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Department of Business Administration

Manarat International University

Date: November 06, 2010

Course name: Advertising Course Code: MKT 403

Fall Session, 2010

Under the Supervision of Md. Nurul Huda Razib Lecturer in Department of Business Administration

Made By
Shohid Ullah (Shobuj) ID# 0820BBA00699

Promotional Activities of Banglalink

Promotion: Promotion is one of the marketing tools that a company uses to achieve its marketing objectives. Each promotion tools has unique characteristics to improve their total sales. Banglalink are trying to do more promotional activities for their service. Banglalink Marketing promotion can be classified in several steps

Advertisements in the national newspapers Examples of advertisements published in the national newspapers:

Advertisements through billboards The billboards installed so far by Banglalink Bangladesh Limited are listed below: SL No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26




Kachpur- Dhaka Facing Op N. U- Dhaka Facing Saidabad bridge Mohakhali Flyover (Both) Shahabagh GEC Circle (Ctg) Gabtoli Bus Stand-Savar face Chittagong Railway Station Dhanmondi Rassel Square Coxs Bazar,near sea beach Patanga sea beach more Dewanhat moor, Ctg Zatrabari Moor Uttara, Azampur Asulia road, Dhaka Khamarbari, Farm gate Sheraton Hotel Gulshan-1, Moor Khilgaon Flyover Mohakhali, Airport Bus Branding Agrabad, SK Mujib Road Banani, Front of Community Center Malibagh Moor Mirpur-10 Hatikamrul Moor, Shirajgang

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 10 1 1 1 1 1

Unipol Unipol

Unipol Unipol Unipol Unipol Unipol

Unipol Bus Unipol Unipol


Table 2: Advertisements through billboards Advertisement through Electronics media: Banglalink published their advertisement different channel as like- ntv, channel 1, Rtv, Bangla vision, ATN Bangla, radio today etc.

Personal Selling: Personal presentation by the firms sales forces for the purpose of making sales and building customer relationship. Banglalink uses personal selling in different stages of marketing and distribution. Company distributes their product (SIM, Scratch, I-top, Cash card) among the wholesalers and retailers by maintaining the excellent relationship. Banglalinks communicate with corporate client by its sales force building and keeping relationship with potential and existing valued customer. Sales promotion: Sales promotion includes a wide way of tools that can attract consumers attraction, strong incentive of purchase, free gifts, discount and several types of occasional program. Banglalink sales promotion includes credit sales, commission etc. Banglalink arrange conference every year among the dealers, wholesalers and retailers. They always try to influence and convince them for creating a market demand and sale their product. Here is some examples of Banglalink promotion that can be highlighted: Road show: Banglalink organized a two days long road show. Here subscribers got the opportunity to buy SIM of different pre-paid package at 70TK, where regular offer is 150TK. Handbag Distribution: At Bangla academy Ekusay Boi Mela Banglalink distributed handbag in visitors who bought book from fair. There was slogan on handbag for raising awareness for reading book. Scarf Distribution: Banglalink distributed scarf to attract their existing and new customer at Pahela Baisakh, That scarf create brand awareness of Banglalink. Public Relation: Public relation is used to promote products, people, places, ideas, activities, organizations and even nations. Public relation can also influence a product sales or brand awareness.

Banglalink arrange meeting always with the wholesalers and retailer for maintaining a good relationship with them. General people can also come to the Banglalink office for their queries and for expressing their concern about any telecom related factors. Following address is the public relation office of Banglalink:

Social Commitment: Blood Donation program: One of prominent social contribution of Banglalink is in the field of Voluntary blood donation. Banglalink has sponsored and directly participated in various voluntary Blood Donation Programs around the country. ORCA (Old Rajshahi cadet association) had organized a blood donation program which was sponsored by Banglalink. Blanket distribution Program: In Ranjpur district Banglalink distributed 500 blankets in distressed people by Anjuman Mofidul Islam. In Bangladesh every year in cold prone area people died in cold related disease due to their disability to buy warm cloths.

Service offered:
Services Banglalink ISO facilities: Every subscriber of Banglalink gets the opportunity of economy ISO or EISD in 25 countries. In this way subscriber has to pay 7.50 Tk per minute. To get this service instead of access code 00 dial 012, then country code, then area code and then desired number SMS A SMS of 160 characters nationally charge Tk .0 .75 only and internationally Tk.1.62 Both Bengali & English language can be used.

Banglalink Push-Pull Service It is like SMS, one can get answer to the question he requires. Banglalink offers different types of Entertainment through push-pull service. To know the song 5858 you will be able to get the Sehri and Iftar's time during the Ramadan, Cricket, Weather, Quotes, Jokes, Horoscope, and Pray time with the push-pull service.

