500, Suite 100 (770) 517-5507 Fax (770) 517-5508

Representative Experience
ATEX Advanced Technological Extrusion Plant, Gainesville, GA Design of steel frame and load-bearing tilt-up concrete panels for this 27,500 SF industrial facility including a 15 Ton overhead crane.

GSFIC Payton B. Cook Forensic Hospital, Milledgeville, Georgia Evaluated results of destructive and nondestructive tests on completed structural components including masonry and steel. Engineered repairs to defective masonry, structural steel and miscellaneous supports. As-built surveys, repair design documents, and examination of completed repair work for compliance with final design documents were provided.

The Coca Cola Company, Atlanta Beverage Base Plant, Atlanta, GA Dry Parts Mezzanine Addition. Project manager for the plant drawings organization. As- Built Mezzanine Analysis Structural design for the battery station overhead crane foundation Cafeteria Addition Laboratory Addition

Transportation Command Dock Repairs, Naval Weapons Station, Charleston, SC: Structural design and repairs to 136,000 SF Transportation Command (TC) Dock. Structural repairs included spalled concrete and expansion joints, armoring expansion joints, broken fender piles, and the addition of precast piles to compensate for increase unbraced pile length due to dredging, inadequate bearing capacity due to improper installation and modern crane loads.
Innovative Engineering Inc. 3380 Trickum Road Bldg 500, Suite 100 (770) 517-5507 Fax (770) 517-5508

Representative Experience
SOF Rowe Training Facility, Phase II & III Camp Mackall, NC for USACE: This project is to provide vital base operations and soldier support services at this remote location from Fort Bragg. It includes a new 1 7 , 8 5 8 S F , 2 5 1 - 5 0 0 p e r s o n dining facility and new 12,025 SF Ready st State Building for the 1 Special Warfare Training Group.

Center for Cobb Family Resources, Marietta, GA Redesign of a 62,000 SF facility including a new faade, twostory entrance rotunda, administrative offices, and intake facility. In addition to minor building additions and a column removal, the structural design enabled the building to be salvaged and modified for a new LEED designed occupancy. This project won the Design-BidBuild Renovation $20-$50 Million category of the Build Georgia Award for Best in Construction as featured in the May 12-18, 2006 Special Section of the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

St. Matthews Episcopal Church, Snellville, GA Structural analysis and design for 5,371 SF load bearing metal stud and wood truss roof sanctuary and 5,178 SF wood frame classroom building.

Panda Express Restaurants, Various Locations, GA Structural design for multiple retail stores located throughout Metropolitan Atlanta.

Seismic Screening and Rehabilitation

Naval Weapons Station, Seismic Screening and Upgrade to Ordinance Buildings, Charleston, SC. Seismic evaluation and rehabilitation to meet Life-Safety level of performance complying with NAVFACINST 11000.40. Studies included Tier 1 and 2 evaluations per ASCE 31, followed by seismic rehabilitation per ASCE 41. Provided plans, specifications, narrative, survey, calculations, and estimate for the $850,000 project. Buildings included an 11,500 SF Ammunition Segregation Building, and a 5,505 SF Ammunition Storage Facility.
Innovative Engineering Inc. 3380 Trickum Road Bldg 500, Suite 100 (770) 517-5507 Fax (770) 517-5508