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Volume 124 Issue 13

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

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New campus chapter provides necessities

Nourish International will have its first meeting Thursday PAGe 2

Campus Commuters
alexa rush Some students are so dedicated to school that they have committed to commuting from various cities, many traveling between 30 minutes to an hour each way everyday so they can continue to attend Kansas. Making the trip from Topeka to Lawrence on a daily basis for both class and her job at Chilis can be a hassle, but Apryl Tillman said her commuting situation does indeed have its perks. If you are living with family it saves money on the necessity items, said Tillman, a junior commuter from Topeka. Home cooked meals aint nothing to sneeze at either. Also, Im working on budgeting so that I can pay for an apartment all upfront for next year.

the student voice since 1904
week and it probably costs me about $75, said Chris Katterhenry, a commuter from Lenexa. Katterhenry is in his sixth year at Kansas. He graduated in May 2010 with a degree in biochemis-

max mikuleCky/kansan Apryl Tillman, a junior from Topeka, stands by her car in the yellow lot near the Rec Center. Students living outside of Lawrence have to take travel times and traffic into consideration when commuting to class. Although commuting from home can save some pocket change when it comes to groceries, utilities and bills, the amount of money spent on gas can be enough to make one cringe. I would estimate that I use about 20 to 25 gallons of gas per

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Freshmen Student Senate voting concludes Wednesday

Jessie blakeborough Freshman elections for Student Senate conclude today at 4 p.m. after week-long campaigns to secure one of the five open seats. The five new senators will be notified via email of their appointment to the Senate at 5 p.m. and will then attend their first committee meeting that evening at the Union. The committee meetings are open to the public. The senators will then be officially sworn into their positions Sept. 14 at the first full senate meeting of the 2011-2012 school year. All of the new senators will stand up in front of the student body and they will be at the same level and pace along with every other new senator who were elected in the spring, said Hannah Bolton, chief of staff and election commissioner for the freshman elections. Only freshman can vote in this election. Eligibility is determined through Enroll and Pay so that only new students to the University will be able to vote. Voting sites are open on the student senate website, University home page and on the Enroll and Pay site. The candidates have been running their own campaigns since Aug. 30, which primarily consists of postering and chalking slogans on campus and in front of residence halls on Daisy Hill. Paige Lytle, a freshman from Wichita majoring in political science, thinks that the campaign process could use some work. Lytle says that names chalked on sidewalks dont help voters understand candidates views on important issues. People just end up voting for whatever looks pretty, Lytle said. Bolton however is proud of the creative slogans candidates have come up with such as Mitchell Cotas Vota for Cota and Mackenzie Oatmans Oats do a student body good! Oats was my nickname in high school so I just kind of ran with that and I thought that would be a memorable campaign poster, said Oatman, a freshman from Overland Park majoring in pre-business and pre-law. Bolton says there have only been a few campaign violations this election season. In the past campaign violations have included: putting fliers in residence halls campaigning in places such as the bus or residence halls where the public cannot get away from the candidate and, chalking too early. Bolton says that chalking is more of an issue during the spring elections. This fall, the primary violations have been putting fliers in the residence halls. Bolton says the high turnout of candidates is especially exciting. Its interesting seeing so many people be so genuinely interested in wanting to be involved and getting their voice heard at KU, Bolton said. Edited by Mike Lavieri

Claire howard/kansan Guest speaker and AP journalist John Milburn shows Teresa Lamsans Trauma & Media class items from his Jump Bag. Milburn suggests keeping an emergency backpack full of essentials like Kleenex, first-aid, and plastic silverware for when he needs to report in an unpredictable situation.

New journalism class draws national attention

Jonathan shorman Batteries. Granola bars. First-aid kits. Journalism students watched Tuesday as John Milburn, an Associated Press reporter, pulled item after item out of his large green jump bag that he keeps stocked in case hes assigned to cover a disaster. It was a brief introduction to the logistics of reporting traumatic situations for students enrolled in Journalism 201: Trauma and Media, a new class offered at the School of Journalism thats been gaining national attention. The class, taught by Teresa Lamsam, a visiting professor of journalism from the University of Nebraska, grapples with coverage of traumatic events such as accidents and natural disasters and how journalists can cover these situations ethically. I am being absolutely swamped with responses from journalists about I cant believe youre teaching this class, its so wonderful and then Im hearing all these stories, even on my Facebook page, journalists are posting stories of their first basically, traumatic event coverage, Lamsam said. On Tuesday, Milburn spoke to the class about his experiences covering disaster, from his first fatality accident to walking past houses with bodies in Bay St. Louis, Miss., after Hurricane Katrina. Milburns visit was prescient because during the weekend the AP ran a story by Milburn regarding the class. In Milburns story, Ann Brill, dean of the School of Journalism, said courses like Trauma and Media will help change the publics perception of media. There are things that can happen that effect people for a long, long time. We have to tell that story, Brill told the AP. Austin Roberson, a junior from Silverlake, said that so far students in the class have been given introductions to natural disasters around the world and how they had been covered and that Milburns presence has added to that. I thought it was really neat they were able to bring in someone who has been in the field, Roberson said. With Milburns help, Lamsam addressed the topic of compassion in reporting. Students discussed whether or not journalists can assist victims of a disaster while maintaining objectivity and professionalism. As a reference, Lamsam used a previous assignment where students had been asked to analyze media coverage of Hurricane Irene. After I read the hurricane assignment and I saw how they were keyed in on the concept of compassion, whether they were using the word or not, I realized that it also caused a lot of conflict that some of them were a little leary of the journalism profession because of that, Lamsam said. Milburn suggested that a balance between helping and reporting was possible. You want to portray that you do care about them, said Milburn. Edited by Stefanie Penn
Forecasts done by University students. For a more detailed forecast, see page 2A.

how to Vote
Go to: Voting closes Sept. 7 at 4 p.m. You may vote in person at the Student Senate office in Room 410 of the Kansas Union.


Verizon moves to boost cell phone coverage

With the activation of new Verizon Wireless cell site on campus, students using Verizon Wireless will experience fewer dropped calls, fewer delayed text messages, clearer reception and additional 3G network coverage and capacity.

The new cell site is located near Memorial Stadium and was activated when Kansas classes started in August. The exact location of the site could not be released for security reasons. Verizon Wireless media contact Brenda Hill said the company was meeting the demand for more network capacity with the increase of the use of data phones.

We know that students text, e-mail, take pictures at football games and put them up on Facebook, and other things with their phones on campus, Hill said. Hill said the new cell site will be especially useful when thousands of Jayhawk fans come to campus for sporting events and tailgating. By Rachel Cheon


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WeDneSDaY, SePTeMBeR 7, 2011

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Shaun Roecker, KU Atmospheric Science

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Winds NE 10-15 mph. Mostly clear skies.