Some Other Value Added Service of Banglalink: Jokes joke<space><joke number> Example: joke 001 Send to 500 wt<space><city name> Example: wt dhaka Send to 500 Joke Number: 001 - 200


City Name: Dhaka, Delhi, Tokyo, Bangkok, Beijing, Singapore, London, New York, Paris, Moscow, Calcutta, Chittagong, Barisal, Bogra, Sylhet, Sydney, Melbourne, Karachi Division: dhk, cht, khl, syl, jes, raj, brs Taxi Type: navana,metro,anudip Division: dhk, cht, khl, syl, jes, raj, brs Ph Number Type: pol, fire, amb




Cab<space><division> <space><taxi type> Example: Cab dhk navana Send to 500 emrg<space><division> <space><ph num type> Example: emrg dhk pol Send to 500 cric<space><first 3 alphabet of cricketing country> Example for Bangladesh : cric ban Send to 500

Bangladesh as ban,India as ind,Pakistan as pak,Australia as aus,etc

Table 3: Value Added Service of Banglalink

Promotional Activities of Grameenphone

Grameenphone Advertising tools:

Grameenphone uses different types of media to acquire different types of objectives. To select media depend on the target audience, product characteristics, message characteristics and cost. The advertising tools that Grameenphone uses as a media to communicate with the existing and potential customers are: 1. Newspapers Newspaper covers all sorts of information about Grameenphone product. It mainly covers the informative and reminder advertising. 2. Television Television is an effective media for good mass-market coverage. Television telecasts messages about new product and it is mostly used for persuasive advertisement. 3. Radio

Within a lower cost, Grameenphone broadcast their massage through radio. It is a better way for persuasive advertisement. 4. Magazines An effective media that Grameenphone uses as a promotional tool to achieve the customers awareness about Grameenphone and its product. It is an effective media for informative and persuasive advertisement. 5. Newsletters Grameenphone publishes newsletter regularly to inform existing customer as well as Potential customer about companys recent activities and offer. 6. Internet Internet performs effective promotional tools Grameenphone advertising. It gathers all sort of information about Grameenphone.

Sales promotion tools:

Many tools can used to accomplish sales promotion objectives. Describes of the main consumer, trade and business tools that Grameenphone uses as short-term incentives to encourage the purchase the product follow:

1. Price-packs: Nokia handset festival @ GPCs Grameenphone Ltd. kicked off the first handset bundled promotion at its Grameenphone Centers around the country. Under this promotion free GP connections and bonus talk time, Tk.660 to Tk.2000 depending on handset, are being offered with select popular Nokia models. 2. Cash Refund Offers: Thank you

Thank you is Grameenphone way of expressing their gratitude, because not only has consumer loyalty touched us but has also made grameenphone the preferred mobile operator. Grameenphone thank you program provides consumer with a number of rewards that will make consumer mobile phone experience with gramophone even more satisfying. 3. Prizes: Grameenphone pothe pothe utchob Grameenphone mobile transport travels all around the country and arranges different types of amusing game/contest for their loyal customers and offers attractive prizes who win the game /contest. 4. Premium: Enjoy free stuffs with a new xplore Package2 connection With every new xplore Package 2 connection, you will get 25 Text SMSs & 25 free Voice SMSs, and 5 GP branded Ring tones. Subscriber has to use the free content and VAS within 2 months after activation. 5. Price-Off: 450 minutes free! All Business Solutions postpaid subscribers will enjoy 150 minutes free talk time per month for 3 months to call their F&F numbers. For new subscribers, the offer is valid from the date of activation and for existing subscribers; the offer is valid from 28 March '07.

Grameenphone Public relation tools:

Grameenphone public relation uses several tools. The tools are following:


Publications: Annual report Articles Grameenphone

Grameenphone published some sorts of materials to reach and influence their target market. Some publication materials are: Newsletter

2. Events: Grameenphone arranges some special event to draw attention to new products or companies activities. Some special events that grameenphone arranges frequently: Seminar Conference Trade shows 3. Sponsorship: Grameenphone promote their brands and corporate name by sponsoring sport and cultural events and highly regarded causes. Some current sponsorship by grameenphone are: Grameenphone sponsors International Conference on ICT Official sponsor of Bangladesh Cricket Grameenphone sponsor International Trade Fair in Khulna 4. News: Grameenphone finds or creates favorable news about the company, its product and its people and get the media to accept press release andattendp ressconference.Grameenphone in its official website media site covers all news about grameenphone, its product and its people.

Grameenphone personal selling tool:

Grameenphone mainly focus on inside sales forces that conduct business from their Customer care centre via telephone or visits from prospective buyers.