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Report on the Inauguration of the X. Grand Master of the Order of Saint Stanislas Count Waldemar Wilk on the 9th April 2011 in London
On the 9th April 2011 the Grand Priory of the United Kingdom of Great Britain invited to the annual Investiture at St. James Paddington at Sussex Gardens, London. Present were: Dame Mevyn Redding Grand Prioress of Great Britain Countess Avril Nowina Sokolnicki, Grand Secretary, hon. Member of the RC Tomas L. Lorant, Regent des OStS, Chancellor of South America, Chairman of the RC Coll. Michael A. Michaelski, Grand Chancellor and Grand Archivist of OStS , Member of the RC Chev. Norman Offield, Chancellor of Western Europe Count Waldemar Wilk, Grand Prior of Sweden Dr. Stanislas Stawowiak, Grand Prior of Swiss, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg, Member of the RC, Chancellor of the Council of the Grand Cross of Merit with Crowns Chev. Richard Vaughan Rowlands, Legat and Ambassador at Large, Member of the RC Numerous members of the OStS from UK, Poland, USA, Mexico, Germany, Austria, Postulants and Guests

The investiture began with the solemn entry procession of the honorary guests and the members of the Order just before four oclock. The religious service then was conducted by the Reverend Will Barnes of St. James. Subsequently Dame Mervyn Redding greeted all Guests and Members of the Order of St.Stanislas and gave the Regent of the Order Chev. T.L. Lorant the floor: 1 T.L.Lorant: Good afternoon to everybody. Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow dames and knights, Countess Avril, I have a statement to read. I have been caretaker of the Order for the past year, I have been taking care of the Order for almost since our late Grand Master Count Juliusz Nowina Sokolnicki passed away. It is now time for me to step down as caretaker and I am reading the following Statements: To all Members of the Order, We are pleased to announce that H.E. Count Waldemar Wilk has provided us with the proof that he is the legitimate successor to our late Grand Master, Count Juliusz Nowina-Sokolnicki. With that proof and his recognition of zhe Regency Council, the rule of the Regency Council has come to an end, and all should unite behind Count Wilk as our new Grand Master. We on the Regency Council, as established by Juliusz Nowina-Sokolnicki and as it existed on August 2009, look forward to our original role as it is stated in the Constitution of 1999, as amended in 2006.2 I would like, with permission now of our new Grand Master, to read his statement that has been duly signed and sealed. London on the 9th April 2011. I, Waldemar Wilk, do accept, confirm and understand the role of the Regency Council as established under the Constitution of 1999, as amended in 2006. As Grand Master I stand opposed to the renegade regimes of Jan Potocki, Pavlo Yvalov and others. I pledge to incorporate the group called the Confederation of Priories of St. Stanislas B.M. into the regular Order. All previous appointments issued under Juliusz Nowina-Sokolnicki and the Regency Council shall remain in effect, but all Officers and Members must reaffirm their allegiance within two months. Tomas L. Lorant is confirmed as Chair of the Regency Council. This is signed by Count Waldemar Wilk.3 We, Sir, are at your disposition. Would you please come forward. Before the X.Grand Master Count Wilk made his first speech as Grand Master, Dame Mervyn Redding made a very emotional statement: Your Excellencies, Knights and Dames of the Order, it is certain we all and the majority of the Order have followed Juliuszs wishes the best we can, and I am delighted that Count Waldemar Wilk has been elected as our Grand Master. I have, since Juliusz died, been the Custodian of his Baton and it is a great pleasure that now I present it to you ,Sir, as your baton. She than handed Juliuszs Baton over to the legitimate successor, the X.Grand Master Count Waldemar Wilk, who gratefully accepted it and made his first public speech as Grand Master: Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Order, I am extremely proud today to be charged by your Excellency and by the Members of the Priory of England and also by the Grand Priory of Poland as successor of Juliusz Nowina-Sokolnicki who adopted me as his son and nominated me as his successor after his death. I came back after a while when we got in the Order a little bit of trouble. But the trouble has passed - I hope, even today.

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What I like to promise you, and I tell you from the bottom of my heart, I will do everything to follow Juliuszs principles for the Order: multiculture, no problems with the colour of the skin, no problem with the religion, all people are welcomed. I promised Juliusz twenty hours before he died, if something happens with the order I will come back as a Grand Constabel of the Order. I kept my eye on what happened and today I am on the power. Thank you very much both Madame Avril and you, Regent, for everything you done for the Order in the time when we had no Grand Master. I will take this responsibility from now on and I will provide the Order with the highest prestige I can. Thank you. The Grand Masters speech was applauded and the Grand Master was congratulated by the attendees.

This was followed by the Annual Investiture, of which H.E. Chevalier Norman Offield, Chancellor for Western Europe, had the honour to assist the Grand Master H.E. Count Waldermar Wilk, and Dame Mervyn Redding the Presiding Officer. After the Investiture and under the auspices of the X. Grand Master Count Waldemar Wilk, the Grand Prior of Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg H.E. Dr. Stanislas Stawowiak in his function as Chancellor of the Grand Cross of Merit with Crowns read the following declaration : Dear Dame Mervyn Redding, Grand Prior of Great Britain, Order of St. Stanislaus, dear Dames and Chevaliers of the Order of St. Stanislaus The Grand Master of our Order, Juliusz Nowina-Sokolnicki, by means of his decree no. 3/2008 of 4th September 2008 established the Grand Cross of Merit with Crowns and incorporated it as one of the distinctions of the Order of St. Stanislaus.4 As the President of the Republic of Poland in exile, GM JNS paid a lot of attention to this distinction, which was supposed to be granted to persons who made a particular contribution to the development of the Order of St. Stanislaus throughout the world and the protection of its good name, as well as the protection of the good name of Poland, according to the motto: Milito pro OSS et Polonia The Council of the Cross, with me as its Chancellor, was first awarded to Grand Master Juliusz Nowina-Sokolnicki during the investiture in Warsaw in September 2008. During my direct talks with GM Juliusz Novina-Sokolnicki in April 2009, we established a list of 5 persons who, according to the wish of JNS, were supposed to be awarded with the Cross in recognition of their particular contribution during the 30 years of service for the Order, but also as an expression of deep personal gratitude of Grand Master Juliusz Nowina-Sokolnicki. In May 2009, in Czstochowa,