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Partly cloudy with a high of 76, north winds at 5 mph.

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Winds N 10-15 mph. Clouds build with showers possible in the afternoon. 10% chance of precip.

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Winds NW 5-10 mph. Sunny skies.

Feel that nice fall weather.

Perfect day to be outside.

Wear a raincoat to the game!

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In the story Alternative methods replace police in bike theft recoveries Collin Earharts name was mispelled.


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Aid groups said Tuesday they are launching an emergency operation to help thousands of people who have crossed into Ethiopia to escape fighting in southeastern Sudan. The International Organization for Migration said most of the estimated 20,000 refugees are stranded on the border with little food, water or shelter. The U.N. refugee agency said, according to its staff, people are still entering from Sudans Blue Nile state, where fighting erupted last week between government forces and rebels. The clashes broke out Thursday between armed forces and rebels linked to the northern wing of the Sudan Peoples Liberation Movement.

geneVa, SWiTZeRLanD

Turkeys prime minister said Tuesday his nations navy will step up its surveillance of the eastern Mediterranean Sea a move that could potentially lead to confrontation with Israel and warned of more sanctions against Israel as relations between the former allies deteriorated further. Turkey has already suspended its vast military ties with Israel, said it is expelling top Israeli diplomats and pledged to lobby other nations in support of the Palestinians statehood bid after Israel refused to apologize for last years raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla that killed nine Turkish pro-Palestinian activists.


A doctor who helped the CIA find Osama bin Laden has been barred from leaving Pakistan, a commission investigating the killing of the al-Qaida leader said Tuesday. Dr. Shakil Afridi ran a phony vaccination program in the Pakistani town where the al-Qaida leader hid in an effort to obtain a DNA sample from him. Afridi is being detained by Pakistani authorities, but has not been charged with any crime. American officials want him released, and his fate has become a complicating issue in strained relations between the two countrys spy services. There has been speculation Afridi and his family may leave Pakistan if he is freed.

iSLaMaBaD, PaKiSTan

Doctors have successfully separated conjoined twin girls after a six-hour surgery in a Chinese hospital. The official Xinhua News Agency reported Tuesday that doctors separated An An and Xin Xin on Monday at the Shanghai Childrens Medical Center. The twins were born in April with connected livers and hearts. The report says doctors separated their organs, reshaped their ribs and reconstructed their chest with titaniumalloy plates. The babies are in stable condition, but are relying on a breathing machine and will require intensive care treatment.

Beijing, china


Group focuses on aiding impoverished nations

KaYLa oVeRBeY A new University organization is expecting as many as 50 people at its first meeting at 7 p.m. on Thursday in Alderson Auditorium. Adam Nicholson, the University chapter founder and a junior from Lawrence, will be preparing for the meeting. The auditorium can hold over 100-plus, so well be ready for more, but wed have to start cutting pizza slices in half. Nicholson said. Nourish International works against poverty by sending students to impoverished countries. It fundraises throughout the year by planning events both on and off campus. The organization has sent student mission groups from 24 different universities across the nation to countries around the world. According to the website, the effect has been beneficial. The Ohio State University chapter provided a Peruvian community limited to only contaminated water with clean, drinkable water by installing pipelines and digging reservoirs and also provided a regional health fair. Over 300 locals attended the fair in Bello Horizonte to see the dentists, pediatricians, gynecologists and primary-care physicians that volunteered their time, said Mackenzie Rapp, an OSU graduate. As a student, Sindhura Citineni founded the organization at the University of North CarolinaChapel Hill in 2003. After a few years accompanied by mass success, the student movement grew and spread to other campuses. They established chapters at more than 20 universities, with more colleges adopting the program each year. Students from Brown University and Cornell University established community-shared organic gardens in El Salvador by providing funds and assisting with physical labor. The chapter from the University of Pennsylvania trained 10 women with HIV on setting up a papermaking business in Uganda. The Texas A&M chapter hosted educational workshops in Guatemala about agricultural information, including how to use crops to their greatest value, how to build composting latrines and water safety among other things. Currently, the chapter at Kansas consists of three executive board members. At the information fair during Hawk Week, about 70 students sign up and the chapter is expecting a large turnout at Thursdays meeting. Nicole Lawson, venture director at Kansas and a senior from Shawnee, said the organization has a hands on approach and students can see the effect of their work directly. Instead of just studying the problems of the world, through Nourish we are able to be a part of the solution, Lawson said. Nourish International uses sustainable development projects to permanently affect the communities it helps. This means the organizations efforts will continue to grow and the communities will be able to self-sustain long after their physical labor has finished. The group is adamant about connecting with a wide range of students. We want and need diversity for this group to perform to its full potential, Nicholson said. Real life is happening right now. The world doesnt stop spinning to wait for you to graduate. You can literally change the world while youre still in college. Edited by Mike Lavieri

Nourish iNTErNATioNAL
Nourish International Interest Meeting When: Thursday 7 p.m. Where: Alderson Auditorium Twitter: @NourishKU Facebook: Nourish International- KU Chapter Email:

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Freshmen compete for Student Senate spots

Pictures and biographies below provided by freshmen Student Senate candidates
Wichita Human Biology I want to help make Kansas an even more amazing place! I was my class representative and seLower nior class president. I earned first place at 5-1A State Diving and sixth place at Worlds in competitive cheerleading. In both of these instances I had to work hard and persevere toward a goal. I love working hard and I believe these skills will help me become a great freshman senator. I would be honored to work hard for Kansas students.

AdAm Lower

persistent, and proactive. Im a strong willed, confident guy that would love to represent the class of 2015!

Omaha, Neb. Journalism My name is Elizabeth Erker, and Im running for freshman senator because I want to take part in makErker ing the most of the Universitys resources. After serving as student body president of my high school, I am ready for a new adventure. I will always go the extra mile.

eLizAbeth erker

I understand what the average freshmen faces, and I have become involved and encouraged others to be inWenner volved. I want to be the person who stands for all genders, sexualities, and races and to serve as a good representative of the wonderful diversity Kansas has.

will do whatever task is necessary. I was involved in a few clubs in high school and that will help my leadership for this job.

De Soto Pre-Medicine I would love to be a freshman senator because I believe it would be a great way to be involved on campus. During high school, I was class president and it provided a great gateway to new experiences. I believe being a freshman senator will lead to similar experiences and help me make a positive impact.

donny PArr

Overland Park Business, Pre-Law I think my outspoken and creative nature I developed from four years of high Oatman school debate will provide freshmen with a large and meaningful voice in Student Senate.

mAckenzie oAtmAn

Louisburg Business I want to be a freshman senator because I know what it means to be a leader. In high school, Philgreen I was student body president, a drum major, editor-in-chief of the newspaper and president of other organizations. Vote for Philgreen phor phreshmen senate!

cAmeron PhiLgreen

Overland Park Economics and Political Science It has been a life long dream of mine to become a super hero. You may wonder Cosby why this is relevant to my qualifications for Student Senate but you shouldnt.

cLAy coSby

Kansas City, Mo. Chemical Engineering I want to be a freshman senator because I want to represent the class of 2015. I have been involved with student council since middle school, and I feel that I can make a positive difference for the benefit of freshman of all backgrounds.

grAnt heLm

would be a privilege. The opportunity to represent the class of 2015 and give back to the University is a duty Thomas that I will hold in the highest regard. I gained valuable experience interning in Washington D.C. that I will bring to the table as a Senator.

Schaumburg, Ill. Environmental Studies, Pre-Law I am constantly trying to challenge myself, and I feel that serving as a freshman senator would be a perfect feat for me to tackle. Being involved with student government in high school gave me a great foundation to make a difference on campus, and Ill give a voice to the freshmen of Kansas.

courtney SchuPP

Overland Park Pharmacy I want to set a high standard for the upcoming class and work with the other senators to lead. The class beyond all expectations. Vote for Cota for freshman senator ... get at me.

mitcheLL cotA

Canton Sport Management As a freshman senator, I will work to enhance your experience at the University by voicing the opinions of those who elect me. Ive served as a student council president, FBLA state officer, and have held many other leadership positions. Embrace the tradition, experience the price, enhance your college experience!

tAd wedeL

Overland Park Economics, Political Science Im a worker and I wont stop until a job is done right. Ive been in student government since middle school and in that time, Ive learned to be patient,

dAn mAcmiLLAn

Lawrence Political Science, International Studies I could just list off a plethora of vague reasons as to why you Pan should vote for me, but lets cut to the chase. I simply want to represent your voice in an organization thats made for you, the student body. My passion doesnt come without experience. Student Senate encompasses handling student finances, and Ive served as numerous clubs treasurers. Im familiar with parliamentary procedure and drafting legislation through a key club lieutenant governor and being a Girls State representative. Im running because I love my Jayhawk family, and I promise to represent your voice equally and appreciate each walk of life.

Sherri hSin-yi PAn

Topeka Political Science, Spanish Charles de Gaulle once said, In order to become the master, the politician poses as the servant. I dont want to simply pose as a servant, but instead truly serve. Thats what attracts me most to politics; I believe that government ought to (and can) be responsible to its peoples needs. Id appreciate the opportunity to serve.

Joey hentzLer

Kansas City, Kan. Physical Therapy I would like to be involved with the both the student body and the faculty here at the University. I think that I can be a good voice for the freshmen class and help make good decisions.

chriStoPher bohAnnon

Dallas Finance I would like to be involved with Student Senate because I want Salazar to be a part of making important decisions that better our campus as well as its student body. I believe the best way is through leading, as well as serving, as a freshman senator.

JonAthAn SALAzAr

Colleyville Texas Business I want to be a freshman senator because I think I would represent Watson the freshman class well and Im eager to get involved here on campus. If elected, I would hope to put into action what the student body is looking to see at the University. Throughout high school, I was an active member of student council and my senior year I spent in a peer assistance and leadership class that had volunteer activities to keep students and our community connected. I hope you will consider me!

kAte wAtSon

Leawood Finance I have been a part of student government since my freshman year of high school. I love being a part of student run organizations such as Student Senate. I truly feel I can make a positive change around campus.


Overland Park Psychology, Spanish I want to get involved with the University and be able to make decisions and represent the students. Ive been involved with student organizations throughout high school and loved handling situations to better the school. I want to help make an impact at Kansas and I think this is the perfect place to start!

SubhA uPAdhyAyuLA

Ottawa Political Science The University of Kansas has always been dear to my heart. Now that I am finally a George Kansas Jayhawk, I want to be part of Student Senate to help the University of Kansas to continue being the best place for students to learn, strive, and prosper. Ive had plenty of exposure in leadership roles and I would consider it a great honor and privilege to represent the class of 2015. So vote for this guy for freshman senator.

zAch guy george

Overland Park Strategic Communications, Psychology I want to be a freshman Student Senator because I am Kats very interested in getting involved on campus, and I have heard so many amazing things about Student Senate and all of the opportunities people are offered through the program. I am specifically interested in Student Senate because I never got the chance to be involved in student government in high school because I was a member of the cheerleading squad, so this is something new and exciting for me.

LAuren kAtS

Topeka Journalism, Secondary Education Because I live and work on campus,

AnnA wenner

Great Bend Finance, Marketing I have always been a hard worker and The bad thing about commuting is if there is group projects I have to drive to Lawrence to meet

SeAn keenAn

Vinland International Business, Political Science Serving you as freshman senator At the end of the day though, Hobson knows that what shes doing is the best decision for her family, and she even gets a little quiet time out of the deal. Commuting is okay, Hobson said. I dont like spending that much time driving because I feel like I could be doing something better with my time, but that commute is time for me to think and have me time. Edited by Mike Lavieri

coLin thomAS

Wichita Psychology Active, dedicated, focused, happy AND understanding! Anees I would be honored to serve as our class senator. I participated in debate, Peer Helpers, choir/drama and was elected French Club Co-President, just to name a few activities. Let me, Sara Anees, represent you!

SArA AneeS

Phoenix, Ariz. Political Science Coming from Phoenix, I have realized that everyone at Kansas is connected through their Fowler love of this beautiful campus and of course the awesome Jayhawk. I want to contribute to this great community and freshmen with some new ideas on how to improve the college experience. Rock Chalk Jayhawk.

dArcy FowLer

Kirkwood, Mo. Architecture I want to be a senator because I want to be involved in the politics of the University and I believe I will be able to bring strong ideas to the table. Im extremely dedicated and I always get everything done. Ive always been interested in leadership roles and I take charge whenever I can.

erin hoFFmAnn

commUtING fRom PAGE 1

try and is currently taking prerequisite classes for physical-therapy school. While he is compeleting observation hours at a hospital in Kansas City, he feels that most of his life now happens outside of Lawrence. I would prefer not to commute, but I dont mind it, Katterhenry said. Im saving money and Im closer to most of my friends who are living around Kansas City. For some students, money isnt the main concern or reason for commuting. Tiffany Hobson, a

commuter from Olathe, makes this daily drive for her family. With her 19-month-old daughter, her boyfriends job and their family and friends all in Olathe, someone would have to commute wherever they lived. Hobson chose to be the commuter so that they could be closer to family and friends. Along with the positives, such as saving money and being with family, negatives are sure to follow. Not only is commuting an inconvenient gas guzzler, but when it comes to group projects and evening exams, these can lead to problems.

i would prefer not to commute, but i dont mind it.

chriS KattErhEnry commuter

with people, Hobson said. Sometime my professors will have exams in the evening and I have to stay in Lawrence all day.