Chevaliers Dr. Hunsaker from the USA and Chev. Thomas Lorant from Mexico were awarded with the Cross. The other three persons were supposed to be awarded with the Cross in 2010 during the Investiture in Warsaw. Unfortunately, the premature death of our GM Juliusz Nowina-Sokolnicki and changes in the Order of St. Stanislaus did not allow me to fulfil his wish. Today, thanks to the courtesy and kindness of the Grand Prior of Great Britain, Dame Merwyn Redding, I may speak to you all and announce to you, Dames and Chevaliers of our Order, the names of the next three persons to be awarded with the Cross and give them this distinction on behalf of Grand Master Juliusz Nowina-Sokolnicki. The Grand Cross of Merit with Crowns of the Order of St. Stanislaus, is awarded to the following Chevaliers for their great contribution to the Order: 1. Chev. Col. Michael Michaelski ,Grand Chancellor and Grand Archivist of OStS from the USA 2. Chev. Richard Vaughan Rowlands, Grand Legate and Ambassador at Large of OStS from Austria 3. Chev. Michael Subritzky-Kusza. Grand Chronicler of OStS from New Zealand Since Chev. Michael Subritzky-Kusza and Chev. Richard Vaughan Rowlands were unable to attend the bestowal in London, the Cross will be sent to them by post. And the other Chevalier is now requested to come forward for the decoration.

Chev. Col. Michael Michaelski was then bestowed the Grand Cross of Merit with Crowns

After this bestowal the members in attendance were very pleasantly surprised when Dame Mervyn Redding was awarded the Grand Cross with Collar, for all she had done for the Order during her work as Grand Prior of the UK, and the organising of this Investiture, by the outgoing Regent H.E. Chev. Thomas Lorant. After the Service in St.James, we retired to the Victory Servics Club, in London for the celebration of the installation of the 10th Grand Master and the service of Investiture.
Polish version of Chev Stawowiaks speech: Szanowna Pani Mervyn Redding Wielki Przeor Wielkiej Brytanii Orderu sw.Stanislawa,Szanowne Damy i Kawalerowie Orderu sw.Stanislawa Wielki Mistrz naszego Orderu JNS dekretem nr.3/2008 z dn 4.09.2008 ustanowil Grand Cross of Merit with Crowns i wprowadzil go do odznaczen Orderu sw.Stanislawa . Jako prezydent Rzeczypospolitej Polski na uchodzstwie , przywiazywa Wielki Mistrz JNS duza wage do tego odznaczenia ,ktore mialo byc nadawane osobom ,ktre w sposb szczeglny przyczyniy sie do rozwoju Orderu sw.Stanislawa w swiecie i obrony jego dobrego imienia oraz bronienia dobrego imienia Polski wg.hasa : Milito pro OSS et Polonia Kapitua tego odznaczenia ,ktorej jestem Kanclerzem odznaczya jako pierwszego GM JNS w czasie inwestytury w Wwie we wrzesniu 2008. Podczas bezposrednich moich rozmw z GM JNS w kwietniu 2009 ,zostaa ustalona lista 5 osb ,ktre wg.yczenia JNS mialy byc udekorowane tym odznaczeniem ,jako wyraz uznania ich szczeglnych zasug dla ich 30 letniej pracy dla Orderu ,ale rwnoczesnie jako wyraz gebokiej osobistej wdziecznosci GM JNS .W maju 2009 w Czestochowie udekorowani zostali kawalerowie Dr.Hunsaker z USA i Tomas Lorant z Meksyku.Pozostale 3 osoby mialy byc udekorowane w 2010 r.w czasie Inwestytury w Wwie. Niestety przedwczesna smierc naszego GM JNS i zmiany w Orderze sw.Stanisawa nie pozwolily mnie na spenienia jego yczenia. Dzisiaj dzieki yczliwosci i uprzejmosci Wielkiego Przeora Wielkiej Brytanii Damy Merwyn Redding ,moge przemawiac do Panstwa i oglosic Damom i Kawalerom naszego Orderu pozostae trzy nazwiska odznaczonych i wreczyc im odznaczenia w imieniu GM JNS. Wielkim Krzyem zasugi z Koronami Orderu sw.Stanisawa za wybitne zasugi dla Orderu zostaja udekorowani kawalerowie: 1.Chev.Col.Mike Michaelski Grand Chancellor i Grand Archiwist OStS z USA 2.Chev.Richard Vaughan Rowlands ,Ambasador in Large i Grand Legate OStS z Austrii 3.Chev. Mike Kusza-Subritzki Grand Heradic OStS z N.Zelandii Dla Kaw. Mike Kusza-Subritzki ,ktory nie mogl przybyc na Inwestyture do londynu , odznaczenie zostanie przeslane poczta. Pozostalych kawalerow prosze o podejscie do dekoracji.