IHOP shooting leaves four dead

A gunman wielding an AK-47 opened fire on a table of uniformed National Guard members at an IHOP restaurant on Tuesday in an outburst of violence that killed four people, wounded eight others and put Nevadas capital city on high alert. Five Nevada National Guard troops sitting together at the back of the restaurant were shot two of them fatally. Another woman was also killed, and the gunman, 32-year-old Eduardo Sencion of Carson City, shot himself in the head and died at a hospital. The shooters motive was unclear, but family members said he had mental issues. He had never been in the military and had no known affiliation with anyone inside the restaurant. Witnesses and authorities described a frantic scene in the

bustling business district, in which the shooter pulled into the large complex of retail stores and shops just before 9 a.m. in a blue minivan with a yellow Support Our Troops sticker on the back. He got out and immediately shot a woman near a motorcycle, a witness said. Ralph Swagler said he grabbed his own weapon, but said it was too late to stop the shooter, who charged into the IHOP through the front doors. I wish I had shot at him when he was going in the IHOP, said Swagler, who owns Locals BBQ & Grill. But when he came at me,

when somebody is pointing an automatic weapon at you you cant believe the firepower, the kind of rounds coming out of that weapon. The gunman went all the way to the back of the restaurant to the back area and opened fire, Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong said. When he left the restaurant, he stood in the parking lot and shot into the nearby businesses, shattering the windows of a barbecue restaurant and an H&R Block and a casino across the street.
Associated Press
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Because the stars know things we dont. Aries (march 21-April 19) today is an 8 It doesnt take much to restore harmony. a balanced checkbook is only part of it. Express your deepest passions this morning, and then take it easy later. taurus (April 20-may 20) today is an 8 Choose the path you really want, even if it seems more challenging. Get expert advice, and follow the rules exactly. stay cautious and focused, and go for it. Gemini (may 21-June 21) today is a 9 Cash flow improves, and you feel more in balance. dont dip into savings, though. resist temptation with love or money. theres plenty of time to let things develop. Cancer (June 22-July 22) today is an 8 Prizes come to those who can hold their tongues while the rest complain. disregard critics. Move quickly to take advantage of a sudden opportunity. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) today is a 9 Finish tasks at work without a fuss (theres no time for that). tell fears youll get back to them later ... afraid youre too busy now. Love lights the path. Focus, and follow the shine. Virgo (Aug. 23-sept. 22) today is a 7 the more you get to know a friend, the better youll like her. new partnerships bring new opportunities. Pay down debts and finish old projects before diving in. Libra (sept. 23-Oct. 22) today is a 7 take your time and stay calm. Your home is your palace. neatness counts, so meditate by doing the dishes and sweeping. Youre in demand and earning positive attention. scorpio (Oct. 23-nov. 21) today is an 8 nows a good time to study, learn and discover. the best way to learn is by playing. work quickly but carefully to avoid costly errors. Youre in practice. Just go. sagittarius (nov. 22-dec. 21) today is an 8 artist Jaume Plensa makes enormous sculptures. He says that accepting his limitations is what made him grow the most. You may want to apply that today. Capricorn (dec. 22-Jan. 19) today is a 9 keep listening. It makes you interesting. You want to make a difference, and others notice. Listen for inspiration, and others get motivated to action. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) today is a 5 You may feel particularly shy today, and thats okay. Collaborations key: Partner up with someone whos pleased to provide a public face. stay flexible. Pisces (Feb. 19-march 20) today is a 6 study the situation with a friend, but dont expect romance. Make sure that you listen well to avoid misunderstandings. thinking is more powerful than speaking.



WEdnEsdAY, sEPtEmbEr 7, 2011 sudoku







ChECk thE AnsWErs At

David Carpenter

Nicholas Sambaluk


odd nEws

Drunken man bites pet snake

AssOCiAtEd PrEss
A snake bite in a north Sacramento neighborhood left the victim seriously hurt, but the injured party isnt whom youd expect. Police say a python underwent emergency surgery after a man allegedly bit the creature twice. Officers were called to Del Paso Heights around 6:30 p.m. Thursday after a passer-by reported that a man was lying on the ground and may have been assaulted, according to Sgt. Andrew Pettit. When they arrived, they found David Senk, 54, still lying there but police say he wasnt the one who was assaulted. Another man approached officers and accused Senk of taking two bites out of his 3-foot pet python, Pettit said. Senk was arrested on suspicion of unlawfully maiming or mutilating a reptile and booked on $10,000 bail. In a jailhouse interview on Friday, Senk said he had no memory of the incident and that he has a drinking problem. I did what? Senk said. If you find the owner, tell him Im real sorry. ... Im willing to help pay for medical expenses. The snake was turned over to the citys Animal Care Services, where it was recovering Friday after losing several ribs. The female python, about a couple years old, had extensive bite injuries, said Gina Knepp, acting animal care services manager. You could see the poor snakes liver, all the way down the side, Knepp said. The snakes owner has not yet come forward to claim the pet or file a report with animal care officials, Knepp said.


Philbin sets date for his last show

mCCLAtChY tribunE
Regis Philbin on Tuesday announced his final date with Live! With Regis and Kelly. Itll be Nov. 18, the Friday before Thanksgiving. The detail came after Mondays kickoff of the shows new season, which has been dubbed Philbins Celebration Farewell Season and includes plans for months of trivia contests and flashback clips from the last 28 years. In January, Philbin announced hed be stepping away from his 28-year morning gig, joking that, There is a time that everything must come to an end for certain people on camera, especially certain old people. Sources told TMZ at the time that the decision came after ABC execs told his agent the hosts next contract would include a pay cut. Philbin, whod dumped his longtime agency a day after announcing his plans to leave Live! denied that assertion, saying hed actually made up his mind to leave a long time ago. On Monday, Kelly Ripa took offense to the 80-year-old host referring to the eventuality of our final show, pointing out that the morning talker would go on after his departure. Ripa pulled up a seat next to Reege in 2001, permanently filling a spot left vacant by Kathie Lee Gifford in 2000. You mean the show isnt wrapping up? joked a fauxflummoxed Philbin.

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Wednesday, september 7, 2011 EDiTOriaL

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Senate deserves credit for dining expansion

Freshmen may not be aware but, once upon a time, lunch was never an easy thing to accomplish if you chose to dine within the Underground. Too often, overwhelming numbers of ravenous people would flood the limited space available, leaving some students with no place to sit except on the outside steps of Wescoe. Now however, thanks to Student Senate and our student fees, a much-needed expansion of 3,000 square feet is reaping benefits for students and staff. The expansion project that was completed over summer break cost about $478,000 and if you ask us, it was money well spent. Strolling in around noon before the addition would ensure you a colossal crowd. But now between the hours of 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., you have significantly less difficulty getting coffee and/ or lunch, with time to spare. Jason Arnett, general manager of the Underground, said he is very pleased with the expansion of the Underground. The flow of people through the entrance and seating areas is much improved and we have heard positive comments from students and faculty and staff, Arnett said. Anyone who is grateful for this necessary expansion must give serious props to Michael Wade-Smith, former student body president and Megan Ritter, former vice president of Student Senate, who proposed this project last spring. We give them credit for identifying a problem, finding an ideal solution, and executing their plans with positive results. Its encouraging to see Student Senate operate successfully on an important project that directly affects students. This years student leaders, led by student body president Libby Johnson and vice president Gabe Bliss, should use the Underground project as a blueprint to accomplish more this year. Smaller lines, less people impinging on each others space and a more comfortable atmosphere leads to an accommodating Underground that students want to, and will, frequent. Stefanie Penn for Kansan Editorial Board

free fOr ALL

Send your FFA submissions to

Just witnessed a beautiful greeting of two freshmen. The line Oh are you on a Quidditch team? ....Seems to actually work. Wish I wouldve known it three years ago. Curse you, Starcraft II. You have stolen my boyfriend from me. That awkward moment when your hamper breaks and you punch yourself in the face and then fall down. Crossing the streets in my wheel chair is like playing frogger. The EcoKat could probably save the environment by not using all that hair spray to tease her hair. Does every FFA have to have one female calling herself a slut? To the person who blew the huge, cancerous puff of smoke in my face on the boulevard, just know that I memorized your face. Watch yoself... My profs laugh is the only reason I go to class....giggle giggle HONK! Haha To the kid who was running from the cops outside the stadium on Saturday...You should definitely try out for the track team! Seeing an ex on campus and not caring..that has to be the best feeling. EVER. Dear cool weather: my allergies thank you. Will you stay long? Dear freshmen, it is proper that you learn your place. Hence why we make fun of you in the FFA. Youre lucky we even talk to you. Sincerely, the upper-classmen. For as long as I can remember people have been fighting the Home of the Chiefs anthem. Its not gonna change so stop complaining and learn to love it. So Ive been in the FFA every day since I found out I could text it...Im not sure if I am funny or if I just have a really sad life. Boobies are nowhere to be found at the bus stop today damn. Guess Ill read the UDK. Just solved the cryptoquip. MENSA, I expect my genius-certificate by the end of the week. Dear foreign professor- Thank you for having a hilarious accent and making jokes that you dont understand. Sincerely, Students So happy the cold weather is coming! So sad the tank tops are leaving. I always feel like a pedophile when I see a hot freshman. Just because youre a senior doesnt mean you cant sip from a juice box in class. Some chick just quoted The Dark Knight to explain her point in our philosophy class. I want her. What did the sluts left leg say to the right leg? Nothing. Theyve never met. I dont care if you ride your bike, but not through Wescoe right after class when you rack me with your handlebars. Mohammad Ataei

What issUes shOUld We taKe a stand On this semester?

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Pretty please local ads, cut the crap

Local commercials are an inevitable evil and a blot on our good society. A well-made commercial can actually be an amazing feat of storytelling; advertisers attempt to relate a tale in a lowly 30 second spot while having to sell a product saying Nike or Do the Dew repeatedly. In the end, there is probably only 15-20 seconds when taking into account the requisite close-ups on the product. Now, often, the idea of making a commercial interesting is completely eschewed. For example, cars meandering around mountains

By Jerod Kilgore while a voiceover explains that, and saying how just like last month, APR financing is the lowest it has been in years. But there are times when either telling a story or creating a mood is done so effectively in a short time that it becomes an indelible memory. This is a plea to local commercials to step up their game. You dont need to have high production value, or expensive cameras (although I wouldnt pick a fight if you did), but

if you could tone down the general crappiness that seems to come with every local decorating, car, lumber or food commercial, that would be great. Here are some tips: dont use stock footage and dont try to be funny like those quirky Spangles ads. Honestly, I hate to give any free advertising to a business that already runs ads 24/7 despite having only a few establishments in the city, but no send-up of local commercials would be complete without roasting these paragons of terribleness. These are perpetual rug burns on our television watching experience serve a

main purpose of being comedy fodder for all the couch comedians. Even though most people think of those particular skits when complaining about local commercials, there are other perpetrators. It seems many of these other offenders try to sell their product by using still images that look like they came from a Google image search for poorly rendered photos and adding a voice-over until it fills 30 seconds. I suppose that I cannot merely complain and should offer solutions. For one, always hire actors; dont ever use the owner of the establishment as an actor unless theyre un-

usually charismatic and comfortable in front of the camera. And dont follow Spangles lead of being so incredibly stupid it becomes memorable because unless youre a pop star, not all publicity is good publicity. Unfortunately, we can never rid ourselves of these zits in the ear of society, but maybe we can manage to live in a world where theyre just a little less awful. Kilgore is a senior in film & media studies from Lenexa.

GOP canidates seem to forget evolution is not just a theory

On Aug. 18, Texas governor and GOP candidate Rick Perry told a boy at a campaign event in New Hampshire that evolution is just a theory with gaps in it. Later, he added God is how we got here. If you find this ridiculous, his stance on global warming is no better. He believes global warming is based on scientists manipulating data for fiscal support. It is evident that the divide between Democrats and Republicans is changing to a science versus anti-science party with Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul also showing disbelief toward evolution. This skepticism on evolution reaches further than the GOP. According to a 2009 Gallup study, only 39 percent of Americans said they believed in evolution. If a vast majority of Americans are either uncertain or cynical toward evolution, school must teach it as a fact. Why? Because it is a fact. Evolution happened, happens, and is happening every day. When scientists or professors refer to evolution as a theory, they bones the humerus, the radius and the ulna. The way each organism uses them is different, reflecting diverse lifestyles (hence the word evolve). If it seems like evolution cannot be observed, look at the evolution happening today. We can see evolution on the microbial level. Chemicals that we introduce to our environment to kill organisms lead to even stronger organisms such as antibiotic-resistant bacteria, drug-resistant HIV, and DDT-resistant insects. If you add Chemical X or toxins on your plant so a bug will not eat it, the bug will evolve its defense system so the bug can still eat the plant. This means the chemical is ineffective and thus the insect is resistant to it. If microbiology bores you, think about macroevolution with species such as your pet. From selective breeding, domesticated dogs evolved from wolves. I barely surfaced on all the proof on evolution. With all this evidence, it is nearly impossible to disprove it. Accept it. This is not to say that science and religion cannot co-exist. Many scientists believe in God as well. A few believe evolution does not contradict the idea of God, but enlarges it. What if evolution is Gods tool? Maybe a divine entity used evolution as a technique to create the world. There is not a direct correlation on a politicians success to his view on evolution. However, if he believes it is a mere theory and scientists skew data for research funding, is this person you want to run your country, a person who negates facts and logic? Saha is a senior in neurobiology from Overland Park. Mohammad Ataei



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does K-states #ecoKat have any redeeming values?

By Monica Saha do not mean that it is a speculation. It is a scientific theory similar to how gravity is the reason you dont fall off the earth. You wont find me testing the theory of gravitation by jumping off a cliff. Most of us need visual facts and empirical evidence to prove a theory. There is enough evidence accumulated these last two centuries that indeed proves that evolution occurred. To name a few, we can thank Thomas Huxley, Charles Darwin, Gregor Mendel, and Eugene Dubois for this evidence. Fossil records show that humans share physical similarities that are derived from a common ancestor. For example, humans, frogs, bats and rabbits share the same set of


@UdK_Opinion On
the issue of EcoKat, no. Just no. another proof that K-state is inferior.


@UdK_Opinion Maybe the #ecokat can save the big 12 along with the environment... ya, not going to happen #suckstosuckkstate

@UdK_Opinion #EcoKat truly captures the essence of 80s

hair while maintaining a substantial amount of the cats class. (orlack thereof)


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Goalies compete for coveted starting spot

RYAN mccARthY Nearly every college soccer program is happy putting one efficient goalkeeper in the net, let alone two. Junior Kat Liebetrau knows the ins and outs of the Division I stage. She is a crafty veteran who scrapes and claws for each save. Freshman Kaitlyn Stroud is a lanky player whose athletic frame makes it tricky for any striker to get a ball past her net. Both players have their own unique qualities and neither express any animosity toward her teammate for starting minutes. Of course its competition, but we leave on the field and we come off the field as friends, Stroud said. Its been really great. Obviously theres time where shes strong in some things, Im strong in some things. Associate coach Kelly Miller instructs the goalkeepers throughout the week on tactics. Miller has been on the Kansas coaching staff for 13 years. Their competitiveness in terms of both wanting playing time certainly helps drive both of them to their highest potential, he said. Throughout weekly practices, the goalkeepers practice individually or as a pair with Miller, working on their technical skills, sometimes an hour before the team convenes for training. Miller said in all his years hes never seen a race between keepers this tight, where each one deserves equal minutes. He said that since both goalies are playing so well the two of them have made that decision for the coaching staff. Stroud was in goal for the Jayhawks lone loss of the season, but Liebetrau has given up two more goals than Stroud overall. At this point theyre both eager to get the teams first shutout of the season, which may be the only blemish on the Jayhawks resume thus far. Were both fighting really hard for the starting spot, Liebetrau said. Were both doing really well. Were both neck and neck. Honestly, everyone wants playing time. Both players try to keep the same frame of mind when it comes to playing between the pipes. We know weve been competing and we both have the same mental attitude, but its a good drive for us, Liebetrau said. Individually it makes us stronger and it makes work harder in practice. For Miller, he sees two similar performers, but there is a vast difference when it comes to the stat sheet. Liebetrau holds a major advantage in career minutes. Shes a little more even-keeled and not getting too emotional, he said. Kaitlyn being new to it is definitely learning. In her freshman year she can be emotional, but that can also aid you. This is why Miller stresses the importance of vocal communication for the young defensive squad that stands in front of them. As a goalkeeper, you are seeing the whole field, and so you can organize everyone, he said. Their relationship with either goalkeeper is great. As the girls get acquainted with balancing their school schedules and hording off offenders, they want to make sure they continue to stay focused on day-to-day improvements on the field. Edited by Rachel Schultz Freshman goalkeeper, Kaitlyn Stroud, celebrates a goal from a teammate which resulted in a Jayhawk win with a final score of 2-1 against South Dakota State University.



Statistics for Northern Illinois do not tell the whole story

EthAN PADWAY The Kansas Jayhawks ran all over the McNeese State defense in the season opener, amassing 301 yards on the ground. In week two, they will face Northern Illinois, a team that surrendered 303 yards to Army in their first game. As good as that match-up looks on paper for the Jayhawks, it will be more difficult than the numbers would suggest. Northern Illinois has a great defense, but the one thing about Army is they present a different type of offense, the wishbone. Its a little bit different, Reggie Mitchell, running back coach, said. The wishbone offense relies heavily on the run and rarely uses the pass. This can obscure numbers for teams that run the wishbone. Against Northern Illinois, Army ran the ball 63 times while passing the ball 16 times. With us, its going to be more conventional. Were doing a lot of the same things theyre doing on offense so itll be interesting to see if we can run the ball as well as we did last week, Mitchell said. The Jayhawks put up a similar run to pass ratio as Army in their opener, but it wasnt the offensive scheme that led them there. Chuck Long, offensive coordinator, said the team was fortunate not to have to open up their playbook in the first game and that they were able to hold some things back for future opponents. When they did pass, the Jayhawks passed effectively. The rushing attack opened up receivers downfield. Although he only attempted 10 passes, sophomore quarterback Jordan Webb threw for three touchdowns in the game, and averaged 20.8 yards per completion. It makes it a lot easier on me. The coverages start coming down, and we get shots over the top, then its up to me to hit them and the receivers to catch them, Webb said. The Jayhawks offense could be without two of its primary receivers come Saturday. Senior Daymond Patterson is listed as questionable heading into the match-up and sophomore Christian Matthews was suspended for violating team rules. Northern Illinois is in its first year under new coach Dave Doeren. Doeren was previously the defensive coordinator for Wisconsin. This transition forces the Kansas staff to analyze old Wisconsin game film to get an understanding of how Doeren likes to run his offense, especially when his first game was against such a different style of offense. Unlike last weeks opponent, Northern Illinois is not as big of a blitzing team. Long said that Doeren likes to keep everything in front of him. Hes had a very consistent defensive nature in every game, youre usually going to fall back to what you know when its all said and done, Long said. Northern Illinois will give the Jayhawks all the trouble they can to prevent them from going more than 300 yards again. If I ever heard a team gave up 300, I feel like we can also do it because, I dont know who they played last week, but I dont think they have a backfield thats as strong as ours, freshman running back Darrian Miller said. Edited by Jonathan Shorman


New swimming director appointed

The Kansas Athletic Department appointed Tegan Thornberry as the new swimming and diving director of team operations this week. She will act as a liaison with student athlete services, coorThornberry dinate team travel and work with coaches submitting weekly practice logs to compliance. We are excited Tegan will

be joining our staff, said coach Clark Campbell. She has worked with us before for certain events and was a great asset. Working for the Kansas Athletics Department since August of 2003, Thornberry also serves the same position for track and field and cross country teams. Thornberry was previously responsible for managing the travel of the schools Olympic sports. Now that Thornberry has been assigned this full-time position, Campbell believes recruitment will improve. Now, she can help on a day-to-day basis with meet

management, travel and several other duties. Tegan on staff will allow Jen (Fox), Eric (Elliott) and me to coach and recruit more effectively, said Campbell. Born in Seoul, South Korea and graduating from Saint Thomas Aquinas High School, Thornberry played softball and golf in high school. Thornberry attended the University of Kansas and was a member of the womens golf team. While she was in college, Thornberry was also a manager for the Kansas mens basketball team.
Edited by C.J. Matson

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Which former first basemen for the Atlanta Braves beat Pittsburg Pirates left fielder Barry Bonds throw at the plate with a game winning slide in Game 7 of the 1992 National League Championship Series?


tRIVIA of the DAY


A: Sid Bream

QUote of the DAY

WeDNeSDAY, SePtembeR 7, 2011 the MorNING BreW

PAGe 7

America should give rugby a chance

arlier this year, I found myself aboard a cruise ship exploring the Caribbean. While I was out at sea, I decided to lock myself in my cabin and tune into the March Madness action. As I was flipping through the channels, I came across a rugby match. On any other day, I probably would have blown right past it and gone on to find something else to watch. But no, today was different. For once I was not going to be an egocentric American, and I was going to immerse myself into a sport that I had never really watched before.

Coach Gill always says Dont count your reps, but make your reps count. freshman running back Darian Miller

Jonathan Rosa It didnt take long before I found myself glued to the TV. Oh man, this is great, I said to myself. To my surprise, my hand had yet to reach for the remote. As the match went on, I started to wonder why such an exciting sport like rugby has yet to take

Babe Didrikson qualified for five different events in the 1932 olympics in Los Angeles, but women were permitted to compete in no more than three. She set world records in the 80-meter hurdle (11.7 seconds) and the high jump (5-foot-5+).

fAct of the DAY

off in America. I dont understand how a sport that combines both football and soccer principles gets virtually no recognition in the States. It has everything the average American sports fan wants in a game: skill, intensity, high scoring, a great fan base and pure brutality. Rugby is an 80-minute bloody battle for the ball. No bulky pads, no TV time-outs every two seconds, just 30 guys on a field and non-stop adrenaline. The only logical reason why its popularity might not be as high in America as the rest of the world is because we already have our own version of rugby in the

States: football. While the game is not identical, it wouldnt be hard to pick out the similarities. As Americans, we have allowed football into our homes every Sunday from August to January. It has become a part of our culture, and has brought family and friends together every week. For three hours, people can forget about their worries and eat, drink and yell at the TV. We have built this sport up so much over the years that if you were to ask someone what three things come to mind when talking about America, they would probably say freedom, fast food and football. Football is also a

huge money maker that creates job opportunities and strengthens the nations economy. For example, if you wanted to buy a 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl, you would have to dish out roughly $3 million. So sadly, I dont see rugby taking over our homes anytime soon, which is really a shame because it is an awesome sport. If youre one of the the many out there (myself included) who dont know much about the sport, I highly recommend you check it out. Edited by C.J. Matson


Football Volleyball Soccer M. Golf W. Golf Tennis Cross Country
Northern Iowa Invitational vs. Northern Iowa at 7 p.m. in Cedar Falls, Iowa Boilermaker Challenge vs. Dayton at 4 p.m. West Lafayette, Ind.




vs. Northern Illinois at 6 p.m. in Lawrence, Kan. Northern Iowa Invitational at 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. in Cedar Falls, Iowa




Boilermaker Challenge vs. Purdue or CSU Northridge at 10a.m. West Lafayette, Ind. Mark Simpson Invitational All Day erie, Colo. Dale McNamara Invitaitonal All Day Patriot Golf Club - tulsa, okla.

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So we hope our kids will take advantage of interacting with top recruiters in the area during times that work with their crazy schedules. Those interested in the event can pre-register by visiting or by emailing Muther at Professional dress and several copies of resumes are recommended. Max Rothman

Missouri Cross Country Challenge at 10 a.m. Columbia, Mo.

Student athletes business career fair

Not every student-athlete will line up at wide receiver for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday like Dezmon Briscoe or hoop with the Memphis Grizzlies like Xavier Henry, Darrell Arthur and Josh Selby. Forty-one businesses from varying lines of work will set up interactive tables for

student-athletes looking for a profession outside of sports at Career Development Night on Monday, Sept. 26 in the Booth Family Hall of Athletics, adjacent to the east side of Allen Fieldhouse. Many of the Universitys career fairs occur during practice times, making it difficult for our student-athletes to participate, Kelly Watson Muther, director of career services, said in a release.


Altria Group Distribution American Red Cross Buckle, Inc. Career Athletes C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc. CBIZ City of Lawrence Color Studio Country Financial Crown Automotive Deloitte Dillons Food Stores Dream Careers Eli Lilly Enterprise Rent-A-Car Ernst & Young Farmers Insurance Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Forest Laboratories Frito-Lay Grant Thornton LLP Hawker Beechcraft Corporation Hy-Vee, Inc. IMA Financial Johnson County Sherriffs Office Kansas Department of Commerce Koch Industries KPMG KU Endowment Lawrence Douglas County Fire and Medical Lawrence Police Department Mutual of Omaha Northwestern Mutual Perceptive Software Prudential Renaissance Financial Target Teach for America The Woody Financial Group The World Company Walmart Stores, Inc.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

JayhaWKS VS.notNorTherN illiNoiS the opposing teams statistics are something to take lightly
paGe 6

Goalies vyinG for equal playinG minutes on the field paGe 6


Kansas creates tradition

By Mike Vernon

Passion is the word

major emphasis for this years version of NCAA Football 12, EA Sports annual college football game, was to immerse its users in the true college game day experience. They did so by bringing teams pregame traditions into the game. When you play at Texas, Bevo is there as the Longhorns run out of the tunnel. In Oklahoma, the Sooner Schooner leads the team out of the tunnel when you play in Norman. And at Notre Dame, you see the players tap the play like a champion today sign. When you play as Kansas, there is nothing. In the game, the Jayhawks run out of the tunnel into Memorial Stadium with no schooner ahead of them, no sign to tap, and no animal on the sidelines. But that wont be the case for next years version. In the college football world, tradition and branding are two major components to building a program. Its clear the Kansas Athletics Department understands this because theyve added a four-foot-high, 700-pound bronze Jayhawk statue that sits on a base that is 40 inches high. The statue is an impressive threedimensional bronze image of the current Jayhawk Kansas uses. It sits openly outside of the Anderson Football Complex, with the hill and campanile looking down on it. The players and coaches will tap, rub, kiss, or do whatever helps as they walk out of their locker room and onto the field. It may not be anything groundbreaking, but its a start. The tradition and branding has to begin somewhere. Kansas wants the Jayhawk to be an intimidating figure on their side. When Kansas football players rub the Jayhawk, theyre supposed to know theyre going to win that game. When opponents see Kansas players tap the Jayhawks beak on their way into Memorial Stadium, theyre supposed to believe they are now at a disadvantage. It happens when Clemson players touch Howards rock on their way into the stadium and it even happens when the pregame video and music blare out of the speakers at Allen Fieldhouse. It hasnt happened yet for Kansas football, but by adding the statue, theyre trying. They are trying to encourage the players when they walk on the field. They are trying to get the fans riled up and loud when they witness the weekly event of the players touching the bronze Jayahwk. When recruits come to Lawrence to watch a game, theyll see the players walk by the Jayhawk on their way in and out of practice. Theyll watch the fans get excited as they see the players walking by the replica Jayhawk. The hope is that recruits, players, and fans alike will respect the Kansas football name more than they ever have before. While the statue is by no means a well-known college football tradition, in 50 years if the statue is still around, it may be one. It may be the pride of Kansas football when the team walks onto the field, or it may become a joke about what the Kansas football program has become. As for now, its off to a 1-0 start in its attempt to create something new for Kansas football. Edited by Jonathan Shorman

Kansas coach Turner Gill paces the sideline during Saturdays game against McNeese State. The Jayhawks won 42-24.

Mike Gunnoe/kansan

Mike Vernon Last weeks catchphrase was was passion. This week its focus and discipline. In order to get a message across to his team, coach Turner Gill has created a catch phrase of sorts, a one- to two-word description of how he wants his team to practice all week and execute on Saturday. When he asked his players for passion against McNeese State, he got just that. There was nobody not into the game, Gill said. They played hard and they played fast. When sophomore quarter-

back Jordan Webb limped off the field after taking a hard hit in Saturdays game, he didnt let his backup, senior Quinn Meacham, come in. Webb may have been hurting, but physically he could perform, so he did and he never missed a snap. Gills players ran fast to the ball. There would often be two, three, or even four players getting in on a tackle. If a player missed a tackle, a frequent issue in Saturdays game, there would be someone running to the ball to limit the damage. This week, with the key words being focus and discipline, Gill and his staff are trying to limit those mistakes, such as missing

a tackle, now knowing that they have the passion to back it up. Weve got to be a lot more focused; disciplined on a lot more of the smaller details, Gill said. I want to make sure our guys are on tune, because they are very, very good on the offensive side of the ball. Senior linebacker Steven Johnson led the team with 15 tackles, a personal record for Johnson, the teams top tackler from 2010. While Johnson had a career day, he did miss tackles, as did the rest of the defense, and showed there are still plenty of ways to improve. Well work on our technique

more this week, Johnson said. Using your technique, being able to stay low, and even your alignment is how you can eliminate mistakes. A portion of the spotlight of improved focus and discipline this week shines on freshman safety Keeston Terry. Terry, a former receiver, has the potential to be a big-time playmaker in the secondary, but against McNeese State, the game didnt go as planned. Terry blew coverage on multiple plays, including a 32-yard touchdown pass McNeese State threw on third and 14. We were excited to finally get back out there and get a chance

to play, Terry said. Well watch some extra film, be confident in what were doing, and when we get in practice, well do things the right way and it will become muscle memory. The Jayhawks were able to get away with some small mistakes that are acceptable in a season opener against McNeese State. If those mistakes continue to show up, even in week two against Northern Illinois, they will pay for it. This team here can expose you if you dont get those things corrected, Gill said. Edited by Jason Bennett


Cops arrest freshman for various crimes

kory carPenter A Douglas County Sheriff s Office booking recap reports that a redshirt freshman football player was arrested in the early hours of Saturday morning after being accused of obstruction, carrying a fake ID and misdemeanor battery on a law enforcement officer. Cooper Kerns, a freshman offensive lineman from Leawood later posted $500 bond and was released. Kerns, 6-foot-4, 315 pounds, earned three letters playing offensive and defensive line for the football team at Rockhurst High School. He helped lead last seasons team to a 14-0 record and a state championship. He was All-State, A l l - Me t ro and a nominee for the Simone Award in his senior year. Kerns Kerns was arrested in the 400 block of West 14th Street in Lawrence. Edited by Jonathan Shorman


Vidal dubbed Newcomer of the Week for second time

ryan Mccarthy For a third straight Tuesday, a Kansas soccer player has been named Newcomer of the Week. Freshman Ingrid Vidal received the honor once again yesterday when she netted two goals this weekend against Missouri State and South Dakota State. In the game against the Bearcats she scored a goal in the 83rd minute and assisted on the two other goals. Vidal scored the Jayhawks Max Mikulecky/kansan first goal in a 2-1 win against freshman forward ingrid Vaughn points skyward after her goal on South Dakota the Jackrabbits on Sunday. State. Kansas had a 2-1 victory over South Dakota State. Vidal is tied with her teammate, junior midfielder individual categories includ- second place of the Big 12 soccer Whitney Berry, and Texas Kylie ing goals per game, assists, and standings with a five game winDoniak for the most points in assists per game. ning streak. the Big 12 conference with 11 She is also second in the through six games. league with four goals scored. Edited by Rachel Schultz Vidal is top 10 in several other Kansas currently resides in